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RuneScape Official How to: DIVINATION

RuneScape Official How to: DIVINATION

Official How to
Divination Divination is the latest skill to hit RuneScape and this is the official guide to get you started and on your way to hitting level 30. First, find Orla Fairweather who’s hanging about in a camp on the edge of a crater just South of Draynor Village. She’ll explain the background behind the skill and once she’s done talking, send you off to begin collecting wisps from nearby. By the way, the NPCs around the area are also trying to understand Divination so it’s well worth talking to them to hear what they’ve learned and to get some extra tips. Collecting Wisps is pretty straight forward, just click on a wisp as it floats about to start draining memories (and a little bit of energy) from it. Memories and Energy is stored in your back pack. With a full backpack it’s time to convert those memories into energy by dropping them into the nearby crater. As soon as you start putting your memories into the crater, you’ll be given 3 options on what to do with those memories. The first option is to exchange your memories for energy which you can then use to create items. The higher your Divination level, you better the item you can create. Creating items does give you Divination XP but you’re not bothered about items and just want the XP, go for second option. You’ll get a lot more XP than by creating items alone this way. Or, you can exchange memories and energy which gives you even more XP. You’ll get roughly 50% more than if you were just trading memories but it does mean that you’ll be using up energy of course. Once your pack is empty get back to a wisp and start collecting more memories. See these gold coloured wisps? These are known as Chronicles. For a short while, they’re visible only to you and after that, they’re then visible to everyone around you so grab ’em quick! You’ll get Hunter XP for grabbing them and when you have 10 Chronicle fragments (making a whole chronicle) you can trade them with May Stormbrewer at the camp for a big Divination XP boost. If you’ve completed the World Wakes, May will also tell you where else you can trade Chronicles for greater rewards You train your first 10 levels of Divination near to the camp and once you hit level 10, you’ll be sent off to a crater north of Falador. In this new location you’ll come across Enriched Wisps which are good for groups of players and look… well, like this. Enriched Wisps can be interacted with by several players at a time and the more people draining an enriched wisp, the longer that wisp lasts for. Then when it comes to chucking memories into the crater, you’ll get more energy or XP for your trouble. If you want to grab more XP even quicker, make use of something called “boons”. They’re made available to you once you hit levels 10, 20, 30 etc. They give you a 10% boost of XP at your next location so are pretty good to have. The task bar will be full of helpful tips on how to progress but by the time you hit level 20 you’ll have the idea. Once you get to level 20 head on over to just east of Varrock where you’ll be till you reach the heady heights of level 30. and that’s where we’ll leave this guide. The skill goes to level 99 and there are 12 Wisp locations to get there. Check out the map at the main camp to see them all. If you want more information on Divination, have a look at the Wiki, on the Runescape.com website and on the best RuneScape fansites. This is SilentCore now aka Mod Silent signing off on the Official how to train Divination guide. Have a great day, I’ll see you next time.

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  • NightcoreMusic says:

    Mod Silent, does that sound badass or what? lol

  • Alison B says:

    everyone go check out youtube channel "don vidal" he was banned for flipping/ merching.

  • kaozbender says:


  • Colin Hamer says:

    what is his armor???

  • Super Earthling Yamcha says:

    Too much xp bonuses

  • laraman00 says:

    I don't really like this new skill
    Because i got banned when i was training it
    Probably because its so slow that people think everyone that trains it without wearing armour is a bot ._.

  • Gunner Robinson says:

    Wait.. how is he wearing a max cape if he isnt 99 div?;)

  • laraman00 says:

    Ofcourse my profile picture has something to do with my comment :

  • unicorns r cool says:

    Well done jagex, i have only just started divinating, but already I am enjoying the layed back and social skill! Im only 33 at the moment but im going for atleast 70 to get my milestone cape back! Cant wait to see who gets 99 first ….and even 200m xp 0.o

  • Kurama says:

    W00t rune span 1.2

  • Mommy_Hunter says:

    lol only 50k people online on saturday

  • Imprxs - says:

    So then why your watching the vids?

  • Jack Shephard says:

    No MineCraft Pe does…

  • Cassandra MacDonald says:

    Uhhh…is it just me, or does this sound like little more than one colossal grind that brings nothing new to the table? Go here, collect item, deposit item, go back, collect more of item.

  • CraveYou Pk says:

    50k players is still alot?

  • CraveYou Pk says:


  • Rocket Man says:

    What kind of armor is he wearing?

  • Roger B says:

    Woow silentcores a mod now

  • StrifeZack343 says:

    if that's not how it's supposed to work, tell him that and go to the first part of the comment, he is accusing jagex of being unfair or "guilty" help him prove his point so he gets unbanned.

  • Misfit Hita says:

    So when is Jagex gona take into account the 100+ people that have gotten Macro Bans over the past 3 days and its completely false, Id like to know if they plan to address that so many Max cape players and many more can no longer play because Jagex screwed up… This is something that needs to get addressed cause its ridiculous that people are being banned with no proof or chance to defend themselves.

  • Radiskull says:

    Jagex banned me for using a vpn even though i had 1 year of membership to go

  • Glhf says:

    omfg same.

  • Glhf says:

    i use hot spot shield i forget to turn it off sometimes different ip all over the world 🙁

  • Dr Phil says:

    Who is talking is Silentc0re?

  • Vassilios Papadopoulos says:

    yes he is now part of jagex (social network team as Mod silent)

  • Julian Perry says:

    They need to increase the amount of xp the chronicle boosts give

  • michael down says:

    Go mod silent

  • Orman Ablo says:

    I was hopping i better skill from you guys, an harder one, its like runespan some skills before were supposed to take 2 months to get to 99 now it takes almost less than a week.
    I think that was not the skill i was waiting for honestly. My opinion.

  • Keidios says:

    yet you click a video with rs in its title. smart.

  • ffirth1 says:

    its Scottish

  • SEVIN KROFF says:

    uggh man crappy skill

  • dagniranum says:

    Mod Silent's accent is awesome.

  • DrZoo says:

    Crappy game lol

  • Blockyyx says:

    yeah his a j mod now

  • d Drops says:

    Yea and minecraft totally kicks ass…

  • TheKomgred says:

    That's not a reason. You're just constantly repeating your self.

  • TheKomgred says:

    You claim it's better, but you don't state how. All the reasons I provided in my previous posts prove that EOC works well and is a good system.

  • SargePaine says:

    ohgod, this si the biggest grind ever..

  • Mod Mark says:

    Is this a joke? Nobody even has lvl 99 yet, and the people that are close, have played it about 24/7. Divination is probabely the longest skill to get to 99, if you know what to do with the others. Making it even longer than this was no point…

  • Atroization says:

    53k players online doesn't mean total. We have over 550k+ members right now. Jagex banned bots, now you complain that we don't have as many players playing? No. The bots left.

  • Jamir Jones says:

    you sound alot like silentc0re

  • SummerIceVideos says:

    at the end of the video he says that he is silentc0re haha, so yeah he sounds like him too!

  • xScealivano says:

    Divination isn't a bad skill at all. It has his ups and his downs. but after a long time of training it, it becomes boring. i'm atm 79 and i'm going for my compcape back. If you compare Divi with dg its a little bit disappointing in my opinion. Its also kinda weard that its only going up until 99. Would be awesome if it was faster but a 120 skill. Nicee Skillcape Colours + Graphics at divination and nice rewards.

  • Gilles Wilson says:

    runescape 3? roflll !!!

  • jamaica355inRS says:

    it is silentc0re lol he recorded this in there studio

  • iamMrBadWolf says:

    Is that cosmetic override avalible to players? :3

  • metrodemon12 says:

    I rather have a game that use to be awesome in my childhood. Which was this game. This game got ruined because of EoC. EoC made everything crash in price and made combat way to easy. I would rather have a bigger community then a vary small one with a big percentage of bots. Logically the only way this game could survive now is good updates and get rid of all bots and get rid of EoC.

  • Walrus Walrusington says:

    My guess is that they are on the HTML5 version.

  • OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheUsernameWasSoLongThatEverybodyCommentedOnIt.TheEnd. says:

    Fire sowreck3d

  • GhillieBehindYou says:

    2. Please make even like few servers with Pre-Eoc combat system , and if you are gonna do this don't make us start from scratch as you did with 07 , let us keep our items and stats and of course don't allow using items that came after Eoc , Thank you for listening us 🙂 We really hope you can make it happen.

    – Rs Community

    Please like and share this around so Jagex can see 🙂

    check out 13uffalo youtube channel for more information , we can do it together 🙂

  • Yupozi says:

    I hope 07 dies then rs3, when that does happen, pre eoc will be released

  • jente oeyen says:

    Jagex mods ure idiot

  • Marcelo Carneiro says:

    I love it how you sign it as "RS Community" even though there are many out there, like me for example, that do not agree with you.

  • GhillieBehindYou says:

    I can change it to '' 90% of Rs community '' if that bothers you so much , Eoc combat system… it is just so boring , it gives you no challenge , Pre-Eoc combat was fun and challenging , people loved it , specially those who did combat much like me, so many players quitted because of Eoc and if Jagex would make these Pre-Eoc servers, it would bring so many players back 🙂

    Thank you for commenting , Have a nice day.

  • lookitsadam92 says:

    alot of people like the eoc, its something new, people that dont play and complain are just to lazy and dont like "change" eg people that bitched about small updates that make no effect on the game itsself, so how about u leave this video and go play your private servers 🙂

  • GhillieBehindYou says:

    I would not say Eoc was small uptade , it ruined whole combat. Of course people who sucked at Pre-Eoc are happy now because they have even chance not to lose at combat , I don't play private servers , they are even more worse. Pre-eoc servers would bring so many combat lovers back.
    Thank you for having time to write your comment , Have a nice day. 🙂

  • StrifeZack343 says:

    you want a pre eoc server? the community is already split into two. you want 3 pieces of the community? like 12k players on each server? seriously? think before you type. there ARE people who like EoC and will not go play the pre eoc servers if they came back. Jagex's worst decision was to bring 07 back, the community is 2 halves. I can say that there's no longer a thing called "community" in this game.

  • perry bater says:

    i just realised whos voice this is!!!!!!!!!!!

  • perry bater says:

    oh, he said who is was at the end..derp!

  • Faux says:

    tectonic armor

  • Gaming4Justice says:

    Didn't understand him the best

  • Oli Rooster says:

    The armour they are wearing is Tectonic armour, the armour obtained through killing Vorago, level 90 magic equipment 🙂

  • GhillieBehindYou says:

    I'm not onlyone who wants pre eoc servers back , reason why people started playing OSRS was Eoc , it ruined combat and made it too easy , i bet if pre eoc servers come back most people from OSRS , Eoc and already quitted players will come back and start playing pre eoc servers , and i don't mean it like 1 month fun and then they leave again , no , we need to be able to choose what we want to play , and we want pre eoc servers. Thank you for commenting , Have a nice day 🙂

  • StrifeZack343 says:

    ok dude, you're not rude and i like that.

    but here's the thing, you don't get the point from what i said.. if the game had 3 servers the community would die more than it's already dead. if you know what i mean.

    the game would have 3 servers, each server with 15k players.. that's not a really bright idea, man.. I know alot of you guys on youtube want pre eoc but it'll seriously be worse for the game if you thought deeply about it.

  • Rae says:

    06scape and the desire for old school rs came out way before eoc was even put in beta, Get your facts straight.

  • Kire667 says:

    How does Jagex feel that YouTube doesn't have word filter? 😛

  • TradeMark says:

    Silentc0re ftw

  • Andreas .Bringsli says:

    repair the Shades of Mort'ton minigame

  • lookitsadam92 says:

    suck at pre-eoc combat?, its just people that dont like or to lazy to learn the new combat system, if people understood how it work'd they would get over them self n learn to play, i agree pvp has died out but pvm has never been better.

  • TheYvenn says:

    That's not a reason to be rude..and please never say that into my face

  • vGamer says:

    Great guide. I came on runescape and didn't even know what that skill was. (i've been gone a while.) Thanks for this!

  • INTYkun says:

    'sucked at pre-eoc combat'
    Hahahaha, yeah you can really suck at clicking on an enemy once, monitoring your health, prayer and special attack bars while they slowly get to a point where you need to click again in reaction. The E.O.C takes that model and simply put, fills the gaps. So speaking literally based on that sentence alone it's more complex, and in itself is more complex from a critical perspective as a combat model. If you've not researched the E.O.C combat model, don't comment on it =P

  • INTYkun says:

    Also, there are Pre-E.O.C servers now, in the form of the pocket 2007 servers. Or did you mean a pocket version of the game literally before the E.O.C update happened?

  • ffirth1 says:

    why is he blue??

  • Jonathan Drwal says:

    is that gross [email protected]#!!?

  • Rue Lepic says:

    Read the description >.>

  • Azurumi Shinji says:

    Ugh…i got a years worth of mem around the time eoc first came out….i tried REALLY hard to like it and for a while i believed i did…but in the end i couldn't stand it…yea i did pretty decent in the combat…but it just didnt feel right…i liked it at first..but just dont like it personally and the last straw was the bots , omg rs feels like its lost half its value over them so i quit rs ….so i tried rs 2007 ,.then the bots ruined that 2..some one got level 99 skill in 2 weeks..BS

  • Azurumi Shinji says:

    Even if you run it all on max , and it runs smoothly , that doesnt mean your getting the best. It depends on your graphic card and a very powerful one can really push the limits as i have tested my self , i had no problems running rs before ,but my new card ( cost 500 bucks about ) made it look like a different game almost O,o. and you can try to get a full HD asus monitor , they are really nice.

  • MattRants says:

    Is that silentc0re in the beginning of the video?!?!

  • josh flapface says:


  • josh flapface says:


  • hasa49 says:

    Copied from the description: Today Silentc0re shows us how to train the latest RuneScape Skill, Divination.

  • Kris Ramos says:

    is the person talking silentC0re?

  • zildaa says:

    jagex going down because of eoc.

  • Mewrulez99 says:

    Yeah. He's a J-Mod now.

  • XxX pwnage says:

    remove eoc or rs is dead

  • Lifted says:

    Why is this 'skill' not called Runespan v2. Seriously thats what it is

  • Marcelo Carneiro says:

    The second part of your comment may be true, but I strongly believe the majority of the community enjoys the EoC.

  • Misakii says:

    its been dead for agesss mate

  • Alexthekid1991 says:

    lol this company lol, hiring community youtubers to try rez the game lol

  • Snick says:

    The games playerbase is actually growing.

  • manthium says:

    Why is this a 3 minute video? you harvest the energy/ memories and you put them in a hole in the floor the skillguide in game even tells you WHERE you need to go xD why make a video about it? xD

  • Curious TKG says:

    Keep EOC for people who like it, Make 2011 RS F2P for people who liked old style gaming, Instead of 07..

  • Vmann9416 says:

    sorry no its not

  • Snick says:

    Where's your proof? Do you pay attention to statistics?
    I've been reading articles on it. it had a big jump in users last month.

  • XxX pwnage says:

    It used to be 200k online.
    3 months ago it was averagely 50k
    Today averagely 25k.
    Jagex deserved it for copying +300 of wow clones.

  • Adam Bellatreche says:

    That is simply because almost all bots left the game which, infact, proves only that the game is healing.

  • IceyAndy Ro says:

    woa woa wait just a min I tough rs players are not allowed to work for jagex what news comes around goes around strange

  • je moeder says:

    will people realise there won't be pre-eoc again cause july 2007 was the only copy of runescape jagex had, if they want preeoc to get out theyd have to make it all over again

  • Omlet says:

    very well done silent, ignore the keyboard warriors!

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