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SAGITTARIUS OCTOBER 2017 Horoscope | You’re on a Roll!

SAGITTARIUS OCTOBER 2017 Horoscope | You’re on a Roll!

– Terry’s a very warm welcome to your October horoscope the big news this month is that your ruler Jupiter is going to change science but just a little bit more about that shortly the month starts out on the 5th of October with a full moon in Aries and this full moon joining Uranus here in your 5th house of creativity a full moon shines a light on a particular area and this six house house everything to do with enjoyment of life play having fun and often when we get a full moon in a particular area it shows us what we’re not doing it shows us later what we’re not so satisfied with and then you’ve not been taking out enough time for from something to think about and if you have it’s time to apply it and do more and share it with other people this is a wonderful time for developing a passion of yours maybe making it into a business growing your business something you’ve been working on for a while has come to fruition a completion it’s all for the house of romance so this can bring a romance into your life but it can also have an existing relationship really blossom and become very joyous add on the eleven for the answer Jupiter is going to move into your 12th house where it can stay until November the 8th of 2018 so truth is an important planet for you because it’s your rule if the planet that rules good fortune abundance the Netherlands learning and soul in it being in the 12th house is a wonderful position for it because I often find challenging Jupiter in the 12th is like having just a divine magical hand for the year that it in that house yeah no more months actually almost the 12th house is everything that is unseen so this is an opportunity for you to develop everything like astrology your spiritual side of life maybe something to do with pass wise channeling psychic anything with cyclic nature your dreams just going deeply into the things that we don’t see with our five senses but exploring something that is multi-sensory which of course this is what is in fact happening as we become more conscious on our planets but more about that shortly the fifteenth of the month Venus comes into your eleventh house Johnny the Sun and mercury this is wonderful for friendships wonderful for meeting new people getting out of the accoutred about joining a new group studying something new it’s also very good for promoting something on the internet something you want to share far and wide and have it well receives Venus is going to be very helpful in that mix for you on the 18th of the month mercury comes to join Jupiter in the 12th this will be a good time to really maybe decide to study something in this alternative healing area to study it or maybe to teach it Reiki acupuncture we are believers astrology all of these things this is we given to develop knowledge in that and they need to also share your knowledge as well it’s a good time as well for journaling and writing down your ideas and images and visions that come to you on the 19th of the month glorious new moon happening in your 11th house and on the 21st Mars also coming into this how energizing everything to do with your dreams your wishes what are you hoping for for yourself but also for our world this is a good time to get active in in some kind of social community a good time to be proactive to make your name or your voice heard in something that you feel passionate about and that matters to you this is just wonderful for a new beginning for your social life for creating more liveliness around you and sachets a lot of you love that so really make that your business especially towards the last the last a couple of weeks of this month you should be really flying high meeting all kinds of new and interesting people so there you have it my lovely Sangeeth I wish you a wonderful month and don’t forget that in try 18 Jupiter will go into your site where it’s in brothership so that’s something even more to be looking forward to but more about that in a future that you have a wonderful month bye for now

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