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Sagittarius & Pisces: LOVE Compatibility | Kelli Fox | Astrology.TV

Sagittarius & Pisces: LOVE Compatibility | Kelli Fox | Astrology.TV

Sagittarius and Pisces — look, I have to
be honest, this is not the greatest pairing. First off, these signs are both ruled by Jupiter,
which is known as the planet of excess. And you know what that means, right? Excess in any area you can think of, but especially
drugs and alcohol. Sagittarius is actually connected to alcohol,
and Pisces is associated with drugs and addiction. So you can probably see why I’m not so sure
about this one. It would be like Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungeon
— okay, so they weren’t actually a Sag–Pisces couple (well, she actually was a Pisces, which
really explains her drug addiction and the way she lived in a fantasy world, the way
she was so head-over-heels in love with Sid Vicious, no matter how he behaved or what
he did to her; but Sid was a Taurus) — but their obsession with each other, their drug
abuse and their descent together into this all-consuming world of addiction and ill-fated
love — that connection in itself really represents the dark side of what Sagittarius
and Pisces together are all about. These two signs just don’t work well together
in an intimate romantic relationship. Sag needs freedom, adventure, independence,
a partner in travel, big, philosophical ideas — but Pisces craves a dream lover. And Sag will probably find it fun for a while,
and really enticing, to live up to Pisces’s fantasy of that deep, perfect love, while
Pisces will have stars in their eyes whenever they look at Sag — they’ll be dazzled by
that Sagittarian charm and big-picture perspective. But sooner or later, and probably sooner,
there just won’t be enough foundation or substance to this relationship for it to last. These are both Mutable signs, which means
they’re really flexible — they adapt, they go with the flow — but they don’t have much
stability. Neither one of them is very grounded. So two signs like this together — you can
see what that would be like. A long-term romantic relationship needs a
foundation of some sort of stability, or else there’s just nothing holding them together. Sorry, but I don’t recommend this match, at
least not for the long term.

10 Replies to “Sagittarius & Pisces: LOVE Compatibility | Kelli Fox | Astrology.TV”

  • Cate jud says:

    After travelling so much, after 35 and at the end of the day, we Sag. long to come back to a home and to someone…we are in a new era now…things evolve ! So should our cliche mentalities, isn't it !

  • Trunk Bangerz R' us says:

    your fucking crazy i dont even like alcohol

  • Jasmine Furman says:

    u sounddumb because my mans a Sagittarius and I'm aPisces we been together for a year now and got a daughter together u sound dumb because everyone isn't the same

  • Sonya Swanson44 says:

    what do u call long term I've been with my sag male for almost 8years and we do fine. he doesn't drink and I don't to drugs. Exception to the rule I guess

  • boo says:

    i been married to my sag 10 years together 12 ✌✌

  • Susan Peters says:

    This is the back in the day Sag & Pisces… (if even that). Times are a changing.. I agree & disagree.

  • Levi Crewther says:

    She was SPOT ON for me BUT he truth is we are those people as individuals anyway and i take comfort in the fact we both provide an unjudgemental partner that does not have to hide anything and each respects the others needs and help push the boundaries. We like to have fun and enjoy life and this pair does it well or else what is the point?

  • Buck Buck says:

    Who was asking for your recommendation?

  • MaxMasterGamerTV says:

    It's really not responsible to make blanket statements such as hers. There are a lot of other factors to take into consideration than Sun signs. What are their moon signs and rising signs, these make all of the difference. To say that Sagittarius and Pisces are doomed just isn't so. There are many that are very happy together. They have many similarities and differences to keep it interesting.

  • YuppDatsLife XD says:

    I kinda found this a bit offensive in a way XD
    I have a friend who’s a Sagittarius and I’m a Pisces, and we’ve been friends since kindergarten lol. He’s funniest and sweetest person I’ve ever met. No matter where we go together of what we do we always have the best time, and make each other laugh until we cry. Although Pisces tend to have unrealistic dreams and hopes about our love life and stuff, when your standing in front of that person in real life you can easily tell what is possible and what isn’t. If something more ends up happening with him and I in the future, all I know is that, we’ll never get bored of each other and we’ll have some of the best times of our lives.

    (The comments I’ve been writing lately XD)

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