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Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus – IT’S BIGGGG

So the Galaxy S10 lineup provided pretty meaningful
upgrades both in design as well as in internals. And a lot of us were expecting Samsung to
just refine what they did with the Galaxy S10 and offer minimal upgrades to the Galaxy
S11. But it looks like it isn’t really the case. The Galaxy S11 will have meaningful and significant
upgrades. In the past few days, we have talked about
a lot of Galaxy S11 features and all of them are related to its camera. Such as 5 times optical zoom, 108MP camera
and more. Today, however, we are getting some specifications
of the Galaxy S11 series which will surely give the potential buyers a good enough reason
to upgrade. This comes courtesy of Evan Blass who’s one
of the top smartphone tipsters out there. According to him, here are the display sizes
of the Galaxy S11 series. The S11e will either have a 6.2″ or 6.4″ display,
the regular S11 will have a 6.7″ display similar to the Note 10 Plus and the largest variant
in the S11 series, the Galaxy S11 Plus will have a mammoth 6.9″ display. This is by far the biggest smartphone display
that Samsung has ever put in their phones if we don’t consider the Galaxy Fold because
the foldable genre is a different thing. Remember a few days ago I said the reason
I thought the Galaxy S10e didn’t sell as well as say the iPhone XR was because of its 5.8″
display size? Well, it looks like that was on point. Samsung has increased the display size of
the S11e to 6.4″. Like I’ve said there’s not enough market for
small phones these days and yes, 5.8″ is small in today’s standards. Glad Samsung corrected the mistake they did
with the S10e. This screen size also explains the battery
capacity of almost 4000mAh that was leaked a couple of days ago. 6.4″ display will need more power and hence
the increase in the battery capacity. Moving on to other specifications, Evan Blass
says the Galaxy S11 Plus will only come with 5G, while the rest of the S11 models which
are S11 and S11e will have both 4G and 5G. Now this is weird! Does that mean they are not launching the
S11+ in countries that still have no 5G infrastructure? I hope not. I hope Samsung doesn’t pull the dumb card
as Google did with the Pixel 4 and the motion sense. I’m positive that’s not going to happen. There should be a 4G variant of the S11 Plus
too. Moving on, and this is good news and bad news! It depends on whether or not you like curved
displays. All the S11 variants including the S11e will
have curved displays. That’s right, there’s no flat variant this
time. I know there are a lot of you out there who
like flat displays but the majority prefer the curved ones. It’s premium, it looks good and I’m glad they
are going all-in with curved displays for the S11 because it helps the S11e to look
more like it’s expensive brothers. Finally, the unpacked launch event. He says they’ll launch it as usual in mid-to-late
February in line with their annual Galaxy S launch. That being said, an interesting turn of events. I didn’t expect Samsung would increase the
screen size to this degree. In comparison, the S10+ has 6.4″ display so
that’s half an inch increase year over year. Heck, it’s even bigger than the Galaxy Note
10+ which has 6.8″ display. I’m a sucker for big displays so no complaints
here. To make sure it doesn’t feel too big in the
hand, Samsung will make the device a little taller and will also reduce the bezels to
almost nonexistent. Anyway, let me know your thoughts on this
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