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So a few days ago we saw the hands-on video
of the Pink or purple variant of the Galaxy Z Flip that showcased the design of the handset
for the very first time in a video. If you thought that was it then you would
be very wrong because we’ve got two more hands-on videos of the Z Flip that shows the handset
in action, it confirmes some of its specs and also showcases a very noticeable crease
in the middle portion of the display. First up we get to see the phone booting up
from a powered-off state. One of the defining features of this handset
is how you can use this handset from any angle. I mean the phone can stay open at any angle
which is going to be useful in a lot of scenarios. As you can see you can also play games in
this state which signifies that Samsung has put a lot of thought into making the Z Flip
stand out from the competition. The Moto Razr as well as Samsung’s own Galaxy
Fold can’t do this. So it’s going to be a defining feature of
the Z Flip and expect to hear a lot about it at the launch event. Also here’s another video of the handset that
shows a noticeable crease in the middle. Samsung is using ultra-thin glass for the
display which pretty much explains why the crease is so significant compared to the Galaxy
Fold which basically has a plastic display. Maybe it has to do with the angle, I mean
the video has been taken at an angle, the crease doesn’t really appear as pronounced
when you are looking head-on. Anyway, I hear from the users of the Galaxy
Fold that the crease becomes a non-issue after some time that you don’t even realize that
it’s there kinda like the notch. So hopefully the same happens with the Z Flip
as well. The phone has a 6.7″ display and the processor
is going to be the Snapdragon 855, not the 855+. It has 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, 3300mAh battery
and it will be unveiled at the unpacked event alongisde the Galaxy S20. Surprisngly according to rumors, the phone
will go on sale three days later on Valentines day for about $1400 to $1500. It makes sense why they want to release this
on Valentines day, Samsung has said a few weeks ago that this handset is targeted mainly
towards females and Samsung is hoping you would want to give this handset as an expensive
gift to your loved one. Also, we have a detailed hands-on video of
the Galaxy Buds Plus that will launch alongside the S20. If you pre-order the S20 Plus or the Ultra
you will get it for absolutely free. The new buds look identical to the old one,
there are minor changes such as a bigger battery that gives 11 hours of playback time compared
to 6, 3 microphones instead of two and better sound quality. It’s a 10-minute video, I’ll link it down
in the description box below do check it out. With that being said, for all the coverage
on the unpacked event do consider subscribing and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace

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