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San Francisco 49ers vs LA Rams Prediction Week 16 (2019)

San Francisco 49ers vs LA Rams Prediction Week 16 (2019)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be
talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Going to be predicting the game
between the Niners and the Rams happening this Saturday at Levi’s Stadium. Very pivotal for the Niners. They want to win this game so they can keep their number
one seed alive and then have that showdown against Seattle next Sunday.
Hopefully we can win that game as well. Another NFC West Division matchup. This
should be a tough one. Hopefully the Niners and Rams, they do show up this Saturday
not like last week where both of them, they kind ugh and didn’t have a good day
for the Falcons and Cowboys game respectively. So we’ll see what happens
then. Looking forward to this game. Jimmy Garoppolo and company, they had to
get their act up together. Defensively, they had to get their act up as well, although injuries, they have been really hurting this team especially on the
defensive side of the ball. Going to be talking about all about that. Should be a
fun time. Hopefully you guys do enjoy this video. Hopefully with the Niners, they can
rebound from their loss to the Falcons. I’m going to be talking about that in a
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yeah. Let’s just get this started. 49ers vs Rams, NFC West matchup. Who is
going to win this game? Okay so prediction, prediction, prediction.
Who am I going to pick to win this game? Before I do, want to do a quick tale
of the tape on each team and what they did last week. First off, let’s talk about the
49ers. They got upset by the Atlanta Falcons 29-22. It was not a good day
at the office for the Niners. Everyone from offense and defense was just
absolutely terrible. Special teams on the other hand, they did a pretty good job. I
mean getting that fumble from Kenjon Barner. I thought that was a really good
position to get a Kyle Juszczyk touchdown. Other than that? It was not a
good day. The only shining moment I can think of
his George Kittle overall, but he did have a little snafu at the end of the
game where he was supposed to go for a first down, but he ended up fumbling the
ball. We had to settle for Robbie Gould field goal. Other than that? Not that
good. Matt Ryan, they torched our defense essentially. Julio Jones, he just went off
in that game. Overall not the best day of their lives and hopefully they wake up
from this game and rebound from this game. I think that’s a good thing that
the 49ers kind of lost this game so they can reassure themselves,
reposition themselves. I know the players were very upset after the game, losing
this game and hopefully it will throw some fire on them later on for the rest
of the season. Next up let’s talk about the LA Rams. They’re coming off a humiliating
loss to the Dallas Cowboys 21-44. How does that happen? That is just
absolutely insane, but yeah. Same story like the Niners, but even worse. Offense and
defense couldn’t get anything going. Jared Goff, I don’t know if he’s
starting quarterback for the Rams to be honest with you. I mean
it’s not looking good at all. His offensive line not good. Todd Gurley
hasn’t been super effective all year long with injuries and just bad play
overall. We’ll see what happens on Sunday when they do play the 49ers. That’s it.
Let’s talk about some matchups that I think are very important for this game
for the 49ers. First off let’s talk about Todd Gurley, the running back guy. He’s
the most important person in that Rams offense. If you can contain him some way
shape or form like the Cowboys did on Sunday, then I believe it’s going to be a
very good day for defense. We’ve been struggling against the run. It’s a very
beneficial thing for the Rams if they want to try to win this game
definitely is to shove it down our throats, but hopefully DeForest Buckner
and company, they are ready for him. It’s all predicated on the running game. If you
could Todd Gurley, then Jared Golf & company, they would be pretty much
ineffective. We saw the first meeting that he wasn’t available for the game
and he [Goff] was very, very bad in that game against our daunting defense. I don’t
know what else to say. Golf I’m just not a big fan of his. Even if I wasn’t a 49er
fan in the NFC West, I just wasn’t a fan of his when they drafted him number one
overall. He’s a system quarterback as we all seeing and without McVay’s guidance
definitely, I think he’s just a plain quarterback. He needs a perfect situation
to be a very effective quarterback and last year we saw that with the running
game. Brandin Cooks and company, the receiving corps they were completely
great and he was great as well, but when something is going down, then he’s not
going to be very effective. So you know it is what it is. I think Jimmy Garoppolo
overall is a better quarterback than Goff and he’s had less starts than him.
That’s just my opinion. Not because I’m a 49er fan, but you know
if I’m looking at these two quarterbacks, I think Jimmy G, he has more talent. He
can work more with less than Goff could ever could in his whole career. Just
my opinion right there. Gurley, if you can stop him running game, then I think
it’s going to be a very good day and the 49ers offensive line, they
have to go up against Aaron Donald and company. It’s going to be a pretty tough
matchup I would say. Dante Fowler and them. Hopefully the 49ers offensive line, they
are ready to stop him and what have you. They did a pretty good job in the last
meeting. Justin Skule was actually the left tackle,
instead of Joe Staley and he’d held his own pretty much against Aaron Donald. So hopefully Staley coming back now, he’s going to be pretty effective in this
game. Jimmy G, the wide receiving corp, they had to get much better. It was absolutely
terrible against the Falcons. I don’t know if anybody got targeted to be honest with
you. In that game all the receivers like Kendrick Bourne, Emmanuel Sanders, they lost
their hands for some reason. They couldn’t catch the ball at all. So
hopefully they can kind of rebound and get their hands going like they did in
that three-game stretch with the Packers, the Ravens and the Saints game. They did a
really good job on being wide receivers, but for some reason against the Falcons,
it was just not that good at all. Big thing for me in
this game if you want to beat the Rams defense is George Kittle. He’s been very
effective all year long. I expect him to be very important to the offense for
this game against the Rams. Talking all about that. Talking about matchups that
I believe are important. Also the running game. You got Matt Breida, Tevin Coleman and Raheem Mostert, they were okay in the game against the Falcons, but I don’t
know. It was pretty iffy at most. Breida surprisingly fumbled, which was very
unusual of him, but hopefully he can contain the ball even more and the other
running backs as well. I’m expecting a rebound game overall for the 49ers. I’m
expecting them to be even better than they were against the Falcons. I don’t expect
them to just melt down and just have a terrible game this Saturday. It is what
it is. Anyways all that aside. Talking all
about the matchups. Talking about the previewing. Who am I going to pick to win
this game? If I had to pick a team, I’m actually going to pick the Los Angeles Rams
to win this game. I think they have the greatest rebound game in their lives…. I’m
just playing y’all. I’m picking the 49ers to win this game. Like I said with
the Rams, I think they’re going to rebound definitely. They’re going to just play all
out in this game because they have to catch up with Seattle in terms of the
number one seed. They have something to play for
and just that game against the Falcons, they are going to be fired up. They’re going to
be motivated to play even better in my opinion and I know Kyle Shanahan was
pretty upset at the performance that they did against the Falcons on Sunday. I
expect them to play even better and play like they usually do all year long. So
San Francisco Jimmy G and company, I think they get back in sync together.
Defensively we’re going to have a lot of players probably out for this game. I’m
not sure yet, but I’m assuming maybe Richard Sherman might come back. K’Waun Williams may come back from his concussion. Getting guys on defensive
side of the ball, I think’s going to help out quite a bit, but I don’t know yet in
terms of the injury report. So we’ll see this week, but yeah. I expect everyone to
rebound from this game for the Falcons to the Rams game. If I had to pick a
final score, I would pick San Francisco to win this game probably a kind of a
close one. I don’t think it’s going to be bad like the first time like 20-7 in the
meeting at LA. I think San Francisco is going to win this game
about 24, LA 20. I think it’s going to be kind of a close game. I don’t think it’s
going to be the craziest game of our lives. Maybe it’s going to be a struggle
defensively and the Rams, I know they going to be playing for their lives because
they want to still make the playoffs, but they have to hope Minnesota losses
out for the rest of the season, but I know they’re going to be still playing
their hearts out. Hopefully they do. So yep. San Francisco 24-20. I think this
is going to be a fun game and yeah. NFC West rival matchup. That’s it guys.
Please let me know who you guys got winning this game? I’d like to hear what you guys
have to say in the comments below. If you guys like this, please “Like” and Subscribe. That’s going to help out a lot. I’ll be catching you guys
up probably tomorrow for edge to edge videos. I’ll see y’all then. Bye guys.
Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest of your night. Go Niners all day!

18 Replies to “San Francisco 49ers vs LA Rams Prediction Week 16 (2019)”

  • Distinctive Bryan says:

    Who do you got winning this Saturday? Niners got to rebound!


    We only won the first game against the Rams because our defense was playing ELITE. Our defense doesn't inspire me with confidence right now so I am confident that we will win but I am very nervous nonetheless.

  • Clifton Rainey says:

    We havent pressured QBs like we used 2. Ever since the Ravens game.

  • ThaClick Lover4u says:

    I can say this, I believe that Falcon game and the consequences we felt afterwards is a clear understanding that the Niners will regain strength, the defense and Offense is ready for Rams and who ever is next. Go Niners.

  • Christopher Gonzalez says:

    I want numbers–not opinions.

  • Kevin Pelanne says:

    We need to get healthy, and figure out why we are always so plagued with injuries every dam year??? I think the urgency is there this week ,and we will win but come play off time we got to be whole again ,we most likely win out ,but I would be real confident if we had the team we had week 1

  • Allan Arango says:

    man when you said Rams I was like what the hell lol 😂

  • Rodney Harris Jr says:

    let's beat the lambs

  • Rodney Harris Jr says:

    49ers 24 rams 17

  • Matthew Armstrong says:

    Wont be any pressure if ford Is out there he takes pressure off bosa so count that out will be a dif game then when we last played them


    stay strong niners

  • Crypto Pioneer says:

    It’s time for our defensive coordinator to stop trying to call plays like when the 49ers were healthy. We need to make adjustments, more bump and run. With safety help over top. Some more blitzing. On Offense we need to Throw more quick passes for short yardage. Jimmy GQ needs to throw deep once a game to try for a PA or a completion. Also Move the pocket a little also. On short yardage plays.

  • Andrew Coker says:

    Let's eat some lamb chops this Sat night go niner empire

  • Mariko Ross says:

    We can win this game, have faith….Go 49ers, love you guys!❤🏈

  • Joe Bloe says:

    You sound like a nerd ball

  • tonganMAN78 says:

    Stop Gurley, we have an huge advantage. Stop goff, we have an huge advantage. Stop their DL, we have an huge advantage #GoNiners #NinersEmpire #NinersFaithful #NinersForLife God bless

  • Willsoon MARC says:

    Niners cant blitz to much because they dont have cover corners.Without that threat Dee Ford brings opposite Bosa very hard to free up other guys.Then they can drop back into the zones and get turnovers.They also need a few big bodies against run heavy teams like Seattle and Baltimore.And run more screen passes to stretch them out then hit them deep and up the middle with the run.NINERS.

  • Mr Pringle says:

    The Rams are inconsistent this season but they can definitely beat the 49ers on a good day

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