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San Francisco 49ers vs Pittsburgh Steelers Prediction Week 3 (2019)

San Francisco 49ers vs Pittsburgh Steelers Prediction Week 3 (2019)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be
talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Going to be predicting the game
between the Niners and the Steelers happening this Sunday at Levi’s Stadium.
As I said my last video, this will be the 49ers first home game of this season,
home opener. So hopefully everyone Niner Faithful you guys are going to come out;
come strong for this game. I’ll see what all the reactors are. So far on the road,
you guys have been traveling really well. The game against the Bengals, I heard a
lot of defense when the 49ers were playing defense. That’s good that you
guys are traveling on the road. I wish I could travel with y’all as well, but hey.
I got obligations at home. Hopefully I can go to a game with you guys
eventually, but yep. Going to be talking about this game. Should be a fun time. The
49ers are going to be trying to go 3-0 for the first time in a while.
Hopefully they can do that leading up to the bye week come week four. There you have you
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Hopefully the Niners winning. Let’s get this video started. Predictions 49ers,
Steelers, who is going to win this game? Okay so prediction, prediction, prediction.
Who am I going to go with for this game? Well before I do as always, let’s do a
tale of the tape. The 49ers, they’re coming off a nice win over the
Cincinnati Bengals. Defeating them 41-17 Who saw that coming?
I know some of y’all did, but a lot of you guys were expecting a competitive
game or some of you guys were even saying the Bengals were going to win this
game, but yeah. That was just a dominating
performance. Jimmy Garoppolo had the game of his life minus that interception. Offense
was clicking. Kyle Shanahan was just doing a masterful job at play calling.
Defensively, they were just awesome. They just balled out. Kwon Alexander pretty
much the MVP of the game in my opinion with that nice interception on the
outside from Andy Dalton. Overall, dominating performance and it’s been a
long time since we had a very complete game. Appreciate that San Francisco. Hopefully
you guys can keep this up against the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday. Now
speaking of this team the Steelers, they are coming off a loss of the Seattle
Seahawks 26-28. Ben Roethlisberger is out for the season due to an elbow
injury. Mason Rudolph will be the starter for the Steelers come this week against
the 49ers. A lot of interesting stuff going on. Also they just traded for Minkah Fitzpatrick from the Miami Dolphins, the team that is probably tanking right now.
I mean to get all these first rounders. To trading Laremy Tunsil, all these
guys from that team down south in Florida, tanking is pretty much real from
front office management and the players, they seem to not enjoy it. It is
what it is, but whatever. I don’t want to talk about the Dolphins. I want to talk about the
Steelers right now. They just got him for a first rounder a couple of days ago. Overall for the Steelers, it just hasn’t been a good season so far. They got blown
out by the Patriots week one 3-33, but hey. Pretty reasonable because the Patriots
they’re pretty good, but it is what it is. Steelers, 49ers, this should be a fun time.
Hmm, who to go with for this game? Well a couple of things I want to talk
about. Some matchups I’d like to see. Our defensive line versus their offensive
line. I say that pretty much every week, but this offensive line looks pretty
decent in my opinion. They have a lot of talent within this line. It’s not beat up
like the Cincinnati Bengals because the Bengals last week, it was a pretty
beat-up offensive line, but for this one, you got David DeCastro, Ramon Foster,
Alejandro Villanueva if I said his name right again. Looks like a pretty good
squad, although their running game has suffered just a little bit. James Conner
is not the superstar that he was from last year if you guys know what I mean.
Last year, he had a great season, but this year for some reason, not really working out
so far. I know it’s only two weeks, but not a really good impression right now. They
just don’t look good at all, especially on defense surprisingly because as we all
know, Mike Tomlin the head coach of the Steelers, he is known for defense and
he’s a fantastic coach, but just for some reason, it’s not really clicking and
we’ll see if Fitzpatrick can make a big difference in making this defense
even better because they are a pretty bad defense in my opinion. Hopefully the 49ers offense can take advantage of that. Kyle Shanahan I know he’s going to find some
mismatch and he’ll definitely take advantage of that as well. There’s my big
matchup for the week. Our defense versus offense. I think it’s going to be a little
bit more of a challenge than the Bengals in my opinion, but I think Bosa and
company they are ready for the challenge. Talking about that. Talking about all
these cool stuff. Tale of the tape. Who am I go with for this game? Well to be
honest, I’m going to make it kind of short. I’m going to be going with the 49ers to win
this game. I think overall if you look at on paper, just almost every position,
they’re just better than the Steelers in my opinion, especially on defense. For my
edge-to-edge video, I picked pretty much everything on the 49ers just because I
believe in them. This 49er team is legit in my opinion. Some people are still not
sold on them because they didn’t really play good teams like the Bucs and the Bengals.
It is what it is, but we just play whoever is on the schedule and that’s all we
can do. I don’t know, people are still not giving the 49ers any credit despite
going 2-0. I think the 49ers, they “should have had an easy win,” but you never know. I’m not going to be sleeping on Mason Rudolph anytime soon. I think he’s a very talented quarterback. If they win this
game for some way, shape or form out of a miracle, it’s because Mason Rudolph has the game of his life or something like that,
but it’s going to be difficult for him against our defensive line; against our
linebackers with Kwon Alexander, Fred Warner, especially the former because man Alexander? He just flies around on the field. He’s just everywhere. I love it. His
energy, his emotional-ness, it’s awesome! Defensive backs, they’re getting better and
better and better. So on paper, it looks like Mason Rudolph’s going to have a hard time
against our defense. That’s really what I’m banking on. Also our offense, we can
take advantage of their almost terrible defense. Jimmy Garoppolo, Kyle Shanahan,
they can just go crazy. The running game, they can just run over their defense,
although they have some nice pieces like Devin Bush, their rookie; TJ Watt and Joe
Hayden and now Fitzpatrick. I just think overall as a collective
unit, they’re really not that good in my opinion. Going to be going with the
49ers to win this game. If there’s a miracle that happens; if the Steelers for some reason win this game, then I feel like an idiot, but hey. It is what it is.
This is entertainment purposes. Final score for this game. 49ers, I’m be going 35, Pittsburgh 21. I think this is a more lopsided game in my opinion. I mean
Cincinnati, I thought it was going to be a close game, but that ended up becoming a
lopsided game as well. I expect almost the same results for this game, but
we’ll see what happens. So yep. That’s it guys. Wanted to talk about this real
quick. Talk about quick predictions. Hopefully you guys did enjoy this video.
Please let me know who you guys got winning for this game. I’d like to hear what
you guys have to say in the comments below. If you guys like this, please “Like” and
Subscribe. That’s going to help me out a lot. I’ll be catching you guys tomorrow
on a Wednesday. I’ll see y’all then. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest
of your night. Go Niners all day!

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