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SAP Analytics Cloud Feature Highlight: Smart Predict Overview

SAP Analytics Cloud Feature Highlight: Smart Predict Overview

music SAP Analytics Cloud is making predictive analytics
for business simple with Smart Predict. With Smart Predict you can use predictive
analytics to answer business questions, even without expert knowledge into predictive techniques. Smart Predict helps you to train predictive
models and apply them to information in both business Intelligence and planning scenarios
– all within one simple cloud solution. Training a predictive model easy. To get started, all you need is a clear understanding
of your data and the questions you want answered, Smart Predict will take care of the rest. The intuitive wizard approach means you can
focus on your information while Smart Predict runs the complex predictive techniques in the background to train your predictive model Once your model is trained, you can check
the model accuracy and see the details in a comprehensive debrief. Use the debrief to decide whether the model
can be relied upon to inform good business decisions or if it should be fine-tuned to
achieve more accurate results. Once your model is finalized, you can immediately
apply it to new data to generate predictive insights. These predictive insights can be used alongside
your business intelligence and planning information to build compelling stories in
SAP Analytics Cloud. Smart Predict makes answering business questions
with predictive analytics easy with transparent, easy-to-understand,
and trustworthy results. Experience the combined power of Predictive
Analytics, Planning, and Business intelligence in one simple cloud solution with SAP Analytics
Cloud and Smart Predict. To learn more about Smart Predict,

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