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September 2019 Horoscope

September 2019 Horoscope

Hello I’m Lynda from Scullywag Astrology
and I’m going to walk you through what’s happening in September 2019
astrologically. So, for those that have been following me, I’ve been a little bit
missing in action lately. I do apologize for that. I had a big house move and a few
other things going on but I’m back now. So, let’s dive into it. Ok, so this is the
chart it’s for the first of September. I’ve got it set for Chicago, Illinois
time, simply because it’s just in the middle of America and a lot of my
followers are American. Over here if you can see it, I have the symbols or the
glyphs and which ones relate to which planets. Also the same for the signs and
over here I have them for what we call the aspects. The aspects are geometrical
distances. When you have certain geometrical distances they tend to
bring a certain energy with them. When you have planets close together; like
here – we have the Sun and Mars at 8 degrees. That’s called a conjunction and
that tends to lead (to) blending of the energies. When you have planets 180
degrees apart or opposite each other it’s called an opposition. When they’re
90 degrees apart, we call it a square. As I work through this chart and go through
the month you’ll see these lines changing and the red ones tend to be
like a warning sign. The opposition and square are considered hard aspects, but
having said that, while they can be challenging and bring tension with them,
we sometimes need to be made uncomfortable before we’ll move. So
sometimes we just need a nudge and sometimes it takes an opposition or a
square to do so. The trine and the sextile are considered soft aspects. They
tend to bring ease and they tend to be helpful. The planets involved will tend
to work well together. So the first of September is a Sunday
and we start off – we’ve got Mars and the Sun here. Sun is about ourselves and Mars
is energy so most of us will probably feel quite energetic. We might feel quite
driven because Mars can also be ambition and drive. We might be quite physical. We
might enjoy doing something, you know, physical. Going hiking, some sport, some of this might become a little bit more tetchy. A little bit more angry, because
Mars can also be aggression and then it’s also the libido. So there is that as
well. Particularly – it’s not super close to Venus at the moment (but what’s that? 8
to 13 – 5 degrees away) it’s not super far away either.
We have Mercury over here at 5 degrees of Virgo, which is communications,
learning and thinking. It’s in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. So
it’s a comfortable position for Mercury and it’s trining, which is helpful,
Uranus over here. Uranus is the unexpected. It’s unusual. It’s innovative.
It can be a little bit shocking and even revolutionary, but this is a trine so
it’s bound to be helpful. So, it’s more likely to manifest as out-of-the-box
thinking, innovative thoughts. It’s a nice aspect and particularly we’re all revved
up already, it should be quite an interesting day.
And then we have Venus here at 13 degrees of Virgo trining Saturn over
here. Saturn is restrictions, responsibilities. It’s a little bit
plodding. It’s kind of taking your time; making sure that all the I’s are dotted
and the t’s are crossed. It is a trine though so it’s nice. This for some people could
lead to a deepening of commitment of some sort of relationship. If you’ve recently
started dating someone maybe you’ll decide to be exclusive or
some people might be moving in together or deciding to marry or have children. On
the second, we have a continuation of Venus trining Saturn so that continues on into
Monday. We also have though, it’s creeping up to square Jupiter over here. So the
square is challenging. Venus is values, so although we’re talking about commitment,
we’re feeling secure and validated – Jupiter over here is kind of a bit of a
fly in the ointment. Jupiter is considered the lucky planet.
It’s expansive. It’s generous. It’s associated with good
luck, but as with any planet, there’s the good
and the bad qualities and Jupiter can go a little bit overboard. So we need to
just kind of watch this, because Venus is on one hand trining Saturn; it’s feeling
good, it’s feeling valued, it’s feeling safe. Maybe for some people, that’s going
to feel a little bit too safe and maybe they’re going to kind of want a
little bit of freedom. Particularly because Sagittarius is a freedom-loving
sign but just watch this. There’s a tendency to go a little bit overboard.
Maybe you met somebody; maybe they’re suggesting you be exclusive and you’re
planning the wedding. You know, there’s an element here of going overboard. We
also have here – the Moon squaring Pluto. I’m not going to go into too much with
the moon. The Moon is our emotions which are of course very important but
the Moon moves very quickly around the chart. The Moon can move about twelve
degrees a day and there’s 30 degrees to a sign. So it takes about two and a half
days for the moon to travel through one sign. So in a month, the moon will move
around most of this chart. Whereas a planet like Pluto (well I don’t know
if Pluto is still a planet but I’m going to call it a planet)
but Pluto – I doubt that it’s even going to budge from 20 degrees Capricorn here
because it moves so slowly. So let’s move on to the third, which is Tuesday. We have
Venus squaring Jupiter still. Venus is at 16 degrees so it’s almost past this
aspect. It’s moved on from the trine it had to Saturn. It’s still squaring
Jupiter but it’s moving past that. There may be still – maybe a little bit of cold
feet going on perhaps for some people in relationships. So on the fourth, we have
the Sun and Mercury conjunct at 11 degrees. So a lot of thinking going on on
the 4th, on the Wednesday. We have Venus here which will be opposing Neptune.
Venus is being pretty busy in this chart. First off it was trining Saturn, then it
was squaring Jupiter and now it’s being it’s opposing Neptune. Neptune is very
idealistic. Some people call it the higher octave of Venus. So there may be
some similarities to it but while Venus is values and affections and it’s
often related to relationships and you know – what we want in relationships – how
we want to be wooed and that. Neptune is very idealistic, it can be spiritual but
Neptune is also kind of smoke and mirrors. It’s very glamorous but it’s not
always what you see is what you get. So just – it’s a little bit murky there. So
we’ve had Venus with that sturdiness that security there. Maybe a little
bit of cold feet and now maybe we’re kind of not seeing things clearly
because when you see Neptune you need to ask yourself what are you not seeing?
Then we move on to the fifth. We have Mercury coming up to trine Saturn – so
good, logical, rational thinking. Particularly
in these two signs. Capricorn and Saturn is in — Saturn rules Capricorn so it’s a
sign position that it’s happy with and Mercury rules Virgo so both these signs
are in good standing and they’re working well together. They’re trining – so good
rational, logical thinking. Perhaps you know – after all this daydreaming and this
Jupiter over here kind of stirring the pot a little bit – things will settle down
a bit. On the sixth we have Mercury going on to square the
Moon, which isn’t so significant but it also squares Jupiter. At the time the
Moon and Jupiter will be conjunct – as I said the Moon is emotions; so that
generosity, that expansive spirit (Jupiter) is kind of tied up with our emotions at that
time. And it’s not working well with our communications. We may be caught up in
our own belief system in — you know believing that what we believe, what we
think is right — because Jupiter can be a little bit know-it-all. It can be a
little bit dismissive of other people’s opinions at times – and that mercury is
squaring it. It’s not a good sign. So that is the Friday the 6th, there could be
some issues with some people having problems with other people that don’t
agree with them. We have the Sun coming up to trine Saturn, so some sanity will
prevail – so that’s good. On the 7th we have Mercury coming up against
Neptune. Now as I said before – Neptune -what are we
not seeing? And in this case because it’s being opposed by Mercury here we need to
ask ourselves, you know, don’t believe everything you hear – because it
might not be the actual truth. We have the Sun still trining Saturn so we’re
feeling kind of — we’re willing to put in the hard work and do all that stuff.
We have Venus coming up to trine Pluto which is kind of very interesting. Values
and affections trining Pluto, which is quite deep and intense. A lot of powerful
moments going on — quite — for romantic situations that could be quite deep and
meaningful. And Pluto tends to bring a little bit of obsession and kind of
depth and just yeah obsession and depth and if you like that sort of thing the
7th should be quite nice. On the 8th we have the Sun coming up to square Jupiter.
We still have Mars — well actually Mars has moved up to trining Saturn. So Mars has
energy – it’s working well with Saturn, which is discipline. We previously had
the Sun which was the ego or ourselves. So the previous day we were thinking
about — yes we’re gonna do this — looks like on Sunday we’re actually gonna do it.
We’re going to physically do it, we’re gonna put that energy into it — but the
Sun kind of comes up against Jupiter here. So while all this is going on —
Jupiter, I kind of get the impression he’s just leading people astray — for most of
this month actually. He’s just kind of – he’s a great planet, you know, don’t get
me wrong, but he just looks like he’s kind of just leading people astray.
I think maybe later on, late in the month, he actually gets some
trines or sextiles so that will tame things down. But I find, particularly with
my own chart, Jupiter can really enflame a situation/ So that’s the 8th. On the
9th we have Mercury, our thinking, trining Pluto, powerful thinking which is
nice. We have Mars just moving past that trine to Saturn; so we’re still working
hard. We’re putting in the physical effort and Mercury is just past trining
so that powerful thinking for the 10th. We have the Sun come up to oppose
Neptune. Neptune – what are we not seeing? And as this is the Sun that’s opposing
it (Neptune) which is ourselves what are we not seeing about ourselves? We might have
some blind spot at this time. We also have Mars still trining – they’re almost
out of what we call orb – we have Mars still training Saturn. You
can see here that Saturn is at 13 degrees 57. This second number refers to
minutes so it’s three minutes from switching over to 14 degrees – and Mars
here is at 14 degrees 41. So it’s very close to moving out of that aspect –
because I allow a degree either side for these aspects. But yes on Tuesday 10th we
might have some trouble seeing ourselves clearly. And Mars and Saturn are working
quite hard – maybe we’ve been doing a lot of hard
work but maybe we’re not as hard working as we think we’ve been. Maybe others
won’t agree with it. On the 11th we still have that Sun opposing Neptune in effect. We
have Mars coming in to square Jupiter. So, not only are we having trouble seeing
ourselves clearly on the 11th, we also have Mars and Jupiter here kind of
causing friction. Mars is impatient. It can be aggressive and quite blunt and
Jupiter is kind of prone to going overboard at times, so we might get
caught up in ourr own egos on the 11th. So that’s something to watch out for. On
the 12th we have Mars and Jupiter – Jupiter’s moved forward to 16 degrees
here. So it’s still within degree though, it’s only two minutes away from each
other. So it’s still quite a close square. Can be, people might be a bit
touchy and then we’re coming up to the full moon on the 13th. I’m just going to move
this forward. Okay, so on the 13th we have the Full Moon which is when the Moon and
the Sun are 180 degrees apart. So you have the Moon up here at 21 degrees
Pisces and you have the Sun at 21 degrees Virgo. So at the time we will
have – interesting – at the same time that this opposition is going on we will have
Venus and Mercury which is values and affections and communications and
learning both at 29 degrees of Virgo. So, they’ll be very close to
moving into the sign of Libra. When a planet is at 29 degrees, it’s sometimes –
well it’s called a critical degree – because it’s so close to leaving one
sign and entering another, there can be a sense of urgency to planets in that
degree. So we might be feeling a need to get a message across because we’re
talking about Mercury. It may also be in relation to our affections or our values
and that (there’s nothing else at 29) but we still have Mars here squaring Jupiter.
And Mars can be, as we said before, a little bit aggressive and Jupiter can be
a little bit intolerant of other people’s opinions at times. So it’s
something to watch out for. We can be so driven to kind of get our point across,
get our values across and because Jupiter is also about things like values
and morals and you know beliefs – so it’s interesting. Pisces which the Moon is in at the Full
Moon is a water sign, so it tends to be quite emotional anyway, and then you have
the Sun in Virgo which is an earth sign ruled by Mercury so a little bit of dichotomy there. They are both mutable though, so there is some give-and-take. If
it was fixed signs we were talking about it would be a lot more rigid, but both
Pisces and Virgo are mutable signs so there is some hope there. We also have
Pluto which is power, honesty and depth it will have — just the moon before it
goes on to oppose the Sun will have just sextiled Pluto. So emotionally we’ll be
feeling quite powerful. Before that it will have just passed over Neptune, so we may
be a little bit deluded about, you know, our emotions. Then we kind of start
feeling quite powerful and while this is going on we feel this urgency to get the
message across and — but we may be a little bit too belligerent about it. So
something to be aware of with the Full Moon on the 13th. (I’m gonna move this
back to days) On the 14th we have Jupiter going on to square
Neptune. Jupiter as we’ve been talking about has been stirring the pot a bit
and now it might be actually egging on Neptune here who can be a little bit
deceptive or a little bit elusive. Mars here is actually squaring Neptune at the
moment, at that time, so don’t, you know, before flying off the handle – which is
Mars – you know – be sure that you are actually in receipt of all the facts –
because you might not – you probably aren’t aware of everything that’s going
on. And Jupiter here is just kind of fanning the flames really. On the 15th we
have a continuation of that Jupiter and Neptune energy squared.
Mars has moved on from opposing it though, so that’s something. And we have
Mercury and Venus in the early degrees of Libra, so that’s going to make us a
little bit more charming and agreeable because Libra likes harmony and
balance. On the 16th, which is a Monday we continue with that – it’s must be getting
close – no it’s quite away, it’s gonna be there for a
while yet. What a pain. Be a few more days before we’ll get past that Jupiter and
Neptune square. On the 17th we have Mars at 19 degrees coming in – trining Pluto.
So drive, ambition, energy – feeling powerful – working well with Pluto over
here. So, as long as we, you know, don’t let our ideas kind of get inflated and
believe our own publicity that should work well. On the 18th
we have continuation – we see that Mars has moved up to 20 – so it’s perfecting that
aspect – so that’s a continuation of, you know, putting that energy to good use, to
powerful use, to use it for good.You can see here that the Moon comes along and
trines Pluto at the same time. So we’re feeling emotionally good about that as
well – but still we have Jupiter and Neptune just stirring the pot – causing
this fogginess. You know, just things are not necessarily what they seem. On the
19th, still have the same configurations. Mars is getting close to moving away
from that now. On the 20th Mars is just getting past – its 21:39 here, you can see
it’s 20:40 here – so it’s almost moving away from that trine. So that’s Mars –
that’s waning energy – of the energy feeling quite powerful. Moon being
opposed by Jupiter over here – and Neptune so you can see here, we have the t-square.
Jupiter, that enthusiasm the – well enthusiasm and generosity but also going overboard –
being challenged. It’s causing some challenge for our emotions and we have
Neptune up here kind of clouding the water. On the 21st, continuation of
Jupiter and Neptune. The Moon comes along here and squares the Sun. Which, you know,
that’ll move pretty quickly, so that’s not that much to bother with. Here we
have Mercury – communications, thinking and learning will be challenged by – will be
squaring Saturn. So it could be a case of lazy thinking. Saturn wants, you know,
discipline, it wants consistency, it wants dedication. It wants you to knuckle
down and do the work. Mercury here is squaring it. It’s just
not working well with it. It’s in the sign of Libra – it wants to think about
lovely things – you know Venus is here as well – it just wants to have fun and I
suspect that a lot of people will be daydreaming. Very much a daydreaming
thing here. Daydreaming and that’s okay as long as you don’t take yourself too
seriously. Twenty-second – again, Jupiter and Neptune continues. We
have continuation of Mercury almost past Saturn but it’s still in
effect – and then you have the moon challenging Saturn. We might feel a
little bit hard done by. We’ve got this taskmaster on our back and demanding
that we do this serious thinking. We don’t want to do this serious thinking.
You know, emotionally, we’re not up for it. We just don’t want to deal with it. You
know, we want a daydream. Big ideas. 23 we have Mercury sextiling – which is
helpful – Jupiter so maybe we’re starting to settle down a little bit by the 23rd
and have some more practical application of these ideas. So they should work well
together, they will work well together but we still need to be aware that
Neptune is, you know, it’s still there. It’s still squaring or being squared by
Jupiter but we’re getting a little bit more practical. A bit more feet on the
ground and the 24th we have Venus squaring Saturn. Aa little bit of trouble
in paradise for some perhaps, with Venus often being related to relationships and
Saturn being restrictions and discipline. We have Mercury and Jupiter still
working well together though and we have the Sun — has just come into the sign of
Libra which is very much about relationships. On the 25th
we have a continuation of Venus and Saturn and that square there so could be
conflict of values or, you know, feeling a little bit hemmed in perhaps by
relationships or somebody’s values. We also have Jupiter – freedom-loving Jupiter –
and Neptune stirring the pot. On the 26th a continuation again. On the 27th we have
Venus coming up to sextile Jupiter. So, we’ve had thinking. We start to get to
a bit more practical thinking – just a couple of days ago – when Mercury
sextiled Jupiter but now we have Venus – our values – and that is a sextiling
Jupiter which is nice. Still that Neptune up there though to be
aware of. On the 28th – well look at that! – they’ve finally separated. So what’s that? The 28th. So, I’m not sure when that started I’ll have to go back and have a look – but
that was a longer transit and it was a little bit troublesome – but we have Venus
here at 18 degrees still sextile Jupiter. Oh what else do we have here? Everything
else looks pretty good. The 29th not a real lot going on. No real close
conjunctions – we have the Moon that will come over Venus and then mercury
during that time so it’s it’s a nice kind of happy sign – it’s in the sign of
Libra – so it’s a nice harmonious sign. Venus is actually the ruler of Libra so
it’s comfortable there. Mercury in Libra is charming and likes to socialize and
that – so – it’s just a nice nice day, nothing major going on. And then we
come to the 30th where we have Venus squaring Pluto. Again, it can be a little
bit challenging. Another deep and meaningful day for people in
relationships perhaps – but yes so that is September. I will probably, on the
Scullywag Astrology Facebook page and Facebook group for the week I’ll go
through what what to expect and that but apart from that, that’s your September
horoscope and I will see you next month. Thank you for listening. Please feel free
to share or like or subscribe and have a great month. So thank you – bye

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