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Singh Rashi June 2019 | Leo Horoscope June | #Horoscope Prediction June 2019

Singh Rashi June 2019 | Leo Horoscope June | #Horoscope Prediction June 2019

welcome to Jyotish Ratan live . I am Acharya Pandit Sarvadanand Sharma. On my part, hello to all of you, we are going to discuss with you today about the Zodiac Sign of Leo for the month of June. But before I tell you about the horoscope of up, I would like to tell you, you are the sign of Leo, the planet of the Leo, on the basis of which you are prepared the horoscope you hear No no 1 sun which is currently in the state of Your enemy is in Taurus and Taurus is in the tenth house of your horoscope and on 15th June it is the Gemini will emerge from this sign and gemini is in the eleventh house of your horoscope there it will unite with enemy planet rahu friend planet mercury and with friend planet mars from 15th june. . Now you’ll be able to tell Mars about Mars currently in its enemy sign Gemini by making a unity with its enemy planet Rahu, friend planet mercury and friend planet mars but on June 22, it’s going to be its lower of zodiac cancer The Zodiac are going to enter the Sign cancer and cancer is in the 12th house of your horoscope and there will be their own unity with their enemy planet Mercury the subject of the planet Mercury which was infused with their friendly planet Sun in the Zodiac Taurus but Mercury From 1st June onwards he will enter his own Gemini sign from 1st June and will be here with his friend Rahu and with enemy planet Mars and on 15th June when the Sun enters this Zodiac Sign from 15th to 15th june it will unite there And from June 20, it will emerge from this sign and enter its enemy Zodiac Cancer and from June 22, their enemy planet is going to be formed with Mars and it is Mercury which is also in the rising state Jupiter is moving in the curved position They are moving and they will communicate in their friend’s Scorpio whole month. And scorpio is in the fourth house of the horoscope Venus planet which are infused in the Aries of Venus and on 4th June it will enter its own Zodiac Taurus where it is in the ninth house of the horoscope right now and when it will enter in its own zodiac Taurus which is in 10th house he will be with his enemy planet Sun by June 15 and on June 28, friends will also emerge from this sign and enter the Zodiac Gemini where their enemy planet Sun will be there and friend planet rahu let us talk about saturn Saturn are also moving in curvature moves and it is infused in your even Zodiac Sagittarius with your enemy planet Ketu and it will continue to communicate in this Zodiac for month Now we will about Rahu who will be infused with his friend in the higher zodiac Gemini and is in the eleventh house in the horoscope of Gemini ketu also in his high sign Sagittarius with his enemy planet Saturn in the whole season from the fifth gesture of your horoscope so friends , friends had this planetary position in the transit for the Leo-Rashi for june On the basis of which you have prepared the horoscope first of all, you would like to discuss the horoscope of your business BUSINESS so the conditions are going to be very good from the Start of this month to the middle of this month. The same means that you will have the right to have nothing to do with promotion which means that you will also get the honour for your work for the work you will do by your senior functionaries from the sea to the end of your month means you may get respect for your work whatever you will do by seniors from midlle to the end of the month your conditions are positive If you are also going to get positive results in trading, it’s the time you want to take as much profit as you want to take so this was all about your business economical conditions There will be different sources of income from the beginning of this month to the middle but your money that someone you had to meet promised you would definitely be delayed, back and forth, and you would be lacking in amenities. this was about economical conditions LOVE RELATIONS A new strength in your love relationship will make you feel this month and you will progress even in your relationship Also, if you want to turn them into marriages in honesty, you’ll be able to do it easily Married vacancies may have some debate-like conditions in the marital life, SO BE CAREFUL CHILD that your children will make good efforts on education although they will have to face so many obstacles here, but the results are pleasant but it should have had encouraging results that would definitely be lacking further we will discuss about your health whether your health may be affected this month so you will be alert to your health his month so it is best for you to pay special attention to your food and drink And your bedtime will be fixed because your health is good for you , of course , if you look at your health , the time will be relaxed . will pass normally solutions simple solutions are here Then recite Hanuman Chalisa. Donate food to Brahmins on the day of new moon. like kheer or barfi and 3rd solutions is The third measure is to read the text of the siddh kujika regularly these are some small solutions . If you take this small 3 measures, you will benefit from every field you have in every field so friends it was the horoscope for the june month for leo zodiac If you like the horoscope, subscribe to the share channel. And press the bell icon you can get a notification for the new video Thank you Jai mata di

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  • M Malati says:

    Guruji pranam…
    Mere beta ke bareme thoda puch natha…. Uska maam… Monoj Kumar…. 23.8.1998
    Janm…. Sunday morning 6.30
    Wo bahut job interview deraha he… Lekin nhi lagta…. Kya usko job milega ya nhi krupa karke bataiye guruji

  • Kanchan Mazumder says:

    Joy Shree Radhekrishno! Joy Shree Gonesh! Omm Hring Hring Suriya Namoh! Omm Namoh Bhogobothey Baashudebaya Namoh! Omm Namoh Shibhaya Namoh! Omm Namoh HorrPaarbottoy Namoh! Joy Maa Lokshmi! Omm Shring Shring Shring Komoley Komolaloye Proshido Proshido Shring Omm Mohalokshmoy Namoh!

  • Archna Sinha says:

    प्रणाम गुरु जी

  • Pranomi Dutta says:

    Pranam guruji.🙏..mai bohut pereshan hu. Financial condition bohothi kharab ho gaya hai. Mera husband ka business totally kharab situation mai hai. Paisa bilkul hi nehi aa rahi hai. Unka singh rashi hai. DOB: 28.11.80/name: Birinchi Saikia, gotra : Kashyab. Please bataye ye kyu ho raha hai aur kya upai hai

  • Mintu Nath says:

    Sunke bahut atcha laga lekin hamara din bahu kharab sal raha he ….kiya karu ….

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