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Smite Artio New Goddess Lore & Mythology

Smite Artio New Goddess Lore & Mythology

Artio has access to both a human form and
a bear form. In the human form she is usually depicted
wearing some sort of dress or robes that always cover the lower half of her body and sometimes
covers the upper half others not quite as much. In smite Hi rez has many directions that they
can take with her human appearance but we’ll have to wait and see whether her outfit will
resemble a more Chang’e style or if she’ll be taking that Artemis or Morrigan look. As for the bear form, well it’s a bear so
Hi rez will just have to surprise us. Artio also goes by Andarta, Andarta was a
warrior Goddess of sorts in parts of Celtic mythology so there’s another purpose to
consider though this role may not be as true as the others that I’ve mentioned. Purpose
Artio presides over wildlife but was known to have special relationships with bears specifically. Now what exactly this relationship was may
differ depending on who you ask. Perhaps Artio protected brave hunters from
ferocious bears on their hunts, or maybe she acted as a sort of mother figure for not just
bears but forests and wildlife in all forms. This being thanks to images or statues of
Artio offering a cornucopia of fruits and natural treats to distinctly large and powerful
bear. Maybe she even embodied the unique traits
of the bear, signifying their importance and why they demand respect and possibly worship;
but also exemplifying how great herself and the animals could be at protecting themselves
and each other. Whatever the case it is important to remember
that evidence for her specific role is scarce to say the least and you would be hard pressed
to find some (so do let me know if you get any of that). She does awaken during spring to initiate
the season and provide fruit for all things. Relationships
She was the wife of Esus who was a power God who possessed the title of lord or Master
and was famous for sacrificing his victims by ritually stabbing them before lynching
them (pretty bad way to go if I do say so myself). Mythos/story
Now usually this is the part where I tell you of some mad story of betrayal or acts
of great heroism but this time as Artio felt like keeping all of her dirt to herself instead
I’m going to share with you how exactly she came to be a Celtic Goddess. So Esus or Esos was considered to be something
of a savage by the romans and remembering what just told about his tendency to bleed
his victims dry it’s not difficult to see why. Just in case you were for some reason wondering
the blood drained during this process did not in fact return to the earth immediately? No it was used as part of an augury being
which was used to predict or interpret omens or for humble guidance in a number of affairs. Cultists called their worst for ware victims
“Lindow man”. However in Celtic mythology he is considered
to be the God of Willows and war. As far as appearance is considered Esus seemed
to always have a trusty beard and could be seen as a woodsman in a forest, axe in hand. Like his wife there isn’t all that much
more information about him other than that he shared some connection to the Roman Gods
Mercury and Mars. Aside from this making a stand-alone video
just for Esus would be shorter than what I would be able to come up with for Ullr (which
would not be that much). Facts
Artio originated from the Greek Artemis who among other things was also considered to
be a deity of bears. People would burn an effigy signifying winter
to utterly destroy the harsh cold with the light of fire. Speculation
So considering her lore and some of the information that the data miners have found for us Artio
really could be anything. Her lore seems to paint her more us a protector
deity than anything else and assuming that Cuchulainn will be a warrior (as he should
be) then she would fit right in as another guardian the first Celtic guardian in smite. Her stance changing seems interesting as we
haven’t had a new stance god in a while and perhaps like the Morrigan she could see
clear usage in more than one role perhaps being a viable solo laner and mid laner for
instance or support and solo laner etc. I think that it is very unlikely that she
will be an assassin or a hunter. Whilst there are those that see the Goddess
as a deity of the hunt Cernnunos has taken that title for Celtic Gods in Smite and whilst
Hi rez could just title the Goddess slightly just like with Thanatos and Hades for instance
it would feel like a waste for them not to make her the bear Goddess. Thanks to this those to class don’t fit
the protector architype quite nearly as well
as say the guardian class.

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