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sun in second 2nd house and taurus in vedic astrology | ASTROLOGYY

Hii everyone.
where is sun in your chart?? Do you want to know abt sun in second house???
or sun in taurus..???? This video is for u..!!
After making my Videos on planets retrograde planets ZODIAC signs and houses , most of
you have been asking me on how planets act when they are in different houses.
So, from today am starting a series of videos on planets through different houses. Starting
with sun through different houses. Today is the second video of the series.
Well as you all know I am astro hominis, welcome to my YouTube
channel. To judge sun in secnod houose, we need to
know about first house of a birth chart, the dignity of the planet, and it’s role in your
chart. And friends..
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and in this video, to understand the sun in 2nd house,
you need to know what sun is, what second house in astrology is what is sun
sun is the soul according to astrology sun represents ,. ego., vitality
authority., politics karaka of father
a high energy that can blaze anything.. sun aspects the seventh house from itself. and second house
is ., early childhood., earning., material comforts
posessions., sensual pleasures food we eat and values.. wht we value is our
second house face is the body part associated with it so this can show
shows a person’s ego in his speech the person can be seeking attention for his
words or getting attention through his voice or speech.
very authoritative in his speech.. this can show a person’s source of ego and
confidence cn be his family!!! this can show a person who values authority
and power a lot. and if his sun is in a bad dignity., this
can show his losses because of his ego1!! sun in second house shows a person’s earnings
and savings related to government it can be good or bad
this depends on the dignity of sun as sun
is a karaka of father also,
this can show that the father has highest influence on the family
the person might have experienced ego clashes in the family during childhood. sun in taurus:
in taurus, sun can make a person to express through creativity and artistic ability.
sun in taurus is
very stubborn and sticks to their decisions, doesnt like to change them frequently
sun in taurus can be a family man!!! they love sensual pleasures!!
and indulge into it.. the soul loves to go behind sensual pleasures
and they can find it difficult to manage their ego in this sign!!
so.. be careful anyways., To come to a precise prediction,we
need to look at the role of planet in the birth chart and navamsha., and the dignity
of the planet and it’s dispositor also. Hope this helps you.i believe you liked my
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Thank you in advance guys. stay notified…!!!
Will come back to you with another superb high quality video.. 🙂

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