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Supernatural, ghosts, devil, genie, demons in astrology

Supernatural, ghosts, devil, genie, demons in astrology

Do you know, a lot of my subscribers who contact
me for astrology readings are directly connected with spiritworld or spirit realm. They find
us naturally on google search for certain phrases or search terms. It is an co incidence.
We are connected in one way or the other. This is the exact subscriber pool, I am looking
for.  Later they bring me lot of referrals, contacts and likeminded people in the pool.
70% of the traffic I get is referral traffic from these loyal subscribers. I too waive
off consulting fees on many occasions for them, because they are spreading the word
out on my behalf, they discuss about me and my website with their friends, colleagues,
family members, social circles, relatives, company, in parties or any ideal social setting
it is appropriate. Most of my subscribers have atleast 1 or 2
or more guardians, they can invoke, summon or call them in times of need, honour them,
thank them and always be grateful for future relationships and meetings. They operate on
different frequencies and planes. Not all can summon or invoke them. There are certain house rules and basic rules
to follow. My subscribers share their experiences with different guardians, angels, spirits
across globe. I am also in good terms in lot of shamans worldwide and we do exchange information
if appropriate on voice calls and video calls. I personally believe karma is very important
in the natal or birth chart to manifest certain events. Natural planetary energy is what I
look for. But unfortunately 98% of people lack such natural planetary strength or alignment,
and they need some kind of astrology, occult help. Spirits, guardians and angels are most
favored here, because they are there for a long time. The topic of guardians, angels and spirits
always excites and amazes my loyal pool of subscribers. It’s like you have  a true friend
or companion, who can help you in many aspects of life, be it love, love life, relationships,
find a soulmate, marriage, dating, attract certain people, get a business deal, new opportunities,
connections, new job, promotion in career. We always put a request to this spirits and
they consider, if they find appropriate. We just can’t misuse or abuse their magical abilities. I have seen this spirits and guardians presence
doing wonders for those connected with any kind of marketing industry, anchors, writers,
businessman, industralist, politician, any person with good caliber wants to get that
entry level opportunity. This spirits and guardians are connected with most of my subscribers
naturally, say by tradition or ancestory but they never felt their presence felt, due to
their conflict in thoughts of spirits or their own actions, which may have annoyed spirits.
Remember some spirits are very powerful and can change your life, your aura, chakras and
energy levels, sudden growth in career, fame, popularity, financial windfall, new skill
opening new ways of financial opportunities, a new connection or authority figure who decides
to be your mentor and helps you and aligns you and introduces you with right people. My subscribers have gone through all these
experiences. For newcomers, an astrology consultation is very important to determine this. I have
good relationship with shamans or magicians of south east asia, europe, India and USA
and most of them do share their experiences with me. If you have a marketing talent or potential
spirits help works wonders, That is what I look for. Not all are compatible for seeking
spirits help, because different spirits have different house rules like your character
or behavior is important to them, food or diet habits like no alcohol, avoiding certain
non veg food (some spirits are okay with eggs, fish and chicken in moderation), bathing,
hygiene, consistency in meditation, concentrating on their sigil and altar when meditating,
pronouncing their invocation vibes with right frequency, avoiding certain objects or animal
antiques, like all kinds of leather, tusks, tiger or any animal teeth, any amulet or talisman
containing animal fats. Any determines person who can please them
through simple exercises and meditation, can tap their energies and vibes. Each and every
spirit and guardian is different. Some are very down to earth and always looking to help
people with opportunities, aligned with your energy and profession. Some of my subscribers, got into contact with
this guardians, spirits and angels, during accidents, which miraculously saved them,
by just uttering their word or calling their name, some kind of near death experience and
later how it changed their life, their luck changed from then on. We have no complete
control these spirits. Once they decide to help someone, they go out of their ways and
do it in novel way, which is otherwise  not possible through conventional methods. I personally have lot of experiences in animal
spirits and many kinds. I have put a request to them, for some aspects of my life, and
they have responded very well. I always used to thank them, and keep the rapport for future
relationships. Some people get connected with these spirits, feel their vibes and energies
and ultimately annoy and irritate these spirits, using their own actions, and spirits decide
not to come again, no matter how hard they try. It is important to know, the house rules for
each spirit, how not to annoy them, how to thank them and build a good rapport and consistency.
It is like you having another reliable friend, with lot of magical abilities and opportunities,
he brings in your way. You should also be realistic. in
what you ask for. Don’t ask for lottery or financial windfall, celebrity or hypnotising
someone. If you are interested to connect with spirit
realm, yo can contact me for astrology reading through email, and I need to analyse your
energy levels using mystic charts instantly. So how do you choose people for mystic charts?
(Spirits, guardians initiation) A lot of people from different walks of life,
contact me on daily basis for astrology readings or consultation. They
are regular guy like you, or your neighbor next door, who want to know what destiny has in store for them. If you
want to know the exact pool of people, who contact me for astrology readings, their problems
and how we mediate on different issues,  then read this. I find a high potential chart here and there,
some have strong yogas for politics, some are destined to become an industrialist or
businessmen, a natural actor, actress, artists, popular figure and so on. 2% of have natural
planetary energy in their chart, and right decision and timing during astrological period
can help them to achieve their aspirations. It’s their free will to follow as per astrological
chart or not.If the astrology chart says that, you will become an actor, a minister, a businessman,
doesn’t mean that you should be the one. It will create natural alignment, opportunities,
connections, situations in your favour, for that particular window of opportunity. It
is upto you to tap it or not for follow lifepath as per horoscope. Timing is very important
for this, and you need help of astrologer, if you
are serious. But 98% of them, need some kind of occult
and astrological help, be it rituals, seeking spirits and guardians help, luck exchange,
partnership and so on. I calculate how the energy levels are working for such people,
using mystic charts instantly. If my chart shows, spirits can help in this regard, we
initiate mystic arts. Otherwise, I say no.  Go through this link, to know more about mystic
arts and spirits initiation. However, I don’t consider most of them and
reject most of the requests, because I could instantly sense
their character and behavior, their actions which may annoy spirits anyway and creates
conflict of spirits beliefs. There are basic house rules to follow, which I have described
in the beginning of this post. If they are still serious, we will consider depending
on various metrics and parameters as per mystic charts. It clearly shows me the outcome for
most of the situations instantly. I have pr

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