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Swapping Dates To Test Astrology | Star-Crossed

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Callie. I am 27 years old. I’ve been single for a
little over three years now, which is kind of sad to say out loud. As a Cancer, we’re known to be
super emotional and sensitive but we have a hard shell. – My name is Alex. I’m a full-time line producer. I’m an Aries and very much subscribe to being an Aries. I am bold and extroverted and very fiery and a little bit stubborn. – I’m a marketing professional
at a major media company. So I’m looking for someone
who can keep up with me. – [Interviewer] You forgot
how long you’ve been single. – Oh because I’m dreading
talking about it. Okay. I’m kind of newly single. About two months coming out
of a long term relationship. I guess, right now I’m
looking to casually date and see how that feels. – I am looking for love. So let’s see what happens. (upbeat music) – Hey, I’m Allan, and I’m definitely a
quintessential Scorpio. On a day to day basis,
I’m an actor and model. – Hi, my name is Kieran. I’m a Libra. I’ve been single for three years. I have my own start-up. Libras are typically well balanced, super attractive, super smart, super fair. And I’m all of those traits, so someone should wanna date me. Just look at my face. – I’ve been single now
for about six months since the last person I dated. I’m very like emotional. – I just think that clingy people are the best people to date, ’cause they’re not gonna dump you. And if you’re gonna date someone, you wanna date somebody that stays around. – For me, I’m looking for
a partner that’s goofy, to match my energy. Someone who can definitely
go out and party with me, and have great vibes and
have great conversations. – I think game theory-wise if
you are gonna date somebody you should date somebody extra clingy. (upbeat music) – Hi.
– Hey, what’s up? – How are you? I love your outfit. – I’m Callie.
– Allan, nice to meet you. – Kiss on the cheek.
– Yes. – Bold right away. – How are you? – I’m good, how you doing? – Why are you still single? – Why am I still single? – So what brings you here? Are you looking for love? – I am looking for love. Typically I have had a
little tryst with people, but I want something more serious. – Love the way you sprinkle
the word tryst in there. – [Allan] Yeah. – I’m coming out of a
long-term relationship. – Okay. – I was with somebody for seven years. – Wow. – So I think that’s the opposite
of a whole lot of tryst. – What is your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to before? – Barcelona. – I’ve been there before too. I actually, I studied abroad. I went to Ireland. – Which part of Ireland? – I went to Dublin. (hands clapping) – I fucking love Dublin. I wanna like go out,
with like my ideal mate. But I also wanna be like a couch potato. Like, I love snuggle parties. So that’s kinda like what
I’m always looking for. I’d say I’m a great snuggler. – You really are like ready
to dive in to a relationship. – I am ready, yeah. – Am I your type?
– Yes. (giggles) – Am I your type? – Yeah. – Ohh. You’re apprehensive. – I say with a little bit of apprehension. – Well it was so nice to meet you. – Yeah, it was great meeting you too. Let’s hug it out.
– Yeah, hug it out. (laughter) I would say that the date
with Allan went really well. He was very nice. I can’t say that there
was a total spark there, but I thought he was a really cool dude. – Callie’s great, but I think Callie and I have very good friendship vibes. And I was kind of looking
for more of a spark. – The date with Allan went well. I did hear some red flags. – I think the date with Alex went well. We had good energy and we laughed a bit. – The fact that he’s
got a consistent pattern of not finding something
serious, does make me hesitate. – In terms of commonality, I
think we have a lot in common. (upbeat music) – Hi. – [Kieran] Hello, I’m Kieran. – I’m Callie. Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you Callie. – What do you do for a living? – I’m a professional basketball player. – Are you actually a
professional basketball player? – No. – What do you actually,
actually do for a living? (laughter) – I have a tech start-up. I do it with my brother. – So you’re not the oldest? – No. – Okay.
– Are you the oldest? – I am the oldest. – You have two siblings? – I have two younger siblings, yeah. – [Kieran] Two younger sisters. – Yep.
– I am a mind reader. – Okay. – What do you like to do for fun? – Hmm, walk around I don’t know. I work out a lot. – What’s you ethnic background? – What’s your guess? – Um. – I have faith in you. I’m not Italian. – Are you like into music or food? – I used to be vegan. Veganism is like Communism. They’re both okay unless you like food. (laughter) – Are you Italian? – No. – My dad, he’s Irish and my mom’s from Guyana,
it’s in South America. – How was I gonna guess that? – You strike me as someone
well versed in geography. – I used to be into food
– Yeah. – I’m not vegan anymore,
but the vegan intermediary, it’s like now it’s
like, I don’t need that. – I’m into meat, so I can’t
relate to any of that. – How’s your dating life? – I am newly single I was–
– How newly? – Two months. – Two months, wow. How long were you dating for? – Seven years. – Seven years. – Yeah, that’s a normal reaction. How is your dating life? – It’s okay. Can’t complain. – That’s it?
– I’m an attractive man. – I just told you so much information. And you’re like, yeah it’s good. – It was super nice to meet you. – Oh my pleasure. – I hope that you find
a vegan astrology lover. – Thank you. (laughter) Pleasure. – There you go. (giggles) Nice to meet you. – I thought it was good. I’m probably pretty awkward, but besides that, it was pretty good. – The date with Kieran was fine but I don’t think that
we had enough in common. And I don’t know that it
was a personality match. – I would say Alex is probably my type. – I kept asking him,
what he does for a living and I couldn’t get a clear answer. – Out of the two dates,
I hope Alex picks me. – [Interviewer] How confident are you? – Oh I’m not confident at all. – So my date with Kieran, he’s super nice. But it was a little dull. – I think the date went okay. – When I asked what he liked
to do, he likes to walk. – Yeah you know, short date. Seems like a great person. – Our energy levels
were just very opposite. (upbeat music) – Callie is a foody and I was vegan. So I don’t see how we would match. – [Interviewer] Literally that reason? – Yeah. – After going on both dates, based on the Zodiac, I would guess that Kieran is my good match and Allan is my bad match. If I had to pick between the two, I would go on the second date with Allan. If I had to pick whether
to go on a second date, I would probably not pick either of them. – The spark, actually it
was similar to both girls. But I guess I have more
interest in Callie’s back story. – I think that there was a
lot more in common with Allan. Whereas with Kieran, I kind of just felt like I was listening and
didn’t have much to relate to. I would definitely choose to
go on a second date with Allan. (upbeat music) There was a lot of
similarities in our interests and personalities. You could tell that he has a lot of creative elements to him. – We had good energy, we laughed a bit. Overall, I think she’s a great girl and I think we got along very well. (upbeat music)

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