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Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full Documentary)

Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full Documentary)

“…All the stories, characters and adventures narrated
by mythology concentrate on the active powers among
the stars, who are the planets.” Episode 1
Symbols of an Alien Sky The dance of the planets So regular and predictable, one may
think they’ve moved like this forever What a contrast to things claimed
by the first astronomers of ancient Mesopotamia and
numerous cultures that followed! They watched planetary motions
with a compulsive fear. Why would diligent
astronomers insist that the planets were the
towering gods of a prior time? Planets ruled the destiny
of kings and kingdoms and they were the agents of
doomsday, the End of the World. What was it about planets that
inspired such reverence and fear? The Babylonian priest
astronomer Berossus said that planets, moving on
different courses than today, produced world catastrophe. In Greek, Roman and
Gnostic thought, this was ekpyrosis, a catastrophic
meeting of the planets. But the memory of planetary disorder
is echoed by numerous ancient sources. Plato expressed it, and
so did Zoroastrian texts. The Hindu Mahabharata, Taoist teachings, and the Chinese Bamboo Books. Far from the spotlight, today, researchers are exploring these
questions of planetary history. They bring wide
ranging backgrounds from comparative mythology to
planetary science and plasma physics All are asking if the solar system
may have been unstable in the past, alive with electrical activity? Allow this question to be asked and the doors open to a new
understanding of the past, a planetary history, and the rise of
Civilization itself. Monumental Cultures “What is normal in nature and society rarely exites the
myth-making imagination, which is more likely to be
kindled by the abnormal, some startling catastrophe…” When we hear the
word “civilization,” most of us think of new
technology, economic advances, rapid communication and
expansive metropolitan vistas. But earlier civilizations
are much different, and they pose a mystery
yet to be resolved. Early civilizations were
obsessed with the past. All looked back to extraordinary
events, to an age of gods and wonders. All insisted that powerful gods
ruled for a time, then went away. Monumental cultures arose,
and the monuments themselves meant much more than a
display of technical skill. A monument commemorates something
collectively remembered. It was obsessive acts of remembering
that shaped the early civilizations. From the cities of Egypt
stretched along the Nile to those of the Fertile
Crescent of Mesopotamia. From India to Southeast
Asia and China and no less so in the Americas. From the early predecessors
of the Aztecs and the Maya to the archaic cultures
of the central Andes. All reveal a desperate urge
to recover something lost. Egyptian priests called this lost
epoch “The Age of the Primeval Gods.” It began with the rule of an earlier
sun-god, Atum who later departed. Cuneiform texts speak of
the god An, who ruled with terrifying
splendor, then fled the scene. The Greeks celebrated
the lost age of Kronos, but he too was replaced by another
power, the towering Zeus. Sages of India likewise
remembered the rule of Brahma, though the god progressively
faded into the background. So too, the Chinese
Cheng Di and Huang Di The Aztec Ometeotl and the Mayan Itzamna All either departed for remote regions
or faded from their original prominence. Remembering the Gods “The broad spectrum of cultural responses to
cataclysmic events attest to the profoundly unsettling
impact chaotic events in the skies may have had.” Through festivals and symbolic rites, the
cultures remembered the lives of the gods. With every temple construction,
every sacrifice, every harvest, every installation of a king, every royal marriage, every New Year festival, the celebrants reenacted critical turns
in the lives of the gods themselves. Were you to remove the
stories of the gods, there would be no cultural content
left in the early civilizations. Who were the gods? And why did the early
astronomers declare that the most powerful
gods were planets? Here’s a clue: The mythic accounts are
punctuated by terror and cosmic violence. Urgent prayers and hymns reenacted
the deaths or ordeals of great gods, recounting how one world age
passed violently into another. “…modern astronomical evidence does not
support the common supposition that the night
sky has been unchanging for 5,000 years.” At least some of the artistic and
mythological themes will be familiar to you. The myth of Paradise or the
Golden Age, for example, a perfect time before a
descent into cosmic disaster. An exemplary sun, revered as the King of
the World, ruling before the present Sun. A Mother Goddess, a symbol
of beauty and of life A great warrior or a hero born
from the womb of that very goddess to rescue the world
from monsters. That are also unexplained. Dragons in the Air “Although people have been probing into facts
and stories about the dragon for hundreds of years,
the dragon has yet elluded final interpretations.” Perhaps there’s no better example
of an unexplained mythical theme than the serpent or dragon. This remarkable creature with
origins in prehistoric times has no counterpart in
the biological world, yet it was remembered on
every habitable continent and persisted across the
millennia into modern times. Well, we can find amusement in the
comic book versions of this monster, but nothing in nature today will explain
the dragon’s long, flowing hair, its fiery breath, its beard, its twin whiskers, its wings or effusive feathers, or its global
occurrence as twins, or its global association
with lightning. Thousands of years after
its prehistoric birth, the monster continues to linger in
human fantasy, it will not go away. But ask yourself, how could the dragon
archetype have arisen without provocation? And should we not wonder if
uniquely modern prejudices are the primary reason the
mystery remains unsolved. With one voice, every
ancient culture insisted that our world was once
a much different place. PLASMA FORMATION IN THE SKY “Are all these legends a confused account of great events on
a planetary scale which were beheld in terror simultaneously
by men scattered everywhere over the word?” Several thousand years
ago events of beauty and terror provoked an explosion
of human imagination. This was the myth-making
epoch of human history. First came the enchanted realm, the
theater of venerated gods and goddesses. The gods were prodigious. Their celestial habitat
towered over the world, a model for temples and
commemorative monuments on Earth. But the gods grew capricious, one celestial
power metamorphosed into another. Preposterous creatures never
seen on Earth roamed the sky. The gods turned violent as
heaven itself fell into chaos. Then celestial warriors and monsters
appeared to battle in the heavens wielding weapons of
thunder, and fire, and stone. Our challenge will be to account for
this outpouring of mythic content. Meeting the Archetypes “Past cultures wordwide often shared in a single cosmic vision,
and we must not let our own present fragmented fields of
knowledge hinder out attempt to recapture that vision.” The eminent psychoanalyst Carl Jung called
these deep patterns “The Archetypes.” He saw them as universal
structures of the unconscious, lying beyond rational or
scientific explanation. ARCHETYPE:
Dragon-slayer Yes, the myths seem
incomprehensible to us, but the Archetypes offer a
pathway through the confusion, they are the points of agreement
between the far-flung cultures. And this agreement rises above the
carnival of confusion and contradiction. ARCHETYPE:
Pillar or Mountain of the Gods Every major culture remembered a Cosmic
Mountain around which the Heavens turned. ARCHETYPE:
Angry Goddess And every culture chronicled the
terrible aspect of the Mother Goddess. Were there no common experience, the archetypal
agreement would not even be possible. ARCHETYPE:
Ouroboros, the enclosing serpent All that is required here is a
willingness to meet the archetypes and without fear or prejudice or any
advanced assumptions, to hear their message. ARCHETYPE:
Ladder to Heaven The existence of hundreds
of archetypes is a fact, and it is a fact as well
that no archetype speaks for natural events
occuring today, not a single one. ARCHETYPE:
Dying God At the Dawn of Civilization all of
the Archetypes were already present. “…The extreme preoccupation of most early
societies with celestial imagery… appears to
be part of a world wide phenomenon.” “Could the prehistoric ‘sky’ have
been much more active than now?” Today, we are fascinated by the monumental
scale of the antique civilizations. But what were the essential memories that
drove the monumental cultures so obsessively? The threads of evidence trace
deep into the prehistoric past, a world barely recognized
but not entirely lost. More than ten
thousand years ago, Paleolithic artists painted these images
on the walls of Lascaux cave in France. They were realists, with an
exceptional eye for detail. Why these talented artists of the Stone
Age disappeared remains a mystery. But the greater mystery is
the epoch that followed. It seems that Neolithic artists lost the
ability to depict nature as we know it. Accurate representations
of nature are present, but the dominant style produced
a carnival of ghostly creatures and absurd forms never
seen in our world. How did this tendency arise? Not in one landalone but on
every habitable continent. Absurd? Yes, but what provoked
the distinctive patterns? A stick man with no head, just a
duck or other bird on his shoulders? Hundreds of variations on this theme
occur in the American Southwest. But the pattern
doesn’t end there. Notice the twin dots on the two sides
of these crudely crafted stick figures. One instance alone
is just a curiosity but the widespread patterns
must have an explanation. And other details only
accent the irrationality. Recently an answer to these mysteries came
from outside traditional archaeology, from plasma science and laboratory
experiments with electric discharge. Plasma scientist Anthony Peratt of
Los Alamos laboratories has shown that these stick forms recorded
electrical events in the sky. Something like the Northern Lights we see
today but a thousand times more energetic. And he matches the rock art
forms precisely to the configurations taken by
electric discharge in the laboratory. The rock art images are explained as
sheets of intense electric current in the evolution of
a plasma discharge. The central column you see in
this stylized representation is the axis of the discharge. Wrapped around the axis is a torus or
donut-like tubular sheet of charged particles. The observer sees through the transparent
formation: champagne glass above, squashed bell-shape below, so the plasma
density is greatest at the limbs. Drawn in two dimensions, the formation
matches the stick man carved globally on stone by the thousands. The two dots under
the stick man’s arms are the exceedingly bright high-energy
radiation called synchrotron radiation, emitted from the
center of the torus. The current sheets continually warp
as the electric discharge progresses and this form is not uncommon. A two dimensional representation
might look like this. Peratt’s work has shown
that the stick man, the duck headed version
of the American Southwest and variations from Hawaii to Saudi
Arabia is a plasma discharge formation, a subject on which he’s an
acknowledged world expert. Peratt’s investigation is entirely
independent from our own. Thousands of rock art images
have enabled a supercomputer to identify formations as seen
from different positions on Earth. The fit that he has documented
can not be accidental. And yet our own investigation, which
preceded Peratt’s by almost three decades, converges with his in
extraordinary ways as I shall clarify in the
second episode of this series. For scholars and scientists as a whole,
rock art remains an unsolved mystery. For two hundred years experts have debated
over the vast library of images on stone. Definitive considerations are now in
hand, calling for a new perspective One that follows the
compelling evidence for high-energy electrical
events in the ancient sky. And those who pursue this
line of investigation must not be afraid to ask how
the movements of planets may have contributed to an
electrified cosmic environment, of which science knew nothing
only a few decades ago. IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY Is it possible that a fundamental
mistake has crept into the sciences? Today we witness an unshakable confidence
in the regularity of planetary motions, but is this confidence
truly justified? I need to take you back
about thirty-seven years. That was when the controversial theorist
Immanuel Velikovsky lit a fire for me. He was the author of the book “Worlds
in Collision,” first published in 1950, and several other
books that followed. In these books he reinterpreted both
planetary history and human history. A distinguished scholar,
colleague of Albert Einstein, Velikovsky had claimed that planets
formerly moved on unstable courses. And more than once a planet came close
enough to Earth to cause global catastrophe. Scene from “Remembering
the End of the World” Most astronomers dismissed
the book out of hand and some threatened a boycott
of the publisher Macmillan, forcing the company to drop the book
when it was the number one bestseller. But when the space
age arrived our probes of planets and moons
revealed devastated surfaces inspiring renewed interest
in Velikovsky’s claims. With Velikovsky’s cooperation, I
had the privilege of publishing a ten issue series on his
challenge to science. Velikovsky said that cosmic catastrophe
left its marks on the now-peaceful planets, our Earth included. He said that the planet Venus
appeared in the sky as a comet and that its near-collision with the
Earth decimated early civilizations. He said that electricity was
highly active in these events. Planets moved on erratic courses and
on occasion they nearly collided as cosmic lightning bolts flew
between the approaching bodies. and he said that human
memories of these events constitute evidence that science
can not afford to ignore. It soon became clear to me that Velikovsky
had opened the door to a new possibility, perhaps even a new understanding of
the mythic archetypes as a whole. But why did the evidence always
seem too preposterous to believe? Why did all of the archaic
cultures stake everything on memories of the gods as
towering bodies in a former sky? I was particularly enchanted by
something Velikovsky proposed in a work still
unpublished at the time. He claimed that, in the earliest remembered
epoch, the planet Saturn dominated the sky, close to the Earth, presiding over the
mythic Golden Age It was an outrageous idea and yet I found
in it the inspiration for a life’s work. Ancient cultures, the world over, insisted
that an exemplary sun once ruled the sky. For the Egyptians, this former
power was the creator Atum-Ra, ruling from the center
and summit of the sky. In ancient Mesopotamia, we see the primeval
sun as a great turning wheel in the heavens and the astronomers
named this body as the planet Saturn. It was from the Romans that we
received the planet’s name, Saturn, but an archaic Latin name for
Saturn was Sol, the Sun. In earlier Greek texts, the
planet Saturn, called Kronos, was also named Helios – the Sun. “Helios and Kronos were
one and the same god.” Even the alchemists preserved
this preposterous identity. They called Saturn
“The Best Sun”. Best sun, superior
sun, exemplary sun .. the core idea always pointed
directly to the axis of the sky, the celestial pole, around which
the heavens visually turned. As improbable as it may seem, this is where the Egyptians located
their primeval sun-god, Atum. “The great god lives, fixed
in the middle of the sky.” “[Atum was] the arbiter of destiny perched on
the top of the world pole. Here must be the node
of the universe, the centre of regulation.” This motionless spot in the
heavens is precisely where later astronomical traditions
from Greece to Persia and China, all claimed that Saturn
had ruled the world. A contradiction of every principle
we take for granted today. “What has Saturn, the far-out planet, to do with the Pole?
Such figures of speech were an essential part
of the technical idiom of archaic astrology.” Ancient chroniclers insisted
that the planet Saturn, now just a speck in the sky, had
presided over the Golden Age. An epoch of abundance,
cosmic harmony and grandeur. The archaic name of
Italy was Saturnia and tradition held that this very name
was given to the original site of Rome. The Sabbath, the special day of rest and
reverence was Saturni Dies, Saturn’s day. A day honored throughout the
Mediterranean, the Near East and beyond. The popular Roman
festival, Saturnalia, was a symbolic return to the Saturnia
Regna, Saturn’s Reign, the Golden Age. Much symbolic content of our own New
Year’s and Christmas celebrations will trace to the Roman Saturnalia
and related ancient festivals. In one form or another, every culture
that remembered Saturn’s reign regarded the planet-god as the Father of
Kings, the Father of the Nation or the Race, Ancient traditions identified the
Ugaritic and Hebrew El as Saturn. And it was said that the Israelites once
saw themselves as Saturn’s children. In the same way the Greeks invoked
Kronos as their first father and the Romans insisted that they
were the true descendants of Saturn, arriving in Italy through the adventures
of the legendary ancestor Aeneas. “Deign to know the Latins, Saturn’s
race, a race freely self-controlled as
in the olden days [the Golden Age]”. But there was a dark
side to Saturn, reflecting the catastrophic
end of the Golden Age. This was when, in the words of
Manilius, Saturn, the First Father, fell to the opposite
end of the World Axis. This sudden onset of chaos, when heaven
itself seemed to fall out of control, has haunted civilizations
across the millennia, erupting as doomsday anxiety, the fear
that what happened once will happen again. It’s almost impossible to believe that ancient
people sacrificed their own children, either symbolically or literally
to the planet-god Saturn. Saturn was remembered as the
devourer of his own children and as Moloch,
demanding sacrifice. and as El or the Elohim commanding
Abraham to sacrifice his own son, Isaac. In the face of evidence
that can not be denied, the reasonable course is to bring the
catastrophic source of these memories into the light of day. My book “The Saturn Myth,”
published by Doubleday in 1980, began the reconstruction of a spectacular
formation formerly seen in the sky: a gathering of planets, looming
immense above the ancient witnesses I was working with the
mythic archetypes, cultures everywhere using different
words and different symbols to describe eerily
similar events. but the planetary model presented in
“The Saturn Myth” was far from complete. Amongst the greatest of enigmas was the cosmic
wheel recorded by every ancient culture. Images of a wheel in the sky, carved on
stone, are older than civilization itself. Many archaeologists see these wheels
as an imagined vehicle of the Sun, rolling across the sky. But in its most common form, the
cosmic wheel doesn’t go anywhere. Often it rests on a
stationary pillar Or atop of a stairway or ladder Or is turned by a rope while
resting on an altar or table. And the spokes of the wheel
are not functional as such; they are fluid and etheric. Archaic gods and heroes hold
a wheel in their hands. A cosmic wheel served
as the throne of gods, and cultural heroes,
and wise men. Symbolically replicated in the
wheel-thrones of kings on Earth. The wheel-throne of Buddha
underscores our point. And even the popular footprint of Buddha
recalls the same wheel in heaven. The inspiration did not
come from our Sun. Compare these prehistoric instances
of the pictographic wheel from Ireland and
from California. Different parts of the
wheel are clearly evident. A large circle or sphere,
though not always present, a central star and a smaller darker circle
or sphere inside the star-like form. The images do not
depict a single object, but three objects, as
demonstrated here, where the artist placed the small dark
sphere well below the central star. I can assure you that the
placements are not random. These forms in the sky were
planets in close congregation and immense above the
ancient sky-worshippers. The stories begin with the appearance
of this celestial formation Heaven, when “Heaven was
close to the Earth” The original Unity Of The Sky
formed by the Great Conjunction when a straight line or arrow would “pierce
the hearts of the gathered powers”. The Motionless, Superior Sun
ruling before the present Sun. The Father of Kings and first
in the mythic line of kings. And a dying or displaced god. In later times the first astronomers
identified this overarching ruler of the sky. They claimed it was
the planet Saturn, remembered as the owner of the Cosmic Wheel
before the god departed for distant realms. The astronomical traditions also name the
central star as Venus, the Mother Goddess and they name the darker, reddish sphere
as the planet Mars, the cosmic warrior. In these three hours I intend to
demonstrate that the stories of the gods are the stories of what happens
to these celestial bodies. You’re looking at reconstructed images
of the formation in the heavens just a few thousand years ago. The configuration evolved through many
phases, evoking reverence and awe, a model for kings and kingdoms
for thousands of years. Great temples and cities
and sacred mountains all pointed back to the mythic
age of gods and wonders. Let the world’s first astronomers
point the way for us. They knew that what the myths and
hymns and prayers called gods were planets and
aspects of planets. Planets appeared close to the Earth
in a heaven-spanning configuration. Memories of that celestial
splendor still surround us, even if humanity later forgot
much more than it remembered. Reconnecting with our forgotten
past will be essential, essential for our own
cultural integrity, essential for the study
of human consciousness and essential for all
of the sciences. The Cosmic Thunderbolt Just a few thousand years
ago our ancestors witnessed the gathering of planets
close to the Earth. An explosion of human
imagination occurred, an outpouring of mythology and symbolism
that defined cultures for thousands of years long after the celestial
provocation itself was forgotten. In these early historical times, there
are no records of the present planets, no diaries recording planetary
motions or periods, Planets as we know them today did
not exist, these were the gods, awe-inspiring and at times
capricious and terrifying. Saturn Early star-worshippers speak of a great
Light of Heaven, motionless in the sky. The Egyptian Atum or Atum-Ra The Sumerian An The Babylonian Anu and enigmatically, early astronomers knew
the overarching figure as the planet Saturn whose story will be a centerpiece
of our third episode. In the beginning the gathered powers
were not seen as separated gods but as the primeval Unity of
Heaven, the perfect conjunction or Great Conjunction
of the Golden Age. A massive sphere hung in the sky and in its center stood a radiant star
surrounded by explosive streamers. Cultures the world over came to see this star
in feminine terms as the Mother Goddess, the planet Venus. Remembered as the Great Star,
the Mother of all stars. This was the central eye, heart
and soul of the primeval Sun, his animating life, power
and glory and much more. One of the most enigmatic
cultural themes is the transformation of
the life-giving Goddess into a monstrous form,
attacking the world. This was the terrible Goddess, raging
in the sky with wildly disordered hair, or multiple flailing arms, celestial
spectacle radiating a paralyzing light. When instability and
displacement occurred, the streamers discharging
from Venus grew chaotic, giving the planet a
frightful countenance. The angry goddess was a comet. The mythic prototype of comets. Immanuel Velikovsky’s
Great Comet, the planet Venus. Aphrodite Comaetho:
“the Comet Venus” Roman image of Venus
as “the comet” “The ignorant masses of the people
had considered Venus as a comet.” Mars Seen in front of this central star was
a smaller, darker, reddish sphere. This was the mythic warrior, The masculine “Heart
of the Heart” The “Child in the Womb” The “Child on the Lap” The “Pupil of the Eye” The “Axle of the Cosmic Wheel” The most active figure
of world mythology Sky-worshippers everywhere knew
the identity of this warrior, the victor over dragons
and chaos monsters. This global identity of Mars
as the greatest of warriors shouts to us an
unrecognized history. Star-in-Crescent On the great sphere of heaven
a bright crescent appeared, with the orb or star of
Venus between its horns. Things never seen in our sky were
once revered around the world. As the Earth rotated
on its axis, the crescent marked out a
cycle of day and night. Crescent below in the phase
of greatest brightness, crescent above in the
phase of dimming. Though our Sun was present, casting
its light on the configuration, it was not itself in the
visual theater of the gods. I call this “The Polar Configuration”
because the Earth itself rotated in alignment with
the forms in the sky, placing these forms at a celestial pole
around which the heavens visually turned. The configuration evolved
through numerous phases. The number of streamers
changed repeatedly, as did their observed form. Every change in
relative position produced dramatic changes in the
appearance of the configuration. Electric Universe In 1996, the Canadian filmmaker Ben Ged
Low spent many months in Portland, producing a 90-minute documentary
on the reconstruction. At that time many dynamic
issues were largely unresolved. But later that year, the Australian
physicist Wallace Thornhill flew to Portland for
a 30-day visit. He convinced me that the forms I’d
reconstructed were electrical. They were plasma discharge streamers,
stretching between planets. He explained that, in a
radial electric discharge, both the number of streamers
and their concrete form will change with the
intensity of the discharge. The whirling forms I’d reconstructed
in the common symmetry, which I’d often laughed about, did indeed have a
physical explanation. At the time of his visit, Wal Thornhill
had devoted more than 25 years to exploring what he called
“The Electric Universe.” His work follows in the traditions of the
electrical and plasma science pioneers, who showed that electricity
plays a major role in space. That galaxies, stars and planets
are formed electrically. That comets, with their bright tails, move
through an electric field of the Sun. His electrical interpretation
extended to the origin of bizarre landscapes
on planets and moons now explained by the well-tested
principles of electrical arcing. In an electric solar system, if two
planets or moons approach each other from regions of different potential,
electric discharge will occur, producing plasma formations stretching
between the approaching bodies. Plasma laboratory experiments can tell
us what the formations might look like. The backbone is typically a
column of twisted filaments, but disks and embedded cylinders also
arise to evolve in spectacular ways. The counterpart to
such formations can be seen in ancient depictions
of the cosmic thunderbolt. But what an outrageous idea, that exotic formations could arise
between planets in close approach! “The space between the two planets
lights up and is set aflame by both
planets and produces a train of fire.” “Heavenly fire is spit forth by the planet as
crackling charcoal flies from a burning log.” “[Archaic traditions say] that these bolts
come from the planet Saturn, just as
the inflammatory ones come from Mars.” What then was the relationship
of the cosmic thunderbolt to the magical swords, arrows, clubs
and spears of the great warrior-gods? With a stunning accord, ancient
languages identify these weapons as special forms of the
cosmic thunderbolt. Scholars have already identified
the sword and arrows of Apollo The spear of Zeus The trident of Poseidon as aspects of the
divine thunderbolt. The same linkage occurs with the
Greek Ares, the Latin Mars, whose sword was his identity. Ares (Mars) “darted swift and bright
as the thunderbolt terribly flashing
from the mignth hand of Zeus.” First came the thunderbolt,
the core archetype, then came its mythic interpretation
as a weapon of the warrior-god. “…A ‘derivation’ of the sword from a ‘root’ or
archetype in lightning is universal and world wide.” Placed in the hands of the Gods, the cosmic thunderbolt provides
a bridge the Latin Mars, the Latin Mars,joining the mythic world to
the leading edge of plasma science. POLAR CONFIGURATION The Dawn of Civilization One simple truth will change
the future of science and our understanding
of human history. The ancient sky bore no resemblance
to the sky we see today. Above human witnesses, planetary
formations hovered close to the Earth. ARCHETYPE:
Mother Goddess as “Great Star”
…with numerous variations Babylonian star
of Ishtar (Venus) …with enclosed, inidentified sphere One electrical form
metamorphosed into another in the celestial dance of the mythic
star-goddess and the cosmic warrior, astronomically identified as
the planets Venus and Mars. Ancient observers saw the
head of the warrior-king wrapped in the radiance of the
star-goddess, it was his crown of glory. ARCHETYPE:
Star Goddess as Crown And it was the warrior’s magical protection,
worn as a helmet or crest, but much more. The dancing Aztec god wore
the rays of Venus as a crest but also held the so-called half-star
of Venus in an outstreched hand. And he even wore this protective
radiance as his skirt. The theme is universal, the warrior’s
armor was the radiance of the great star and that is the explanation for the
unexplained “radiate crown of kings”. Greece: Warrior god Apollo Crown of Antiochos Roman crown of kingship Heraldry: “Celestial Crown” As the forms of the configuration changed,
the mythic interpretations changed as well. ARCHETYPE:
“Spread Tail Feathers” In pictures and words,
the ancient chroniclers recounted the cosmic conjunction
of the goddess and the warrior. ARCHETYPE:
Orb (eye) in the “Hand of God” The goddess was the eye and the
warrior was the pupil of the eye. Two spheres in alignment inspired
a mythical interpretation as an eye and pupil inscribed
upon the Hand of God. In ancient Egypt, the “Hand of Ra”
was the Eye goddess Iussaset. The Egyptian warrior gods were named
arit, the “pupil” of the feminine eye. The five fingers of the hand
were the visible aspects of an eight-spoked wheel
in a different phase. Buddhist symbolists knew that the
hand bore a secret relationship to the eight-spoked
dharma-wheel. Buddha was the motionless axle of the
wheel, enthroned upon the hand of heaven, he was surrounded and protected by
the celestial fire of the gods. Every form that arose provoked a
variety of mythical interpretations, not just a single idea. The spokes of the wheel were the animating
soul and power of the universal sovereign, exploding into life at sunset, that is the
meaning of the mythic “Plant of life”. ARCHETYPE:
Goddess as “Plant of Life”
Greece: Rosette of Aphrodite (Venus) Things seen in the sky provoked
hundreds of imaginative images and not one speaks for the events in
the heavens today, not a single one. Even when the concrete form of the
cosmic original was forgotten, the imaginative idea persisted
for thousands of years. ARCHETYPE:
“7-Headed Serpent” Innumerable concrete
details would not allow us to just make up explanations
for the myths and symbols. ARCHETYPE:
“Spread Tail Feathers” Some symbols remained abstract but more often they added mythical
interpretation to the underlined form. And many mythical images,
seemingly incompatible, will trace to the
same tangible form. Goddess Venus as dove The plant of life was not just
an attractive design element, it was a form in the sky, inspiring
a story of vast influence. ARCHETYPE:
Goddess as “Plant of Life” In his birth or re-birth the warrior-god
emerged from the radiant flower. Egypt: birth of the Warrior-King Egypt: Nefertem emerging from the lotus The diverse mythical interpretations and the
larger stories told about these events, all point to a unified
substructure of human memory. ARCHETYPE:
“Wheel of Heaven” A great wheel turned in the heavens and
it was remembered around the world. Even the modest displacement of the aligned
powers was captured in ancient images. ARCHETYPE:
“Displacemente” Scallop:
symbol of Aphrodite’s “birth” and departure Why was the Egyptian goddess identified
as the headdress of the warrior-king? It’s the underlined form
that gives us the answer. Warrior Hero A primeval sun ruled the world shining
most brightly in the night sky. A crescent came to adorn this primeval
sun and it certainly was not our moon. The great star of Venus
rested between its horns, and visually seated within the
star, was the planet Mars. A luminous stream appeared
to descend from Mars, the first form of the
cosmic thunderbolt. Greece:
forms of the cosmic thunderbolt Tibet:
forms of the cosmic thunderbolt Human imagination saw sword or dagger,
thrust into the region below. The warrior-god was his sword, envisioned also as an axial pin, peg
or mooring post of the turning sky. The same thing as the stem
of the plant of life. And the pillar-like lower
limbs of the goddess. The same form in the sky was seen as a
protruding tongue of both the warrior and the angry goddess. A pronounced movement
of Mars occurred, close to but not precisely
on the planetary axis. Now the celestial crescent appeared
as the horns of the warrior himself, in his identity as
the Bull of Heaven. ARCHETYPE:
“Bull of Heaven” And it should not surprise
us that the foundation post bore the image of the
bull at its apex. When it reached the Earth, the
stream presented the form of a great pillar
or cosmic mountain. “O Great Mountain (Enlil), whose head rivals the heavens,
Whose foundation is laid in the pure abyss.
Whose horns gleanm.” Perhaps it is too much to believe
that the famous Bull of Heaven was just the pillar
and shining horns, “I am the bull, the Old One…
I support the sky with my horns.” “…the pillar of hte stars,
the Bull of Heaven…” “whose horns shine, the anointed
pillar, the Bull of Heaven.” To these events we will trace the worldwide
myths of the heaven-lifting cosmic giant, the first active form
of the warrior-hero. His upraised arms were precisely the same
thing as the horns of the Bull of Heaven, ARCHETYPE:
“Cosmic Pillar” a testament to the integrity of
the substructure, the archetypes. Greece:
Heaven-lifting Atlas THE MYTH OF CREATION Conical Crowns of
the Warrior King In some phases with the movement of
Mars, dust and electrified plasma, streaming between Mars and Venus, became
visible to terrestrial observers, even small changes in
this dusty plasma stream, were we to view the
formation from space, would create distinctive differences in
the appearance of the configuration. The great kings of ancient
times wore conical crowns in numerous and always
enigmatic varieties. For these revered forms the experts
can find no referent in nature today. Yet the priestly chroniclers of
antiquity knew that these crowns imitated the vestment
of the cosmic warrior, the prototype of the
warrior king on Earth. The Curling Life-Breath ARCHETYPE:
“Curling Life-Breath” With progressive instability and
displacement from the axis, the stream joining Mars and
Venus spiralled outward. This was the mother
goddess herself, the radiant eye, heart and
soul of the primeval sun, now externalized as a
curling lock of hair. And the earliest sources leave no doubt
that it was a visible form in the sky. Egyptian texts invoked “the lock
of hair which circles round about.” The primeval sun god Ra had “the
light of the lock of hair on him.” The side lock of the warrior-king mimicked
that of his predecessor, the cosmic warrior. Horus:
“He of the Sidelock” This curling life breath
provoked innumerable symbols, far more than we
could include here. Just one example was the
mooring post in the sky signifying the outflow of the eye and
the evolving form of creation itself. A critical turn came with the
removal of the life breath curl unleashing the terrible
goddess and a cosmic crisis. In his rage, the Hindu Shiva
tore out a lock of his hair from which arose his
own dark aspect, the monster Virabadra and close by the terrifying
form of the angry goddess whom we recognize
as the comet Venus. The life of the legendary King Nisus resided
in a tuft of hair. His death resulted when
Aphrodite Comaetho removed the strands of life. The Greek name Aphodite Comaetho translates
astronomically as “the comet Venus.” Chaos Serpent or Dragon ARCHETYPE:
“Chaos Serpent-Dragon” The medusa archetype was only a nuance
away from the celestial serpent or dragon, with its bright filaments,
effusive feathers, long flowing hair and
lightning emanations, the global symbols
of the great comet. In Egypt, the eye, heart and soul
of Ra, departed from the god to become the fiery Uraeus
serpent, rampaging in the heavens. “The tip of its flame crosses the land from
the sky… No one at all can approach her,
the streams behind her are flames of fire.” Astronomical traditions throughout
the Mediterranean and Near East confirm that this goddess
was the planet Venus. The ancient Sumerians
identified Venus as Inanna, the serpent or dragon mother,
unapproachable in her rage. “Like a dragon you have deposited venom on the land…
Raining the fanned fire down upon the nation.” The disordered comet-like hair of the
Chinese dragon was an overriding feature, as was the discharging sphere or
so called night glowing pearl its spiraling attributes. And the lightning emanations
of the dragon itself. Long after the remembered events the Aztecs
still knew the comet as streaming feathers. They knew the connection of the
comet to a cosmic serpent, and they remembered the connection
of both to the planet Venus. Creation From the episodes of disorder a phase
of celestial construction emerged, focused on the activity of the
spiraling form or rayed spiral, remembered as the
Serpent of creation. This was the expanded enclosure
of the Mother Goddess herself, the motherland in the sky, the two
subject of the archaic creation legend. ARCHETYPE:
“Serpent of Creation” The mythic home of gods and
heroes lay within an enclosure formed by the body of the
celestial serpent or dragon. ARCHETYPE:
“Oroborus” (Enclosing Serpent) The evolving forms noted
here are provable phases in the biography of
the mother goddess, largely ignored but confirmed at the level
of concrete detail in the early cultures. The priests of ancient Egypt knew that
the White Crown was the Mother Goddess. “I know my mother,
the White Crown.” They knew that the life-breath curl
and the revolving lock of hair were the same goddess. Isis and Hathor were also
named, “the side-lock” Across all of Egypt, the chroniclers
remembered the luminous spiral with its radial projections as the
agent of celestial construction. Egypt:
Serpent of Creation From north to south, they described the
goddess originally “The Eye of Ra” taking the form of a flaming serpent,
whose hieroglyph means goddess. “The cobra-snake of Ra, who came
forth from him – The Eye of Ra.
She is the flaming goddess.” And it was this very serpent
that came to form an enclosure, the boundary of Neter Ta,
the celestial kingdom. Meso-American artists understood very
well that the fire serpent or dragon, enclosing the land of the gods,
had appeared as a rayed spiral. Four Streams of Life The created land of the gods, emerging from
the dance of the goddess and the hero, presented four streams
of light and life. Here was the mother
land in the sky, the celestial model for every
kingdom and city on Earth. The lost land of
mythic ancestors, divided by four rivers or
animated by four explosive winds and turning as a great
wheel in the sky. To be sure, the evolution
of myth over time brought endless elaborations
of the archetype, yet even in the enthusiasm
to extend the symbolism, the substratum of human
memory does shine through. The complexities of the
Aztec calendar-wheel did not eliminate the axial
role of the warrior-hero, or the four exploding
streams of life-energy, or the circumscribing, often
double-headed, serpent, or the identity of that serpent
as the fire of the gods. As a rule, later spiritual traditions did
not displace this human memories either, but found in them the symbolic landscape
for expressing insights and beliefs that would guide later
interpretations of myth. Mountain of the Gods Lastly, we must acknowledge one of the
most pervasive symbols of world mythology. All mythic traditions agree
that the land of the gods rested on the golden or
fiery mountain of heaven. It is evident that the core
symbols of the human yearning, suffering and devotion
across the millennia, trace to the very events from which the
first civilizations themselves arose. Now the question must be asked: if the great mythic archetypes are
explained by events unknown to our world, what can the Electric Universe and
the leading edge of Plasma Science tell us about the
ancient experience?

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  • Sykes says:

    Velikovsky's main goal, as was his fathers', was to relate Biblical stories to astronomical chaos.

  • Black Venom says:

    Amazing, me saco el sombrero 🎩

  • Danimal 86 says:

    Ever heard of the game telephone? Yall honestly think the solar system was far different 3000 years ago? It wasnt, the information we have about ancient history was drawn on cave walls and scrolls by adults that had less understanding of the solar system than a 5 year old in todays time.

  • Eilene Kyle says:

    It's been 3 yrs since I watched this series. It's still baffles me how science can ignore the facts showing in this series of documentary.

  • Vyasa Dawn says:

    Great video work. Too bad it’s total BS. Talbot and his symbols in an Alien Sky is a liar. These are all seen in our world, through time, depicted in every culture. EVERY one of these is explainable but all it takes is one to abuse this cultural thief. Duck on head. Well, Talbot (narrator), this motif is common throughout all recorded history as a shamanic snd psychompo symbol atop the vertical axis- Milky Way, where Cygnus is at its bifurcation, dark rift. The correspondences to Above, the below, are Man… or Ganges, Nile, etc. so overwhelming is this that it’s stipulated by ethnographer, mythologist, archeologists, anthropologists, indep researchers, etc. Only Talbot is too ignorant or lies. We know he lies at start of Symbols in an Alien Sky, where this video is excerpted. There the narrator begins by misquoting the authors of Hamlet’s Mill, scholars Talbot could not fetch water for. He is either stupid or a lie. His plasma ejaculationd irrelevant because he steals.

  • Gondii says:

    Can anyone identify the soundtrack at 1:08 ? It sounds amazing.

  • Louis Jagoe says:

    Fantastic …. thank You.

  • oncdunn says:

    If you look at this from a purely materialistic point of view you miss the major pieces of the puzzle . Study the occult..knowing what they believe and with this speculative history you get a full picture of our world and existence . God bless..Jesus is the only way.

  • Espacio Sin Tiempo says:

    Muchas gracias for the subtitles in Spanish! A big hug to you all!

  • Kitty Barbieto says:

    I have waited my life for this. I can't watch anything to do with cosmology, physics, or geology if it isn't in light of an electric universe. I tell my friends they will know more than Einstein after researching this and Wal Thornhill at the ThunderboltsProject. You guys deserve the Nobel Prize hands down.

  • Point V says:

    Dragon seems to depict electrical current. It bites the same as a snake and makes human die.

  • Aquilla Fleetwood says:

    God created the planets! Life must come from life!
    God is a spirit and not flesh and blood!
    Genesis 1: 14…the stars shall be for signs…
    Psalms 19: 14…the heavens declare the glory of God…
    Psalms 75: 6…is basically saying that exaltation comes from God out of the north…
    Looking north is like looking upward to God…
    Monotheism came before polytheism!
    Romans 1: 20…the attributes of God are seen by the things that are made…
    Revelation 13: 8…it was determined before creation to send God as a man who would be born of a virgin inorder to die upon the cross! Hence, the Northern Cross is near the North Star!
    Google, Jeff Benner the North Star and read his comments!
    Genesis 11: 1…the earth was of ONE LANGUAGE…
    The Paleo-Semitic alphabet has Christ embedded within it!
    The letter, "tau", is shaped like a cross for a reason! It meant…mark, seal, sign, or covenant! Man corrupted the original truth not long after creation! Man dwelled with dinosaurs!
    Google the Inca Stones or google dinosaurs drawn on cave walls! The book of Job brings up dinosaurs! They just were not called that name back then!
    The word "Yah" is written near the North Star in the original language! There is scripture around the North Star! The so called little dipper is drawn correctly but is a sword! Only the cup part of the big dipper is drawn by man correctly! It is actually the Semitic letter "Yood", which is a "cup" in the hand of the Lord as read in Psalms 75: 8.
    The great summer triangle is the letter "dalet"! It can be drawn into a "fish", which is another semitic shape for the same letter! The triangle or fish plus the cross, spells the word "law" in paleo-semitic letters! There are many variants, since there are many semitic branches of the original language given by God to man! There is much more but I do not want to write a book!
    Google the Northern Cross, by Aquilla Fleetwood, youtube!


    "My teaching…


    [Is] in [a] fiery law (Deut. 33: 3)


    and [a] good festival."

    I can read this all literal or read part of this in Hebrew Word Picture form!
    Either way is fine as long as it agrees with scripture!
    Google, Dr. Frank T. Seekins, Hebrew Word Pictures, youtube!
    Google, Rev. Kong Hee, Chinese and the Bible, part 1, youtube!
    Google, Aquilla Fleetwood, Hebrew Word Pictures, youtube!

  • Erinn Earth says:

    Great information! Could you possibly direct me to the portion of the Mahabharata that refers to the planetary upset or cosmic situation you refer to from in it?

  • Markus Patients says:

    These things are what dreams are made of. All humans dream similarly as to what rules the world. @44:32 This object on the right looks similar to something I once saw in Super Bowl halftime show of 2004.

  • Dannunaki says:

    Toroidal Coil of the Quantum Zero Point Field Singularity Structuring of Space Time Oscillation. Could Tesla have studied the Ancient Mysteries?

  • Schwarzbraun says:

    40:07 Few thousand years seems too recent. More like ten thousand years at least.

  • Azat L says:

    I read an investigation, that ionosphere could sound like music, but its too weak now as we can't hear… But earlier as you say it might be heard, this explains famous phrase " music of spheres "…

  • Grasshopper1006 says:

    This blew my mind. I have been researching this all of these separate topics, and now they have all just come together for me. Wow!

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