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Tarot divination情境占卜_我跟現任的緣分是…?My fate with my lover is…?(English、French、日本語… subtitles

Hello everyone Some peanut powder is like that background music. That is, I have to open two additional channels. Classical music background music Then I will put the link below the movie. If you are interested, you can click to listen. and then Today’s topic Everyone saw that the picture was very strange. If one day you receive an invitation A scientist told you He now invented a hat This hat? As long as you wear it on your head Don’t talk You just have to brain You can talk to the person you want to contact. Now with your instincts Which hat do you think you wear on your head? Then you can communicate with each other without speaking. Choose one based on your intuition, that is 123456 what’s next After you bring the hat, You want to say that this should be fake So you want to say that you have to communicate with the elves in the Aladdin lamp. I didn’t expect you to receive a message. He told you that I am here. So you choose a color ring after that Rub the ring and call me out. Now choose one of your rings with your instincts. Communicate with Aladdin’s lamp after rubbing This is 12345 Ok and then After you rub the ring? I didn’t expect him to really appear. But he will have a lightning before he appears. Which color of lightning do you intuitively choose? 12 345 Have you chosen? What about today’s topic? in fact This is asking if you want to know the fate of the incumbent. So this question is asking you how to get married with the incumbent. If you choose this hat, The fate that represents you and the incumbent is basically in the relationship that should be said to you. It’s still a bit nervous The reason for anxiety is because you all want to control each other. Want to know each other’s whereabouts I want to know that he didn’t pick up your call yesterday. Because he just has something to do with someone else. Still saying that he has something bad to do Deliberately not picking up your phone or when you go out Obviously go out with friends But he has to keep calling Or always send it to you with a message Say where are you from? With whom Then let you take pictures and ask you to pass Where is the landmark now? What is it for him? So your fate is not saying good or bad. But the relationship between each other is in a state of insecurity. It’s easy to choose the second top hat representative. Your fate is actually a little thinner. The reason is because you all feel that you have to spend a lot of energy to maintain each other’s feelings. Or relationship Maybe your class Your background is a lot worse than your identity. For example, one may be that the family inside the home is ordinary. Another possible home is very good There will be such a feeling that the background is disparity Or a person’s personality Very lively Another person is very melancholy It’s easy to be sentimental and it’s a state that leads to your personality or a lot of attributes. So you are often communicating Or is there any opinion? When you want to communicate, there will be a kind of we have to be very serious to maintain The way to find ways to keep us going If you choose this hat, It’s awkward to represent you. Need a sense of excitement Still sneaky What is your relationship? Not necessarily speaking directly Maybe you are not seen by the average person. Or you are hiding, maybe the other party is a small three Or maybe you are a small three, maybe You are a four-corner relationship Maybe the other party already has a family Then you also have boyfriends and girls This more complicated relationship So your fate is also quite sneaky with a kind of jealousy. Then there is no way to make it clear Then maybe others don’t know that you are together Or is there a connection Don’t even know that you know But you have to sneak in to contact appointment Do all kinds of things that ordinary couples or family members can do. But you all need a little bit of effort to maintain your relationship. If you choose this hat, The fate that represents you should actually be that you have seen each other a long time ago. That is, you may know when you were young. May be childhood or a long long time ago I already know that the other person may just be not very familiar. So in fact, your fate is quite deep. And one party is always unconditionally tolerant and take care of each other. If you choose the top hat, representative Sometimes you feel hurt in your heart. You don’t know if your relationship with him should continue to be good. Still should not continue to be good so Under this situation, you will feel good pain But can’t put it down Then hurt again For example, quarreling I feel that my heart is hurt. But he doesn’t understand where you are not letting you hurt. So repeating and repeating Cause you to doubt that you really have love with him? Still feeling inside? Is it better to let go? Still, he actually lives in your heart. But actually he has broken up with you. I feel so tangled and so Can only say your fate Become lighter But will there be any development? This depends on yourself. Pick this last hat? This hat represents Your fate has recently started to re-ignite again. That is, you may be busy a while ago. Each one is busy working There is something in the other home. So you need to be busy Or a little distance So I thought that I couldn’t always maintain your feelings. Recently, your fate has been restored a bit. Start to have contact Then maybe go out and play together Then come to have activities, please participate Or there is one thing to be involved with everyone. So that you have started to compare more recently Maintain each other what about now Is the ring you just selected? In fact, I was asking about your subconscious feeling about this relationship. If you are the first ring of this color Away from the subconscious I feel that this relationship is almost gone. May have been quarreling before In the cold war, there is a difference between the values ​​and the values. Bad running-in Then I can’t get along with each other’s family. Causes you to feel that this relationship is going to happen Or you didn’t show it But an anxiety in your heart It feels like it’s not going to work. It seems like a few more days later. I have something that broke out and is weak. everybody knows Recently Zheng’s relationship has been finished. So you actually have a feeling of insecurity on your face. There is a strong sense of instability in it. If you choose this silver ring representative In fact, do you think this relationship? You are riding a horse or looking for a horse. I feel that there is no shortage of people beside you. Or someone you like I may even see one or two faces. Or just just going out Then I got to know when I was meeting with friends. Or are you going to say a few words? I feel that the other party seems to be pretty good. So sometimes you don’t know what you want. Just think it seems like this is still possible But others don’t seem to have met Or no communication I don’t know if it’s good or not. So you haven’t settled in your heart. Just kind It seems that anyone who doesn’t know the other person can try it. This has no fixed feeling. I am holding on to this relationship. No, it can be like this state. If you choose a ring of this color, In fact, your sense of manipulation of this relationship is very strong. I really want to be able to issue a number very clearly. your Command you want to say that the trend of our relationship may be one year later We may have to start seeing parents. Then two years later We must consider whether we should continue to go on for a long time. So your desire to control this relationship is very strong. In fact, he also knows that you are a person who may be more like a strong person. Just to see if the other person is not suitable for you. The other party feels good too. There is a person responsible for planning his future trends. I don’t have to spend too much brain He is also very happy on this. Then your relationship can continue to last. Let you choose the ring of this color In fact, you have a sense of uncertainty about this relationship. That sense of insecurity Is derived from your possible future Predecessor or previous injury Or the previous feelings And his previous feelings You feel kind I wonder if this relationship will continue to go on? Or to say that you may still break up in the end. Or leave each other So the current feeling of this relationship is that I don’t understand and don’t understand. Then there is a kind of overwhelming If it is the ring of the last color, It means that your feelings about this relationship have always been that other people are involved. Maybe someone has been involved It’s always like two people, three people, four people. Then you will feel like this Maybe to some extent if it is an ostrich mentality You will feel good Your stability is not seen as a net. I know that you may already have other objects. But if I don’t puncture our relationship Can continue to continue Or actually you already want to let go But did not tell the other party That is the feeling in the other side of the heart. I feel that you are getting colder. I feel like you don’t really want to chat with him. Or want to meet him So in fact, you know each other that this relationship seems to be a bit less secure. But still do not want to tear down Want to keep this kind of temporary peace on each other’s surface Then the last question You just asked if this is lightning. You choose that color Elf will appear If you choose this color On behalf of this question is asking how people outside look at you Actually the first one I feel that your development is very dramatic. You have to break up But reconciled Then go out and play together Then a friend said But I seem to have told them yesterday that they are already breaking up. Then say it in a few days No good That is, they are still taking photos together. Still very happy to post a document or the like So, do you feel that you are really suitable for filming? It’s a very dramatic tension. It seems that there are other new objects that say they may be getting married. So right, other people will feel that Hey, you are actually quite suitable to go to shoot a show. Then choose the second yellow lightning that represents the outside See you guys think you are very happy It’s two people who seem to be very close Then they are very happy to get along with each other. Then there will not be too many problems and quarrels So in fact, it’s just that people outside will be very optimistic about you. If you choose the lightning at the bottom left Look outsiders What do you think You are actually still starting to run in But even if you have been in contact for a long time People outside will feel In fact, you still have some places to continue to understand For example, don’t know the other’s eating habits. Then the usual exercise likes to do sports Maybe some small details You are not so familiar yet. But basically outsiders think you are quite stable Then basically there will not be too much problem Just saying that there is still a little bit of detail Need to learn from each other If you choose this gray lightning People who represent outside will feel that you are not so suitable. The reason is because you often have their own opinions and insist that my opinion is correct. Then the other party will return you a sentence Why do I have to listen to you like this? Whether it is a small thing or a big thing For example, don’t buy a car. The bigger thing Or a small thing Just go where to eat and noisy So people outside will feel that If you have a little thing This very simple little thing If you have to argue, is it a way of communicating or expressing on your behalf? Need to adjust If you choose the last This black lightning represents In fact, outside will also feel that you may have deteriorated to a relationship The situation that may end is that it may seem like nothing But I feel that you are already arguing that no one can help who to speak. It’s already very noisy Then often quarreling Then often you fight for me For example, even go out May not know where to go Then you have to make friends and relatives next to you. Neighbors The whole world knows that The other party has not yet returned home Then you will make a big noise Then slam the door Such things are very exaggerated things. It’s already happening that everyone is not optimistic I think you are still rushing apart. and so The above three problems are the differences. Is to provide a reference for everyone Then if you think that the answer is different from your ideal. It doesn’t matter You can try to use other ways to talk to you or actually Talk to the person next to you I want to say that there is something wrong. Yes, you can fix it or adjust it together. Maybe it’s after you’ve finished talking. Relationship has become better That over? Thank you all. I’m going to grab these questions today.

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