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Tarot divination情境占卜_未來一個月的戀愛運勢如何?What is the love fortune in the future?(English subtitles&日文 한국어.)

Hello, Hello. I can see this grid on the screen today. a plaid This topic is asking If one day you find that you took a photo you liked but He was mosaicd Which one do you think the original color of your favorite color is? So from the above, it’s 123456 If you choose the color? Is the blank face color part? That is, seven, that is, the various parts of white here will be seven. Ok, okay? If you choose the first one, What is the topic of today? Is your emotional fortune in the coming month? Still choose the first one It means that you will be very active in the coming month. I want to know more people. and then Want to let people know Actually, you don’t like one person. You are hoping to know a lot of people. Then you can worry more about everyone. Then I don’t like myself alone. Silently hiding in a corner Or do your own thing You will be very active I want to have some partyes. If you have a friend, you want to go. Someone is about to eat You will want to go out So your love fortune in the next month? If you are very proactive, you want to expand your relationships. That said, still have to ask about love fortune. But in fact, he is also related to interpersonal relationships. You are quite positive Operating your relationships Next, choose this second color block. Here is the next month? You seem to think that things are in love with love and everyday life is very ordinary. Very generally, I don’t think I have to go especially to pursue Or not pursuing Usual routine Is to work after work Then after work, Maybe just buy something or have a meal. Then just watch a drama or something like that. Is your work schedule There is no special desire to operate relationships Or is it in love, or you have been to your life according to your original schedule. So asking a month of love fortune is more frequent No special bad Is there any special good? Choosing this color block means that your future will be in the future for a month. You will always want to think about whether that person is right for me. Do I like her? Does she have a crush on me? Should we continue to develop? What you will always think about is You have no action after thinking You will just use your mind to always play in the sandbox I always wonder what I would get if I did this. If you look at it from this point of view Start with that lecture What kind of results will you get? You will have various inferences and ideas. But you didn’t actually do it. So in the next month, your love fortune still belongs. I want to compare more and do less. status If you choose this color block Representing the next month Your love is not talking about Because you still can’t completely accept the failure of your last relationship. Or is there an anxiety in your own heart? I may have a crush on someone with myself. But that person may already have boyfriends and girls Or already married You will feel very sad So maybe others don’t know But you are sad inside. You will not make any special progress in the love of the next month. But I feel very sad very sad Because you are still alive and hurt It’s hard to believe that the fact is very different from what you think. If you choose this color block Your love fortune in the coming month will be that you really want to master your relationship with each other or with new people. But in fact, you will find it hard to master the size of your relationship with him. For example, you will feel that you can make a date for the second time. But you will feel that it is so fast The appointment will seem like you are too anxious Or the other party is really busy This kind of you want to master the progress But there is no way to walk exactly as you like. So the next month Your love fortune still belongs to you. Want to catch each other But not necessarily able to master each other’s ideas With your attitude and feelings what’s next The words of this color block Representing the next month Your love fortune, you are still feeling a little tied, maybe Actually, you want to fall in love. But you have to do a lot of things May work overtime at once Then there is another job given by the boss. Or work in another department Suddenly you have to come to help But it may also be that your own private friends need your help. Or they need it You go with them, it’s a party, you have a lot of appointments. a lot of meals, etc. So you actually want to go out more Know different people Or with the other half Still say that the development of the object But the next month You will feel tied hands and feet What do you want to do if you have something to do? Execute according to the original scheduled plan The next one Just let you see which one is white. These are the last ones If you choose a white block It means that in the next month, you are in the Achilles or the new friends you don’t know. Relationship and response between you In fact, you are very good at pinching. You know very well In fact, what does the other party mean? It’s time for you not to argue with him or actually he’s meant to say I hope I can make another appointment next time. You can hurry to meet appointments and the like. So in fact, the fortune of the next month is quite balanced. That is, you can know exactly what the other party wants. Then what do you want? How do you go about the process of your relationship? Or do you want to say it yourself? Maybe the other party is not that fit That is the usual treatment It is also possible to keep good friends with each other. In short You can very clearly understand In this relationship or pure interpersonal relationship How do you want to deal with each other? That’s all with everyone’s test. This month’s love fortune makes hope everyone will like it. thank you all

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