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Tarot divination_什麼類型的對象最適合你?What type of object is best for you?(English、French、日文、한국어、Deutsch、 sub

How do you feel that you have been waiting in the coffee shop? 1. 10 minutes 2. 30 minutes 3. 1 hour 4. 10 seconds Hello, everyone’s topic today, I have coffee. Then you intuitively, how long have you been waiting for someone? If you choose 1. The object that suits you is actually the kind of melancholy Then the temperament will make people feel very close to it. Ask him what happened to him. Or want to think that this person is so mysterious Will never see clearly Really, he is happy. Still not happy Still have something annoying now Or do you have to wait for something to do? Is the object you will fit in? Will be the kind of home Not very clear about his true face The one with the real idea is more suitable for you. If you choose 2. 30 minutes The object that suits you is that the family is not bad. But there is a situation in this one that is this object His family is good But at the same time, there will be some situations in the home like a struggle. Then fight for power Or often stage some You see the exaggerated drama on the TV. So there are good and bad inside. The object you will fit in will be a material condition People with good backgrounds But at the same time If you really associate with him Or if there is really a relationship You have to bear Follow and accept Maybe the inside of the other side is some insider inside. If you choose the third one hour The object that suits you is to have a heart like a child. Then have curiosity about things Then I want to say that I don’t know what will happen if I do this. Then I have tried everything I have tried. Then very adventurous spirit Then I’m not afraid of things coming. So in fact, this person is still learning, so in fact, you are suitable for the object. Will be a more biased The kind of childlike child with a child is right for you. If you choose the fourth ten seconds The object that suits you is an idea Very variable He doesn’t just change his mind, he even changes his actions. He may have discussed with you yesterday. okay Our plan is to follow the steps That’s about this step. Two days after the discussion He just called to talk to you. I will not participate in the event temporarily. So in fact, the object you are suitable for will be someone who is very different from you. Maybe your personality is more conservative More stable But the personality of the other person is completely different from you. It will always change Always want to change Then change it and then change it again. So in fact, the object you are suitable for will be a personality that inspires you to be different from your idea. I hope everyone will like this test.

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