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Tarot divination_你在別人眼裡是哪一種妖怪?What kind of monster are you in the eyes of others? (English日文subtitle

Tarot divination_你在別人眼裡是哪一種妖怪?What kind of monster are you in the eyes of others? (English日文subtitle

What attracts your attention most in the picture is…? 1. plant 2. waterfall 3. lake water 4. other Hello, Hello. Just saw which part of the movie Make you feel very attracted If you choose the 1st plant, it means you are a type of monster that can be a defensive monster. You belong to no matter who wants to approach you to attack you. Or are you listening to your privacy or knowing you? You are personally prepared. Is not easy to get close to home Not easy to understand You can’t just ask your privacy questions casually. Private problem What do you do privately? What is the activity? What interests are presented Don’t tell you not to let you know I won’t tell you So basically it’s also a garrison type monster. If you choose the 2nd waterfall Is a sleeping monster It’s just that people will think that you seem to have no special action. Then I want to ask you out on the weekend. Do you think that you are lazy? I really want to rest Want sleep Then maybe I’m off work. Then I want to say that everyone is going to sing together. Then people say Let’s go Do you want to go together? But I am really tired to go to work. I want to sleep and watch the drama. Then eat something lazy like this So everyone thinks it’s like the sleeping type of sleeping monster. If you choose the third lake, The representative is a sad monster Is when you encounter something Or those who are frustrated, you are more habitual Will go to close myself Immerse yourself in a very sad and sad No one knows that no one knows you. Then the whole world is wrong for you. The world has failed you. So you belong to the kind of encounter Or even if there is nothing You will gradually close your sad monster. If you choose the fourth one, then Is an attacking monster Is that if someone wants to attack you Or even if there is no attack You will definitely take the initiative to say that it is wrong for you not to do this. I am right. Then let everyone think that I am offending you? But then you will continue to take the initiative to follow Another person said that I told you this to do so. Why are you doing this? Then on the road I saw someone pushing it. Or there is a car accident scene You just might jump out and say that your driving record is a fault that is your fault. So you are the type of attacking monster that takes the initiative to attack. I hope you will like it.

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