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Tarot divination_你目前有安全感嗎?Do you currently have a sense of security?(English、French、日文、한국어、 subtitle

Tarot divination_你目前有安全感嗎?Do you currently have a sense of security?(English、French、日文、한국어、 subtitle

What dictionary do you think is this? 1. Ancient Egyptian language dictionary 2. Unpopular word daily dictionary 3. Human body structure dictionary 4. Electronic parts dictionary Hello, everyone, today’s topic. I saw what dictionary you think it is in this dictionary. If you choose the ancient Egyptian dictionary, Representing your recent sense of security Very high is simply two hundred percent The reason is because you have been very good recently and you can do everything you can do recently. and then Popularity is also very good If you have something to do and a game. Or is there something that is too late to finish? Someone will be willing to help you And you can still be very complete Very successful to finish it So because of the recent fortune and popularity, you are very popular. So your recent security is very full. Congratulations If you choose the second daily dictionary of unpopular words, The reason why the representative is very secure recently is because your current income or your source of money is stable. Then it won’t make you feel scarce So compared to the external environment You yourself are satisfied with a more secure state Because the money part makes you feel safe. If you choose the third personal body structure dictionary On behalf of you, there is no sense of security recently. The reason is because you are tired of your current job. You feel annoyed Feel doing these things Is there any meaning in the end? Does it help your life? Then help others? Is it good if it continues? Is it good for others? What about yourself? I am growing up So recently, you don’t have any sense of security. The reason is because you have a big question mark about your life plan and work. Then suggest that you can calm down when you have time. Then ask yourself to say that you have no sense of security. It’s what this job brings to you. Then how do you solve this problem? Think about it this way. and then Don’t put too much pressure on yourself Will be more helpful to yourself If you choose the 4th electronic parts dictionary Representative recently You don’t have a special insecurities There is no special sense of security Because you think the days are like this. Fixed daily work Get up every day at a fixed time Which restaurants are fixed to eat every day or where is it fixed? You feel that life is the same What is good, insecure and safe? Because every day seems like many days In fact, it’s the same for you. So you feel that there is no special security problem. The suggestion is that you can think about the days like this you want to have? Then in addition to security Is there something you want to pursue? That is to test this topic with everyone today. I hope everyone will like it.

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