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Tarot divination_對的Ta要迷路多久才會出現?How long will the right person appear?(English&日文… subtitles

Hello Hello everyone Today we have to test this topic. There is a net message Say how long he wants to know how long he will appear? Everyone can test together What is the topic today? Suppose you go hiking with your good friend today. Then climb a climb You suddenly feel like it’s better to go. So you left a path that is different from everyone else and walked away. You find that you are lost. At this time, a goddess suddenly appeared. She told you that he baked a lot of hard-to-eat biscuits. and then He forced you to pick a piece He must let you eat a piece That cookie is the next one that will see five on the screen. 12345 5 different colors of biscuits You decide which one you want to pick up and eat. You fell asleep after eating this cookie. When you wake up? You found that you have leaves on your body Which shape and color do you intuitively have on your body? There are a total of five intuitions for you. choose one and then When you find that you have leaves on your body? You also see your good friends at the same time. They are in front Then I am very happy I feel that they have finally found them and have not lost. At this time, you are very happy to see the sky in the sky. What kind of cloud do you see? There are a total of 12,345 kinds of clouds in the upper left corner that are small. Then there is a line like the bottom left corner that means there is basically no cloud. But the slightest has that line Then there is the biggest one on the right So there are always 12,345 species. Now choose one based on your intuition. You think you are happy. Then look at what kind of fish is the sky? Start with this topic first. This topic is asking the goddess to ask you to choose a biscuit. But you know that it’s hard to eat this topic. What is being asked is how long it will take him to get lost. If you choose this one, You choose this biscuit representative What about him? In fact, it’s almost going to happen soon. why Because in fact, your personality is quite optimistic. And very active and lively very attractive So Right, he is very easy to be charmed by you. Then attracted by people with passionate personality So don’t worry, he should appear soon. You are keeping your optimism and happy mood. Then you can meet the right person very quickly. If it is chosen, Is the second Do you want this biscuit? Representing you against him He is leaving now. She still has to walk on the road. Don’t be too nervous He is in the kitchen now So you will meet him in three months and three months. But to remind you He may be more mature with your passers-by. The type of stability may not be the same as you think. May have a nap Don’t think too much Don’t think too much What is he doing is to think about it first? He doesn’t feel that he has anything wrong. So if you find out that there is such a comparison around you within three months Big Lei Lei or a big person Don’t doubt that he is probably the right person in your current life. Then how can I interact with him? The decision is on you. Then I chose the one you just slept. Representing your face to him? Hello there Understand Why Because he is still busy His own business He feels that his work is his career or his career. There is still a lot of room for development. Need him to think With his colleagues Friends to plan partner planning So at the moment, he actually doesn’t have much effort to find the so-called other half. Or thinking about his current energy at work. Everyone loves to say If you are asking the right person in your life You may really have to wait for you for at least a year. Then if you think that it is too long to wait a year I suggest you can turn passive into active Or is it passive and active Means that you can expand your life circle Then do what you really like to do. Let when you are doing what you like to do Don’t care who you will meet in the end. At least you will be a good friend. At least you will feel better. If it is the biscuit in the lower left corner of Shinto, then Right, actually, when you are a full thing, you know how to plan. Life is also a person who knows how to enjoy life. So facing him? He will be attracted to your traits. On behalf of you, you may meet the right person within half a year. Just saying If you want time to speed up a bit I don’t want to wait until half a year. I suggest you take the initiative. Like this person He may be the same attribute as you. He is also observing to say that your personality is OK. Continue to get along for a long time Or start with being a good friend in advance He also wants a lot of experience If someone next to you You think he is not bad. Then you can try to take the initiative to date with him. Chatting? Then find common topics and interests Go to understand it first Then do the follow-up actions Also good Then what if you got this last biscuit? Fastest representative In fact, you have to meet the right people for a long time. A little hard why? Because in fact, you are in a bad mood recently. You may want to hit you very much in the last paragraph. Do you think that this person has true love in the world? Or is there really someone who is right? Because you are too sad So facing him? He is still lost That is Within all two years of the year If you want to meet the right person Basically You have to get this heart from your injury first You have to untie your heart knot inside. Then officially said why you are so hurt So hard to go for so long Still very sad Or maybe you are sad to make you sad He just happened But you still don’t need to calmly look at the point where you say that you respect the problem. Let you have a way Meet people in your life more quickly Then killing one of this question is saying Because you ate a bad cookie The result is that you are asleep After you fall asleep You get up and find that you have leaves Which kind of leaf are you instinctive? This topic is actually asking how you want to attract the attention of the right person. Ok If you can choose here The number of the leaf represents the person who also wants to pay attention to the person you are facing. You have to let go of your alertness Because sometimes you are too nervous Too worried that the person next to you doesn’t know what to do with you. Thinking about whether it is mainly attacking you or making actions that are not good for you, leading you to such a peak Li Jingdong You are not natural You are not natural If you are the right person, even if he is next to you, is this group of people too tight? Hard to chat It’s hard to get rid of your new house to sleep Instead, he has no way to really understand The real you are the idea that you want to be the right person for you. The suggestion is not to be as tight as the external environment. Just guarding the people who are right around you He only saw that you are so natural, you are so natural. Is that you can get along very well The number of the leaf that you choose to represent is the person you are paying attention to. You must first make your heart feel inferior Self-blame That sad mood Feel very pitiful The pessimistic state in which no one is truly loving you after the world has lived up to you. Emotions to liberate That is If you are holding the world, you will live up to you. Then no one in the world deserves to trust the trust between the people. Then you feel good about yourself Poor and pitiful words like this Even if you have the right person around you He will think that this person seems to present a kind of sadness. Too sad Can’t accept positive thoughts or not optimistic words It is difficult for him to resonate with you. He may think that you are too sad I don’t know what to talk to you. So, what is needed by 100 million people is the attention of the people you are facing. sure Let’s see if you are emitting too much negative energy. Let others think that you are not close enough Then I will choose the words of this leaf. representative If you believe in the attention of the people you are right? You leave for the first time from the feelings of frustration and failure. In other words, you may still have some shadows now. It’s about the previous emotional failure, maybe your other half once disliked you. I feel that you are too much in control of him. Or feel that you are not getting along well Still think that you are too strict with her friends There are still various reasons and excuses. But whatever the reason and excuse is After all, it’s not important that you break up and try these excuses. Because in your eyes, I feel that you are not good. Maybe other people think that you are a zombie is not bad. Some people like to be crushed You really are very good So if you want to attract attention to him It is recommended to jump out of the previous idea of ​​failure. The next choice is this leaf. The leaf in the lower left corner Does the representative also want to attract the attention of the right people? I must first believe that the world is not all There is also a person for you, when you do something wrong. It’s not only the world, only you will do something wrong. Other people will do something wrong Because the human version will do the wrong thing So if so? You can put it down Is the enemy of the whole world Then the world seems to be bad for you. This has to be followed I don’t know who or who is fighting next to me. For example, the customer just thinks that you can do something better. Or is it more detailed You feel that the customer is targeting you only for you. Just to say that you are not good Actually not like this But I am just saying that He thinks that this thing can be done simply and simply so Sometimes I don’t have to think too much. In fact, no one wants to really target you. They just put forward their ideas. So you can put this kind of situation more targeted or aggressive. Dismissed words The right person will be attracted to you Because he will feel jealous In fact, you have a gentle place for this person. There is a place for people to think about or you in fact Deaf people are not bad Just the usual fierce situation May just because of the momentary emotions Or is there something to fight for? So you can put your alert state down first. Ha-right people will be attracted to you. Then you can choose the bottom right corner. This one As long as this leaf is there? Representative You need to learn a little slower Don’t rush to do it when you think of something For example, if you think someone is looking like something is missing. You said that he would have to go directly to all the offices or all the people in the class. Then you start directly and don’t find one by one. But that person In fact, he still wants to say if Allah was thrown home at home yesterday. Did not bring out the door at all So sometimes you help people too quickly Or is your action too fast, the whole thing is very simple Become too complicated For example, your good friend complained to me about his predecessor. how about it Seems to be lame with other people. You will call directly to marry the woman’s good friend’s lover. Say how you can do this to her, but your good friend is just dreaming that he is jealous of others. He just has no sense of security around him. So sometimes you are too fast When there is a reaction, it will make people feel that you are like this person rushing everywhere. Then I said it without figuring out the matter. Or make a decision without figuring out something And people feel that you seem to be impatient and not easy to get along with. What the person needs is what you are paying attention to. Suggestions can be a little slower For example, someone tells you that one thing should not be too fast to make a decision. Can you think about whether this is true? Does he really mean this? If so You can make people feel In fact, you still have to think about it. Value with this is not worth performing So right, you will be attracted to you. Like the last one This picture? He asked if you woke up at that time. and then Have seen your good friends Then you ran over Then this time you see the sky Think you instinctive which cloud Which kind of topic is actually asking your right person? What type is he? If you are choosing the top left corner The words of these clouds can represent correct person He is actually a relatively low key I don’t like to tell people he is great and then Is he so gregarious? He actually has his own ideas. He doesn’t feel that he must be the same. He actually has his own things to do. I have to do my own thing. And he sometimes goes deep into research One thing is that he actually basically does not necessarily see that the person I have been talking about in the very noisy Pantene or a public occasion is not necessarily that he may instead be doing his own thing. Study things by yourself And think about things Then maybe I will chat with my friends. But he chats with his friends and surely there will not be a large group of friends. So your captain The water of his love is relatively low-key Then I don’t like the environment that is too noisy. If you can He will try to think alone Will do things Even if he seems to have a lot of friends on the surface Will also be a private situation I like to think alone If you are the type of this kind of sect, On behalf of you, facing him? Although it is a very stressful Very demanding on yourself Sometimes I will do more than I can. Can do things So even if you look on the surface, he seems to be laughing. Very happy In fact, he actually has his own pressure in the back. Maybe he has parents to raise Then there may be brothers and sisters below. There may be some brothers below who need to take care of them. Or there are relatives and friends who need to rely on him to assist Or the business he met In fact, he has to help with some responsibility. Well, in fact, he often echoes some work or things that shouldn’t be entirely his burden. Then you have to face him. He sometimes takes too much pressure That person is the one who chose this person. What about your right person? He may be talking to people. No way to compare To express your thoughts too completely Actually He may be a more boring person She is sometimes transmitting her own ideas Saying that someone else may not be 100% aware of what he means Emma is too smooth Say what he has to say This is not to say that his thoughts are unclear. It’s just that the representative is still a little kaka when communicating or communicating ideas. For example, his meaning is hope. Can someone help him with this But his tone is Do people think that he is instructing others to help him? Or is it obvious that others mean I can think of him attending this event together. But it sounds like he will think that others are just making a guest Just talking about the words I don’t really want to invite her. So sometimes someone talks to him. Speak to him for sex First, I found that your communication will be easy to get obstacles. It’s what he heard that is not necessarily the same as what you said. So in the end you may have a fight Or he will quarrel with others Or use poor communication in the cold war At that time, did you choose a big rain? Is this representative Your type of aiming at him belongs to him. May sometimes need to go abroad Or a good running business that needs to run around Or do you do some of his career or work? Need to move around Or need long-term planning So he may not be fixed Sitting at a desk or his own personality is less like sitting in a fixed place. Actually If you meet, it may not be in Taiwan. You may be abroad or in the process of traveling or just happening He is in contact with the public It is possible that you are traveling on a trip or on the move or making an airport possible or possible on the railroad. So you are more likely to meet in some public places or vehicles. Or chat what’s next If you choose the last big cloud of this one, He will be a trial on behalf of you. Morning called mature Mature personality And he may be with entertainment. Trade or business person This type compares people who belong to this type. Just what you need to pay attention to is Do you have a family room for your team? Because sometimes Those who have already achieved academic success In fact, he already has a family. so If you have met recently I feel it’s ok The object of the ideal team of people is sick Or would like to remind you to confirm if he is married or have a child. Because usually Sometimes this phenomenon will also accidentally make you a third party involved in other people’s marriage. So be careful. That’s all with everyone’s test. These three topics today will make everyone like it. If you can have any ideas or have questions you want to know. There is a welcome message or a fan group that joins my fan group. Then someone told us that we will test these topics together. Thank you all.

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