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Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Taurus and Capricorn can be a really good
combination in love. This is definitely one I can get behind. And it’s going to be a long-term thing — I
mean, these are two Earth signs, so they’re very grounded, and their influence on each
other is to put down roots together, you know? We’re talking the house, pets, kids, the whole
deal. So yeah, if these two fall in love and start
a family together, it can be a really good thing. Maybe a really boring thing — I mean, let’s
be honest, this isn’t a relationship that’s going to be filled with fireworks and excitement,
or anything. Oh, I did this reading once for a couple,
what were their names? Well, let’s call them Frieda — she was a
Taurus — and Bill, the Capricorn. Whew, boring, oh my gosh! They had the most traditional courtship — like,
he asks her out, takes her to a fancy restaurant, she’s all impressed when he pays with a hundred-dollar
bill — yeah, did I mention these two signs can both be pretty materialistic? But it’s just because they see wealth and
luxury as stability and safety. Well, Capricorn does. Taurus is a sensualist — this sign is all
about indulging in the finer things, whatever they might cost. For Capricorn, it’s more about status — impressing
everyone with what they’ve earned and accomplished, you know? But it works well with these two together. This is definitely a good long-term pairing. Yeah, Frieda and Bill — I’m surprised they
even came to me for an astrological reading, frankly. Seems like they’d be too practical for something
like that! And I could tell Bill was having a hard time
being open to the reading — he kept checking his watch, and when it was time to pay, oh
my god. He definitely didn’t want to part with his
hard-earned cash, if you know what I mean. I’m sure it was Frieda who talked him into
coming to see me. And honestly, they needn’t have bothered. Their relationship was a sure thing as soon
as they fell for each other. I mean, for god’s sake, they started saving
up for a house when they were only just dating! That’s how two Earth signs can be together
— incredibly practical like that, and always looking toward the long term. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn these two
have had, like, three kids since then — although of course Bill would probably bellyache about
the expense of sending three kids to college, but oh, well. What can you do? This is a good, solid pairing, especially
for a long-term, committed relationship.

17 Replies to “Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer”

  • mortalgoddess09 says:

    I'm a Capricorn woman and my boyfriend is a Taurus, we've been together for six years so far. 🙂

  • MrSnobby24 says:

    maybe to you (being,I bet,either an air or fire sign)  this combination is boring.
    fireworks and exitement = drama and overemotion and pretenciosness

  • Serena Bryan says:

    Terrible combo.. Better off as friends, Capricorns are pretty boring… No passion.. I'm a Taurus been with Capricorn for 9 years😒

  • nishia lewis says:

    I'm a Taurus and my ex who just broke up me and cheated on me is a capricorn

  • Cleopaehua says:

    What a laugh 🙂 My Cap and  me Tau we've had far more fireworks than boring as we're young and addicted to each other <3 but very funny match with a lot of our traits.

  • JV Salud says:

    Would this be applicable to a gay couple as well?

  • Jahnea Pierre says:

    this is true. I'm dating a taurus man , I'm a Capricorn women. I run my own business and he is a head cook at his job. we fell instantly, we are stubborn but we come back to communication , he is more sensitive to spending money , I'm more of the shopper. but we are both honest and creative when it comes to finding ways to surprise each other or be better than our last. 6 months in January and I cannot believe I've found my match already ! he is definitely someone I can't find in anyone else. he is goofy , laid back more than me but he accepts everything about me and let's me be me.❤

  • Taurus Girl says:

    Speaking of "boring" I am sure the guy checking his watch had little to do with money, and more to do with the substance of the reading, or more probably the lack thereof and he was just ready to high tail it out of there. I totally get it.

  • Michelle Torio-Payne says:

    My Cap man is opposite of me. He likes astrology I think its full of shit. I save money better and my husband and he will drop money like there is nothing. He has more energy than me and wants to travel constantly where I can hardly keep up. We are great match but not everything is true when it comes to signs. You make your own relationship.

  • mushroom Assassin says:

    Im a capricorn male and i just starting dating a tarus woman and omg it be fireworks since the first day we met

  • Lance Fraijo says:

    I'm a Capricorn man my lady is a Taurus we are compatible and love making is explosive, we get along no fighting never. Good match


    my husband is a taurus and I am a capricorn we were married for 33 years

  • Jedi Walker says:

    I think when a lot of people say this combo is ‘boring’ or Capricorn’s are boring, what they really mean is stable and not crazy. Virtually drama-free. Sounds like heaven to me (Yeah, I’m a Capricorn).

  • Cy Beatz Tv says:

    Am Taurus 🐂
    And a girl am trying get she a Capricorn
    What am I going to do to get her
    I love her…

  • Cy Beatz Tv says:

    And seems like we are munching somehow somewhere

  • Shay4Mo says:

    But but, my Taurus sun love has his Venus in fiery Aries and I’m a Capricorn sun and rising with my Venus in equally fiery Sagittarius. So we are fast hot burning love that settles into warm glowing embers, ready to be stoked into raging fire all day… and all night… until exhaustion lulls us into deep peaceful sleep.

  • MABUS FARZAN says:

    Love forever taurus love Capricorn

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