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Taurus Psychic Tarot Reading | Weekly Horoscope
Week 09 | February 2019 This is the energy vibration reading for the
Taurus Sun Moon & Rising signs. I want to say thank you for being here thank you for
being back thank you for the wonderful positive energy vibration and please
like it share these videos listen to your Sun Moon & Rising sign. I want to say
to each and every Taurus person I want to thank you so much for your support
let’s see what is happening because I’m seeing some regrets in the weekend you
men 45 years and older or in the reverse and there is some regrets in the weekend
the Week begins from the 25th until the 3rd and this is an earth week for you
Tauruses so you should have had the best week the energy is water and we’re going
to be seeing what is happening what is transpiring so let’s go ahead because
I’d love to see this because I’m not I’m not like in any way financial abundance
see is going to be good so this is good whatever it is you’re going to be
balance out your financial abundance see whatever is happening you’re definitely
your financial abundance is definitely going to be balanced out ok so let’s see
what is transpiring um you are dealing with someone who is an Aries Leo or Sagittarius
man 45 years in older and he has done something deceptive
let’s see what is going to come out you Taurus have a strong stability because you have
energy of money and you have the energy of the empress the king of swords is
here which is good and you have a strong foundation against this person ok I said
the king of swords and I’m seeing a situation some of you are going to be
seen the truth about an Aries Leo and Sagittarius know a lot of you if you’re
in business and you have an Aries Leo Sagittarius partner or and Aquarius
Gemini or libra there is definitely going to be some deceptive situation
that place so be aware of this just be aware of this ok alrighty so let’s see
King of 1 so you’re going to be victorious over the king of once ok then
definitely whoever this disperses and Aries Leo
Sagittarius he has done something injustice and now you’re going to be
very victorious over this first and the seven of swords some of you are going to
be finding out that an Aries Leo Sagittarius have done something
deceptive against you okay seven of swords for the tourists for the come in
a week yeah so you you men some deception and it’s
you guys are having to deal with the playa signed people this person is very
deceptive whether this person is is very deceptive let’s see what else has
happening he’s working with an Aries Leo or
Sagittarius okay these people are very very very deceptive
whatever is trance find they’re deceptive there is also the king of
swords what is here it has to do with work with the king of swords whoever
this person is it has to do with work with a king of swords the two of
Pentacles what is here money is going to definitely come in whatever the
situation is whatever is transpired money is definitely going to be coming
in the five of cups what is here you have some you have some you definitely
have some some regrets with this lady women this lady is you have some regrets
and the men 45 years and older what is happening you know you guys wish that
you know you didn’t get in a thing with anyone you know it’s as if you’re
thinking Jesus you know I wish I could just do my business alone or wish I
could just I don’t have to get in these meeting and this stuff okay let’s look
at the king of swords who is this king of swords and what s transpire just this
comes over the king of swords and this is good justice come over the king of
swords and that is very very good let’s see the energy from the king of ones
where I had one as Aspire okay your wishes and dreams are
coming up against the king of won so let’s say that this king of ones had
done you something injustice he’s going to be paying for him whatever he has
done whatever has happened he is going to be paying for it okay and this is a
situation that has been playing for a very long time and it’s as if the
universe comes in to make sure that this situation is resolved because there’s
some lying deceptive people okay the four of ones judgment judgment is going
to be coming down on the people the four of ones there’s going to be some
judgment calls and it has to do with the house it has to do with the house okay
so some judgment calls some situation that is going to be transpired and it
has to do with the house okay you have some regrets about the queen up ones but
there is going to be a new start so you had some regret about the queen of ones
but there’s definitely going to be a new start the men twenty-five years and
older you’re having a situation where this week you’re not really not all of
your balance listen to your intuition about this person listen to your
intuition about this first so whoever this person is listen to your intuition
about this person I want to see something because I’m having you know
there could be a situation that and what are these fire sign people are its
assembly young person of eighteen to forty five he was working with the king
of swords okay this young person eighteen to forty five and you’re going
to be successful over these people you’re definitely successful over these
people um you know I should tell you this because it came up you Tauruses who
have been having problems you’re going to be success successful okay
you’re definitely going to be successful whatever that
tried to do it’s going to be released and your grant to definitely be
successful because there was some nasty deceptive situation that was flame now
I’m hoping that you guys weren’t playing this because um if you were playing this
you’re gonna be caught up because the the king of ones who is an Aries Leo
Sagittarius is an older man he’s like over the 60 going to 70 he’s going to go
to jail he’s going to go to jail the king of swords that tried to did
something deceptive is also going to be going to jail is also going to be going
to jail okay two of Pentacles is here you’re going to be financial
stability but whoever this king of swords is because he cut he um he the
king of swords and the knight of swords so you guys there is definitely a
situation that discipline king of swords Knight of swords this is the the king of
swords in the reverse okay this is the king of swords in Reverse and what is
for inspiring is that this person is going to go to jail they both are going
to go to jail so the IRA’s Leone Centaurus men is
going to go to jail and this first thing is going to go to jail as if whatever
they have done is as if they have done it before or they have been doing it for
quite some while they were under the radar and and they got you involved
you’re definitely going to get out free but whatever the situation is in
whatever that was transpiring you’re going to be seeing that whoever these
people are and whatever they were trying to do that was very deceitful it’s going
to be coming out it’s definitely going to be coming out okay so be aware of
that and be away of situation and you know as as
earthside people sometimes you know exactly what is going on and you just
you’re just going to play the game okay especially when you see people doing
deceptive things you’re just going to be playing the game and as you play the
game as you play the game and understand what is happening and all of these
people because there have been watching there are being watched because um it’s
um it’s very surprising that people don’t
know that just by your telephone and the vika that you drive they can check where
certain people is and as special this night of once he’s working with this
king of Knight of swords and what is transpired is that they are under
surveillance okay um these two are on the surveillance so there have been
watch their vehicle where they go what they’re doing because they’re on the
surveillance so this is good because what is going to be transpiring is that
that’s how they’re going to catch the big fish because they’re out for the big
fish okay and all of these little people are going with a big fish because they
think that they’re so smart smug they’re going in and out of people house and I
want to say to you on Tauruses be careful in this week because there are
people like you know they will part beside your car and wants to put
something on your car and that’s sort of a thing and what you don’t understand is
that they don’t understand because they’re playing this game and think that
they’re getting off with it scot-free well I’m getting off guys yeah we’re
driving this first crazy oh yeah oh yeah and they’re going to be caught because
this one um has done has done something deceptive they all have done something
deceptive they have been they they have been under surveillance for a very long
time the thing about it is that they catch you off-guard
and this is why I give the readings so you know exactly what is happening
because obviously they caught you off guard and this is why you have gotten
caught up in them but the thing about it is that they they’re gonna try to get in
your house put a camera and I’m advising everyone put a camera because I’ve seen
stuff that is happening and they’re always accent yeah but we don’t have any
evidence and anything put the camera in your house okay put the camera in your
house honestly because you know if you are a sensitive person you can always
know when you walk in someone house and you know these people are just so sick
and I hope that this one go to jail because II ISM here’s harass a couple of
woman a couple of women have been arrest by him and I hope that he goes to jail
he’s the one that is breaking in people’s house and he’s using these
little criminals they are in criminal parties they this is how they they go
about doing things this is this is the sort of a criminal organization that
they’re in a dis person is the one and this person is like far away from them
but there’s communication at the communication what they use in their
finding out what kind of communication they’re using and they are being
listened to so you know you taught us you taught us
don’t be afraid um you know these people come up and and the thing about it is
that whoever they are this is how they live their life be liars and deceptive
people so they don’t know how to live a normal life you know this is how they
you know a criminal can’t live a normal life because he’s always a criminal you
know because they don’t know how to live the right and normal part so be aware of
this okay and whoever this one is he has been breaking into other people houses
he has been and there’s a woman that is not showing up here but there’s a woman
that is the letting you know and you know be aware
and put the camera in your house you tourists this this put a camera in your
house don’t say anything put a camera in your house and you’re
going to see shit that is going to be coming on whoever this person is is
definitely going to jail you’re going to be successful against this person which
isn’t dream seeing him going to jail it’s going to be happening another
success is here where these still people are going to be caught
however way um this one gave this one work okay because they sell out someone
and they dislike the person because the person do not vibrate with their own
energy vibration okay it’s just like when you’re very sensitive and you come
against a criminal you know a criminal as you see them okay and that’s what
happening Oh God let’s see what’s that min now we have
two cards and the first card you have as a pirate spirit watch your words okay
and I’m laughing because my mom always said oh my god you’re like a parrot and
the parrot spirit is here watch your words okay but in this in this way
definitely seeing them go to jail is going to be the best thing for you
what spirit something sometimes life sting sometimes life’s name so whatever
the situation is attend again Wheel of Fortune life’s thing for some of you
nine I keep on getting nine and ten nine and ten end ends and you begin and
endings and you beginning nine four and five is nine and ten endings and you
begin in the wheel of fortune this is a very very good it’s a choice I received
nine and ten so whatever is happening for you guys there’s definitely
something very positive that is happening so this is good um and you
know you know understand what is going on and be aware of the
deception that is around you you know if you don’t know a person just don’t open
your life to them you can just say direct what you mean
and you know don’t mess with my stuff I don’t want people to know my private
life you know that sort of a thing if people come to ask you and that’s it I
don’t want my information to be given or that sort of a thing and that’s it you
let people know how you are and be careful who comes in your life because
they’re up to no good not all of them some of you are going to
be having a wonderful week and some of you are going to be reconnected with the
queen of one so ever she is she’s a Taurus Virgo Capricorn there’s going to
be a new start for you in the screen of one which is very wonderful your wishes
and dream all for that man is going to be coming true and justice um
justice your work there’s going to be judgment call and you have a strong
strong strong foundation okay success is going to be coming at some of
you I want to say to you guys thank you and have a wonderful wonderful time

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