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Temtem – Stats Prediction

Temtem – Stats Prediction

Hello Fellow Tamers! Today, with this video, I would like to start
a series of speculative videos about the stats that temtem might have, based on their descriptions
and physical appearance. I will try to cover as many temtem possible
until we run out of material or the alpha version of Temtem comes out. As could not be otherwise, nothing of this
predictive videos should be taken as official and confirmed information, but only as a possible
hypothesis. What I seek more than anything else with these
videos, therefore, is to provide a form of entertainment that in turn serves people to
get familiar with the different Temtem. Having said that, in this particular video
we will look at four of the temtem with available type and descriptions, which will be Pigepic,
Cerneaf, Zizare and Raican. First of all, we have the famous flying piggy,
temtem mascot and beloved by all children, Pigepic. Pigepic is an Air-type Temtem and number 141
on the list. His description reads as follows: The absolute favourites of toddlers all around
the Archipelago, Pigepic are fluffy, soft and absolutely adorable. Voluminous and cumbersome, they normally float
low over the ground, making them ideal playmates for small children. By the characteristics that are exposed in
the description, it is given to understand that Pigepic is a slow but resistant Temtem
due to its volume. That fact, together with his rounded and non-aggressive
appearance, makes him a good candidate for a defensive temtem. This is why I believe it will have an above-average
amount of life, and also slightly above-average defenses. Its speed would be low, because of his weight,
while its special attack would not be very high, or else we could see it flying high
despite its physique. Finally, his attack would be of average value,
without much to highlight, since it does not seem to be a temtem that is either too strong
or too weak. I will not talk about the value of the seventh
stat of Pigepic or the other Temtem because we don’t know yet what it will represent,
and therefore it is impossible to assign them a value for it. If we take into account the stats I have provided,
we can start getting an idea of where the utility of Pigepic might be about. For example, pigepic could focus on increasing
its mediocre attack to make it more dangerous, as well has its hit points, to ensure it has
more endurance. This way it would become a tough tank with
a decent but not unbelievable attack. On the other hand, you can also enhance Pigepic’s
defensive skills, and improve his life and both of its two defenses or just one of them
to make it an even more resilient temtem. It would lose offensive power, so it would
have to depend on alternative ways of doing damage, but being a wind-type Temtem and having
so much defense, it would still be hard to deafeat. Finally, and following the same idea, you
can try to get a Pigepic as resistant as possible, and in case the 7th stat was related to support
moves in any way, improve that stat too. The idea would be to get a pigepic that can
be kept for as long as possible in combat, while it keeps using supporting techniques. In short, I think that pigepic will focus
more on defence than attack, and that it can be a good temtem to resist or support others. The next Temtem we are going to talk about
is Cerneaf, a Nature-type Temtem and number 104 on the list. It is shaped like a deer, with large leaves
coming out or forming part of its ears. The description shown on twitter reads as
follows. Few Temtem are closer to flora than this species,
a fascinating plant-animal hybrid that uses its encephalic leaves to produce healing and
nourishing components via photosynthesis. With this in mind, I think Cerneaf is a temtem
that will be able to use the powers of nature at will, which I have tried to represent its
high special attack value. As it is four-legged and has good proportions,
I also have the impression that it is a relatively fast temtem that jumps through the forest
with ease. In relation to its defenses, it doesn’t seem
to have anything in its description or model that indicates much physical defense, but
instead, its affinity for nature should provide it with enough special defense. Its lack of horns or aggressive looking extremities
has made me assign it a poor attack, and i also have predicted it will have average hit
points, since it is a temtem of acceptable size but not excessively thick or muscular. Having said that, and in relation to how it
might be useful in the competitive environment, I think Cerneaf can play an interesting role. For example, it could play a balanced temtem
role if we focus on increasing its defense and life total. This way, together with its decent speed and
good special attack and defense we already get some decent stats in general. A mix of offensive and supportive techniques
might be useful in this case. There would also be the possibility to focus
on the more offensive aspect of Cerneaf and increase both its speed and special attack. This would result in a fast and powerful glass
cannon, still capable of resisting most special attacks. In this case, the flexibility of the nature
type as an offensive one still remains to be seen, and how many such attacks it has
it will be determinant. Finally, cerneaf may adopt a somewhat more
defensive and supportive posture if its defensive qualities, especially physical defence, are
enhanced. Its nature nature and descriptions, suggest
that it will have a good access to support techniques which may be its strongest point. Its speed and good special attack complement
its support capabilities, being able to attack if the need arises. Therefore, Cerneaf can be very useful as a
support Temtem or even in more offensive situations if the nature type allows it. Let us now turn our attention to the temtem
number 95, called Zizare, which is an earth-type temtem reminiscent of a giant earthworm with
horns. It is described on twitter as follows: One of the most remarkable inhabitants of
the Kisiwan savanna, the powerful Zizare are the biggest creeping Temtem. Proud and territorial, they make for staunch
friends. In this case, the description and model clearly
indicate that Zizare is very large, so I would not be surprised if it had a hit points statistic
well above average. The fact that it is a strong temtem makes
me think that it is a creature with a rather impressive attack, capable of breaking through
the subsoil by brute force. On the other hand, I do not think it is a
temtem that will use a lot of special techniques, and therefore their special attack would be
much lower. Not only that, but zizare is described as
a temtem that crawls across the ground, so it would seem logical to me if its speed was
also quite poor. As for its defenses, I think he would be clearly
focused on the physical size, since its skin and spikes look tough.. Taking these hypothetical characteristics
into consideration, I think Zizare would be more useful if he focused on what it’s already
good, its ability to resist physical blows and retaliate with strong force. Following this idea, we could use it as a
tank with a focus on attack and either life, which improves its resistance in general,
or special defense, to compensate for its weakness. This way, we would have a slow temtem that
can withstand a lot of blows and counterattacks with a lot of power. On the other hand, Zizare could simply focus
on staying alive by increasing its life and special defense, while sacrificing some of
its potential offensive power. It should be noted that the earth type could
have some problems because of its many weaknesses, so perhaps this strategy doesn’t end up
working. That’s why I think that zizare can be useful
in certain defensive teams and with some support, and that in the appropriate situations it
would surely be difficult to defeat. The last temtem I’m going to talk about in
the video is Raican, a fierce fire lion, the Temtem number 59, and part of an evolutionary
line of 3 creatures. Its description in this case is not very enlightening
for our purposes, though: As the Tucmani legend goes, in the beginning
of time, Tucma and Kisiwa were one single fireplain where huge herds of Raican ran wild
and free, flame and Temtem being one, until the Archipelago cooled and these noble creatures
emigrated underground. We also know from its preevolution, that it
is a wild evolutionary line that is difficult to train, but that it can be very useful for
combat. Valuing this information and Raican’s model,
I think this Temtem will tend to be quite balanced by itself, without any blatant weaknesses. Even so, in my opinion, it is a temtem that
should be a bit faster than average. It also looks like a temtem very much in tune
with the fire element, so its special attack should be high, and it also seems quite to
have a strong, muscular body, plus decent jaws and claws, which should also provide
it with an acceptable physical attack. This last aspect could be used to argue that
it should have an acceptable defense, but I get the feeling that his special defense
would be lower, relating it to its dependence on fire habitats. Finally, i’d say that its health may be
average or perhaps slightly higher than that. It is because of all that i’ve said, that
I believe that Raican can function as a balanced temtem, with access to both special and physical
attacks, even if he prefers the former. In this case, improving its speed and health
or special defense may be helpful, but there is plenty of other options and room for experimentation. The idea is to use its moderately defensive
type and further improve its resilience through some investment in this regard. Still, the version that perhaps would be the
most effective is aggressive one. This strategy also maintains a commitment
to increasing Raican’s speed, but the other focus in this case would be one of the two
offensive characteristics or even both. This way you could have a glass cannon with
natural defenses that aren’t too bad, and the ability to quickly do a lot of damage. A version with both attacks improved could
be useful to surprise the opponent with the most convenient attack for each scenario. In short, I believe Raican will have solid
stats that can help it afford a wide variety of approaches to the competitive scene. This is it for this video, fellow tamers. I will cover 4 extra temtem in the next episode
of stats prediction, so until then, please comment on what do you think about the already
discussed ones and which changes would you do to my predictions and why so. I’m taking the opportunity to say that the
pick-ban video is still in production, only that it’s a very complicated subject, so i
want to take my time with it, and I’ve also been busy this past two weeks with family
issues, so I’ve taken the opportunity to release this video which is shorter and easier. Thank you very much for your time and support,
and see you soon!

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