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The Babylonian mind

The Babylonian mind

This dragon here called a Mušḫuššu is
about 2500 years old And it comes from Nebuchadnezzar’s capital
city Babylon in the middle of ancient Iraq And when you see it now, when you look at
it and look in its eye it might strike you as something very alien and very distant and nothing to do with the
modern world Well the culture from which it comes the Babylonian
world is surprisingly close to ours and the thinkers and the writers and the poets
and the mathematicians of that ancient culture came up with things which still exist today in our modern lives and are a part of our daily lives all around us These Babylonian discoveries and ideas are
conveyed to us through the ancient form of writing called
Cuneiform written on tablets of clay or stone The Babylonian language is fully understood today so that many of their ideas and achievements
have been preserved for us Great engineers have come up with very ingenious
machinery to measure the passage of time And one of the interesting things about the
ancient Babylonians was that they had a mathematical system based
on sixty not on ten like we do today And one consequence of this is the fact that our own time division of the minute and the
hour into sixtieth parts is a direct inheritance of a principle which goes back to ancient
Babylon And it’s come down to us somehow through the Greeks who looked at Babylonian
ideas incorporated them into their own work and maintained this sixty figure as a central calculating device And that is why everyone who has a watch on
their wrist or a clock on their kitchen wall is somehow perpetuating the work of these ancient Babylonian
thinkers The Babylonians were always attempting to
predict the future This clay model of a sheep’s liver, complete
with gallbladder was used to teach the art of divination zones and Cuneiform inscriptions revealing
the ominous signs Much later people relied on dreams or the
stars for their portentous messages Another thing that has come to us from ancient
Babylon are the signs of the Zodiac And this goes back a long way already in the second millennium some of the
figures which became the zodiac figures were already to be found on monuments And side by side with the Zodiac grew up in
the late period the idea of the horoscope so the thing when you open your newspaper and you look up your star sign and read what
it predicts or you get a horoscope those two ideas likewise come from ancient

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  • ܚܢܘ ܚܢܐ says:

    Nice Job Islam, you ruined a creative, INTELLIGENT, and advanced civilization with your bullshit religion.

  • Andrew Drazdik Jr says:

    Interestingly the dragon Mušḫuššu, as a domesticated pet, and the religious Corpus Politic which the higher knowledge of the society supported may be a similar representation. If so then why are human remains found within ancient tombs rather than a dragon?  Were ancient rulers involved in an objective of leadership even in death regarding knowledge with society? See.,,,

  • katakatakara says:

    This guy. He's my favorite curator.

  • Archangel Raphael says:

    it soon becomes clear that our attempts to nail a TRUTH whether it is theological, scientific, or metaphysical, can only be reduced to a narrative.

    so make it a good one, that resonates for a long time ..?

    At the same time we must admit that this narrative is at best a combination of speculation + probability resulting in an entanglement that is beyond words.

  • spacecreatorband says:

    …the 2 hidden repeating infinite patterns (of 60 & 24) inside the Golden Proportion (Phi) as manifested through the Fibonacci Series (when placed on the circumference of a circle) seems to be analogous to our concept of the clock & time. the ancient were fluent in math. i wonder if there is any evidence in the tablets of them "learning' the sexagesimal system directly FROM 'nature' in this same way? or any evidence where they DID first learn about the concepts of time in base 60 seconds minutes 24 hours ?

  • Aftermath ܐܬܘܪܝܐ says:

    Kheya Mat Ashur!

  • jojibot says:

    When you play civ 5 once

  • arealassassin says:

    would be nice to see the rest of this presentation.

  • Juwan Haco says:

    not Babylonian… it's summerian… the writing, inventions, arts, engineering , are all summerians,

  • Petr Frizen says:

    Highly Esteemed British Museum! Highly Honorable Mister Finkel!
    I have a question to ask, actually, two questions:
    1. As it is known Jacob married Leah and Rachel. The marriage did take place at the territory of Ashur (Assyria). Is it known according to which tradition the marriage procedure did take place? Were there the witnesses who were signing the marriage contract, along with Jacob – Leah and Jacob – Rachel? And, thus, becoming the proprietors / co owners of the marriage contract and the ensuing merger of wealth. In effect conducting / realizing potentially the control of this property. Are there any historical records on who those witnesses were? Is it possible that those witnesses were Laban and / or Beor (Peor). Was Balaam born already at that time. Was he (could he be) the witness at those marriage rituals??? If these were the instances of de facto, – could it be (the aspiration and asserting – maintaining the control of the Jewish wealth by the Laban progeny) the source of the modern times anti Semitism???
    2. In time of yore were there ever times, when there was the voluntary – Good Will confederation (or the united state) between Shimron – Samaria (Northern Kingdom) and Ashur (Assyria)? Please, confirm.

  • Naga Ara Naga Ara says:

    sadly many artifact stolen by vampire…to be Empire.

  • GamingGuys2700 says:

    "and the thinkers and the writers and the poets and the mathematicians of that ancient culture"

  • GamingGuys2700 says:

    thanks for the clocks Babylonians

  • Bored Warlock says:

    I've always always ALWAYS wondered why we broke our time up into 60s instead of 10s! Eureka!

  • Christopher Ellis says:

    Haruspex e Etruscanibus

  • Abhishek Mondal says:

    So now we know who are responsible for the propagation of crock pot beliefs like horoscopes

  • inUR2teeth says:

    Each person wearing a watch on their wrist are worshipping chronos, god of the Swissies.. aka remphan aka moloch aka saturn aka the devil

  • Linoge Z says:

    I absolutely hate how they never talk about the use of drugs such as opium which was a huge factor in historic "arts"

  • Jimjolnir says:

    Is there more? Where's the link? don't tell me to search for it, provide the link 🙂 lazy swine

  • Ja Ads says:

    The babylonions and Sumerian history should be taught more intensive in school history classes,

  • Fabian N-E says:

    What universities specialise in ancient Babylon?

  • Yes YOU ' says:

    Proud of my culture !! Thank you 😊

  • Anik Pelchat says:

    If curating was an Olympic discipline, M.Finkel would be the gold medalist for decades!

  • Agent J says:

    Looks like a giraffe, as described by a fisherman.

  • Jack Frasier Comedy says:

    This vid is alright,
    But Irving is best when he speaks in his own way.
    You can tell they made him talk "serious".

  • CFR Andre says:

    the Babylonians had no 7, and they weren’t terribly 8, either.

  • Anthony Andrew says:

    I love this man the grand dad we all want

  • JEJU S CLASS 600 says:

    I am so proud of my ancestors.

  • christosvoskresye says:

    There are Ice Age paintings of Taurus in French caves. No, I don't just mean a bull: the Pleiades are also present. This means at least one of the signs of the zodiac is much, much older than Babylon, or indeed any city anywhere.

    Here is a link:

  • Drake Kay says:

    Early in the video he talks about 60 base staying with us "somehow". But if you look closer you will notice that 10 base doesn't work well with spheres and circles.

  • Ricky Salmon says:

    Wow. This channel is a hidden jewel on Youtube. Amazing work!

  • Vassal Colony says:

    I don't know how Irving Finkel doesn't just start screaming in the middle of the street: "You fucking morons!!!! You morons!!! It's just a metaphor for the horoscope! A fucking metaphor! Kill me! Kill me the non existing god! Oh forget it."

  • kalchas says:

    Irving Finkel is my hero

  • Echiya says:

    The British Museum needs to find a way for someone to do a series on ancient times and Dr Finkel MUST be the host.

  • Ann P Tully says:

    More Babylonian history please!

  • Gunz Borgia says:

    Ancient Sumer*

  • Sondre Midtsund says:

    This guy, He's my favorite guy!

  • Rj Budler says:

    I love the way they play loud music over him when he's explaining things… makes it so much easier to understand…

  • Jayden Louise Nicholas Townsend says:

    The bbc needs to send Irvin to the middle east to check out some sites and cities.

  • Beth Bartlett says:

    🎊🎊🎊 IRVING! 🎊🎊🎊
    The STAR of the British Museum!

  • Kohlenstoffisotop12 says:

    i could listen to him for days

  • Gypsy SnickerDoodle says:

    Egyptians also had the nearly identical Zodiac, predating Babylon.
    You can see it in some temples, most specifically the ceiling Zodiac in Dendera.

  • Dog of a Dog says:

    Thought it was the Chaldeans with their 360 degree circle that gave us the system of 60s

  • Dana Herron says:

    every time I see Curator Finkel, I half expect him to pull a wand from his sleeve and conduct a class on magical lore. apparently he's moved beyond the need for one.
    I don't think i'll ever forget his description of finding a pre Noah description of the Biblical flood,

  • Roy Alvarez says:

    You can't know the mind of the ancient.

  • James Shaw says:

    No one will ever know as much as this man.

  • Robert Bryant Lock says:

    What, no mention of Finkel's tribal connections to the Babylonian talmud?

  • Dadson worldwide says:

    irvan himself is a relic .id like to meet him in the brotish muesum .

  • Elle Sunshine says:


  • Vicci Studio says:

    Mesopotamia gave us the Zodiac constellations. The Sun signs are different because the constellations are uneven in length, but the sun signs are all 30 degrees.

  • Donald Pesavento Jr says:

    What an interesting video. I’ll click on it…Oh I already liked it? Hm.

  • WootTootZoot says:

    So the Babylonians had people scamming other people with Horoscopes just like we do. Amazing.

  • Patrick Baptist says:

    Follow them if you so desire a place in hell.

  • Vibeke Ridder says:

    John 8:43-45 43 Why do ye not understand my speech?  even because ye cannot hear my word.

    44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

  • Patricia M says:

    Why did philistine USA bomb Iraq? Who knows what tablets might some day be discovered.

  • CNN Blackmail Support says:

    Funny how the AGW fanatics are still using the same basic methods to predict the future of the climate. Which predictions were correct? Well, I imagine they have slightly lower chances than the Babylonians, who at least understood that the future can only be guessed. People who are really sure of themselves tend to make the worst mistakes. A sheep liver seems like a nice artistic method with plenty of MOE, compared to a group of scientists who only get paid if there is a constant apocalypse on the horizon.

  • Susie English says:

    Imagine how further forward we would have been if the christians had remianed a small Jewish sect

  • Kenneth LaRosh says:

    Fallen angel civilization.

  • Peter Forbes says:

    Mr Finklel i'm glad to have met you and to The British Museum.
    The last couple of years i have took the time to look at ancient artefacts in general from all around the world.
    I've been thinking about some of the things I've noticed or i should say shown by ? someone or many someone's guiding me.
    i know this sounds crazy, but why pick a dumb-ass like me, who has been, if anything, nothing but a failure.
    what is it they want me to say ?
    i think they want their story told, about who they were, the things they done, and the part they played when it all ended
    they want their place in time and their accounts in history. Not markers or places named after them were the fell.
    Nut's, yeah ?
    Sorry Mr Finkel if it was to be anyone in this world that could help them they should have chosen you.
    maybe i need to go see a doctor.
    thanks for teaching me cuneiform.
    something special about you.

  • Luke Davies says:

    Roman Catholic church- Babylon.

  • Joe Donzi says:

    Beards are unsanitary , normal things like a sneeze, a cough, or blowing ones nose rapidly become a disgusting mess. Taking a meal means smearing in bits of food every time you wipe your mouth with a napkin. I tried to grow a beard. At first it was attractive and fun. Later it became infested with "stuff." Shampooing it everyday only lasted until that first sneeze. Beards are extremely unsanitary.

  • John Salvage says:

    Are the begind-the-scenes lobbyists, using tactics from the "Babylobian Talmud"?

  • Kyle Chapman says:

    We are not saying here that they created anything

  • collab orator says:

    9 years later.. in my recommended list. I'm cool with that.

  • SHIMOTAKI says:

    I cant help but look at cuneiform and see similarities between the evolution of some characters (old Babylonian – Assyrian – new Babylonian) to ancient Chinese and Japanese characters. Is there a connection or influence, or just a common way that people evolved with writing. (There are some people in Japan who firmly believe the Persians once ruled the southern islands, or at least inhabited the region)

  • jesus fagzano says:

    the british museum.. stealing artifacts and making up bullshit


    Love Ancient Babylon
    It will come a time in which its Glory will Shine, Rise and Return once again…

    What goes around comes around 🌌☸️🌍

  • Brian Haueter says:

    it's a giraffe. SpongeBob joke

  • Davina Cleal says:

    All goes against God

  • Galliano Marr says:

    60 is an inheritance from babylonian times, unbelievable

  • Robert Denham says:

    Merlin, it is presumptuous at best to think one knows just exactly what ran though the minds of people so long past, based solely on what limited artifacts we've plundered from the colonies.

    If a white man can not identify with what it is like to be a black man in America and vice versa, how is it possible for us to identify with the Babylonians – without the Emerald tablet of Thoth and the library under the sphinx that preceded not only the arrival of Thoth but the Egyptians as well. The Egyptians has the documents of the civilizations preceding their own, going back several hundreds of thousands of years, to date them moderately, civilizations that preceded Babylon and Atlantis from where Thoth had come.

    Then, you'll have to stop HIDING archeology and information so as to not only piece our true history together better but to gain a vast amount of highly spiritual and technological knowledge that would advance human civilization by 10,000 year.

    They…You obey…They have done this to us over 30,000 times, over a period of 900 million KNOWN years, yet you refuse to educate people in the acts of, and the facts of, that we have been here many times.

    And archeology is a form of suppression. Where anything found that deviates from the official story of our history is history.

  • abqqeeqeqda q says:

    cant find the rest of it


    King nebuchadnezzar PRAISES one true God of Daniel

  • NorthernZeus says:

    I am addicted to Irving Finkels lectures. If you haven’t seen him talk non-scripted you are missing a rare treat.

  • Guido Sarducci says:

    There is overwhelming evidence we've been lied to and deceived for millennia on a grand scale about almost everything by a group of "elites," 13 families, council of 300 et al.

    A huge tapestry of deceit, greed & secrecy, to control and keep the true nature of humanity from ourselves, our history, true origin, and keep us tied to debt, cause constant wars, confusion and tension for them to get more wealth, control and power over us until we and our descendants are eternally enslaved.

    From the Annunaki, Adamu, even our redacted and currupt bible, nibiru, monoatomic gold, religion, wars, Lincoln, Jackson, Garfield, JFK,  the federal reserve, USS Liberty,  giant skeletons, abduction/disappearances, pedophilia, PNAC, COFR, Tri Lat Comm to 911 and now the war on "terror." We ARE the terrorists. Let's stop these ridiculous, insane, self-created bankers wars!!!

    Wake up! Folks let's krush da kabal!!!

  • Patricia Slocum says:

    When did anyone translate Babylonian? What do those writings say? Why won't anyone tell us?

  • alus nova says:

    So this dragon was the serpent before the Hebrew god cursed it to crawl on its belly. Sounds like xenophobia through moral stories. Hmmm. The more you learn. Dragon= Babylonian philosophy, God= Hebraic tradition
    Adam& Eve = Israel. Tree of life = Mesopotamia.

  • J B says:

    Came to us “somehow”. Just say it, it’s cabalistic. In 2019 even a pleb like me knows this. Quit gas lighting us.

  • Pete Maloney says:

    6 days of creation…6 X 6 = 36…6 X 60=360degrees , s complete Circle or Cycle. 6 sides of a Cube, equal on all sides, balance, material Creation. They were experts at recording Nature, the reality of Life.

  • edgeeffect says:

    Is the Baylonian language the same as or simillar to Sumerian and Assyrian or completely different?

  • OceanSwimmer says:

    The ancient Hindus were also astronomers, astrologists and very sophisticated thinkers.
    Isn't Sanskrit the oldest language? Anyone here know?

  • George Abraham says:

    The world that lost sight of balance, bon, 7777, are racers, winners and world eaters 666.. the economies we build are defiant and at liberty and can be seen as rising trade center horns.. as unusual as that may sound.. balance is better than winning or being the best at all things.. The Mayan had to be simple for a 1000 years as a last attempt or symbol.. They provided nothing for the sensational mind.. Nothing can be maintained indefinitely because living havens have settled havens out of cosmic chaos with holy order.. and humans are dis-sensitive of it.. it's Babylon that rise to the apex of technology and achievement even committing abominable things against nature's natural gifts and functioning. until smitten by the natural elements and greater seasons of change. Those peoples living in balance is safer from the onslaughts of the tensions of trade and looming war.. it's perhaps a good idea if you can to try self sustainable living.. The spirit of the people during WWII Victory gardens weren't as spoiled as protesters are today.. You can decide for yourself in sobriety what perdition means… There's no group of doomsday cult people trying to bring it on.. It's on because it's on… it's just really natural and quiet and unsensational yet catastrophic and growing by degrees..

  • Jesse J says:

    60 sec = baal ,= saturno = satan

  • Marco Pothuizen says:

    Nice loud music. Ow wait….did he say something???

  • Isaac Grand says:

    Bring back French Decimal Time!!

  • fredricful says:

    Hei gamæn dæ e ati å høyr att du ha våri her så længe hihi

  • 17 76 says:

    If you're going to talk about history you have to have an old beard.

  • Rupert May says:

    If we all had of had teachers like Me Fenkel NOBODY would have ever wanted to stop their education!!!!

  • Chris Dumont says:

    Isn't Babylon where the cults of child abuse come from? As well as the corrupt money system we use today? The fallen angels have their names and images all throughout this place and time. Sure they gave us knowledge, as did the snake in the garden…….

  • Chris Dumont says:

    There is a text available to us all, and will shed light on this place. Look for the babylonian talmud .pdf, and all will be revealed. It is the only way to flush out the vipers from the shepherds.

  • Richard Hillier says:

    Irving, I'm late to the game, but you're my man, you're such a mensh, God bless you.

  • Zach Smith says:

    Love this guy

  • Hans-Georg Lundahl says:

    Would you agree that the Babylonian numerals for 666 look very modern – like a rocket?

    First 11, one position to the left, < |

    Then behind that, but smaller than I can show here:


    Top and base of a rocket …

  • Peter Forbes says:

    Hi Mr Finkel it's me again. I didn't go to the doctor's.
    I've noticed something again.
    The Sumerian World Map.
    I've just discovered that it aligns with the Antarctic as it's centre using a 17th century French map.
    I'm on Facebook were you can see the images.
    Strange but other images pop out from the Sumerian World Map stone artifact.
    Someone sitting at a wheel and someone on a chariot and a strange looking wee guy with wings ?
    Anyways back to the hauntings from our ancent ancestors wanting their story told.
    Peter Forbes.

  • Hidden Messages says:

    Interesting man and channel.

  • Missa Del says:

    I ❤️ this guy!!! You go Irving!!

  • 1 RomanT says:

    No mention of the Babylonian Talmud/Mishnah ? No Kabbalah, either…darn. When factoring these oral/written traditions, on a foundation of Kabbalah, & Gematria… "All the world's a stage"😉

  • Gareth Ifan says:

    As a Church Minister – I found this helpful especially since I'm preaching through the book of Daniel on the Lord's day mornings in our church.
    Thank you.

  • George Rudesill says:

    This is crazy speculation based on fragmentary information. Whatever happened to honest good scholarship.

  • Nemo D123 says:

    …"by the rivers of Babylon"…

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