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The Diviners

The Diviners

Frank Barnhart, Director: A Diviner is someone
who is considered of, from or made by God. So in this play you have somebody who can
actually find water, but you also have the Diviners who are people looking for something,
searching for something. Frank Barnhart: It focuses on a small group
of people during the Great Depression who are searching for salvation but also for water. Samuel J. Price, Actor: The character I’m
playing is deathly afraid of water. The preacher comes to town and kind of helps him get over
his fear of water. Frank Barnhart: In the nature of this play
you have a preacher who comes into town and you have a boy who is deathly afraid of water
from something tragic that happened in his younger life. And so it’s how those two
characters come together and then the tragedy that results from that. The Diviners will be performed in Nestor Auditorium
nightly at 8 p.m. Wednesday November fourth through Saturday the seventh with a 3 p.m.
matinee on Thursday. Admission is free.

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