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The First Humans Cloned | Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi

The First Humans Cloned | Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi

[cellphone ringing]
[overlapping paper crumbling] [upbeat music] – Yeah, hi. – No but I had to pump up my work hours, I just didn’t have enough time to study. – Are you serious? – Hello? [phone hung up] [cellphone ringing]
[overlapping typing] [cellphone ringing] – Hi baby. – Yeah, listen, uh, I think we should see other people. [light melancholy music]
– What are you talking about? – I don’t know.
Maybe because I haven’t seen you in three months. – Yeah, and you live right across the street. [thumping] [thumping] – Hey babe –
[phone hung up] – Hello? [light melancholy music] [sigh] [typing] [mysterious music] – Huh. [knocking] [light shuffling] [chains rattling] – Hey. – Who sent you? – I saw a pop-up ad, come up
of you on my computer. – I think you got the wrong place. – I think I have the answer. – This is what I’ve been studying, and I think I can help you. [slamming door] – So, I’ve connected the artificial body, with a female reproductive system. – Using electrical wires – to create an exothermic reaction. – To act as a catalyst, that way to speed up the cloning process. – In a instant. – I mean that makes complete sense
but I’m wondering, why you haven’t tried the somatic cell nuclear transfer method. – I mean, it’s pretty much is taking the
nucleus out of an egg, replacing it with your own, into an enucleated egg. Yes, but you see the problem with that –
– You have, right here. [electric zapping] [static noises] – It works! – Hi! [cracking] – Hi. [simultaneously]
– You look real! – I’m here to complete tasks for you.
[cracking] [animal noises] – Cool, so uh, can she come back
to my place now? ๐Ÿ˜‰ – Alright so, I have some tasks for you. – Okay. [cracking] – Are you good? – I sure am! – Okay yeah, let’s see how this goes. – See you later! – Okay all right,
I’ll just wait right here. [cracking] Hey, neighbor! – Hey! – What are you doing today? – Absolutely nothing! B) [blows raspberry] – That’s great! – There, there. I’m here to give you unconditional attention, let’s talk about your hopes,
dreams, and fears. [cracking] – Grandma! I thought you’d never ask! – Of course I will go to the grocery –
with you, for five hours. – Yeah, I’ll see you soon. – I want you to come over Sunday, about nine o’ clock,
and I’m going to teach you all the things you need to know,
to be a good wife, Hannah. Yes, Grandma. – Oh, my mom. Cool, that’s not what your dad said,
when you sucked my toes last night. – Okay, goodnight! – Okay, goodnight. – Can you close your eyes, it’s kind of freaking me out. ๐Ÿ™ – Okay sorry. [cracking] [light switch] [heavy breathing]
[chuckling] – Hey! – Hey Doctor Bofa! – How are you? – Amazing!
I can not thank you enough. – My clone is out there,
doing all these tasks that I never had time for. – Wait.
You left her unsupervised? Yeah, she’s like her own person. – You weren’t supposed to do that!>:( – What do you mean? – This just in, Hannah Stocking, has led one of
the biggest movie roles, [gasping]
known to history. – Racking in 30 million dollars. – Wait, I’m going to be famous! – But also, seems to be involved in a, high speed car chase. [helicopter noises] – And, she is now, on foot. [police sirens] – Let’s just hope, this doesn’t ruin
her career. – Maybe this is a bad idea. – Wait what are you talking about?
– This is your fault! – What are you talking about? – You invented it all! – Yes, I know I invented it, but
I wasn’t going to do anything with it. You had to use it for you selfish needs. – Oh you just had to clone yourself. – Why can’t you do things yourself, huh? – How about that! – Hi, am I interrupting anything? [cracking] – Oh, that’s — that’s Clone-o. That’s my clone. – Would you like some grapes and cheese? – Want some grapes? – Would you like some grapes and some cheese? – We’re good. – Are you sure —
[cracking] – I can feed —
[cracking] – I don’t want to be fed right now,
I’m okay. – I can feed you! – I’m good. – I can feed you! – Put them on the counter. – Okay. – Put them on the counter. – That looks fun!>:) – Fun, that looks fun.>:) – No Cloney, that’s not fun. No, we shouldn’t be doing those things,
okay? – I want to try!>:) – Get your clone, I’ll get mine!
Hurry! [intense music] [screaming]
Wanna be friends? – Hey! [hissing] [unintelligible talking] – Shut up, shut up, shut up. – Copy.
Let’s go, gentlemen. [police sirens] [screaming] – Yo, calm down. – Here we go, Professor –, you have no idea
what just happened to me, they just took my clone, and
I don’t know where she went, I think she’s arrested. – What? – I know, we’ll change your identity. You can not be seen in public. You’re going to sleep here,
you got it? – Okay. We’ll talk about it in the morning, okay? – You’re right. – Good night. – Okay, good night. [cracking] – You have the wrong girl!
You got the wrong one, it’s a clone! – She took my clone! [cracking] [screaming] [outro] you

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