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The First Humans Teleported | Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi

The First Humans Teleported | Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi

Hey. Hey! These are for you, thank you so much Wow All right Cool, I’m gonna head that way, see ya Wait! Yeah, do you want to maybe hang out? You wanna hang out with me? Yeah, i’ll text you my address. Yeah sure I’m actually going this way. Love your jacket, thank you. Oh this for you. Oh, thank you. It’s nothing it’s Um can I take a picture of you a picture of me, yeah? Sure, okay great. Uh take a step left step forward stop stay right there Okay smile Who was that you are the first human to ever be teleported the first realized bush what this is revolutionary but What if by what you mean? How this is how it works this first portal takes all information of all living matter Sends it to the satellite that orbits earth the one that my dad got me for Christmas and then that satellite takes that original living matter back to earth and Recreates it it’s really just communicating information in a way that harnesses quantum mechanics. Are we still going on this date or? Okay, thing can I send you somewhere else? I’m okay. I just I just wanted to go on a date Oh Are we we’re in Tanzania Africa I have an idea hobus, okay? Where are we Venice Italy? Why romantic place for a romantic date take this take this let’s go to the Peruvian Amazon I have a place Mr know Why? You don’t find me sexy. Yeah, of course. We’re trapped on a deserted island of course oh So if we’re on a deserted island you find me sexy. Oh, yeah, you know what let’s lose good know Where are we Yemen, I think Ohio When workers were that read back up Oh no no no no no take me this What’s this more come out with your hands up The secret ingredient yeah, you know you could really taste it, but the presence there is really It’s okay sorry about the mix-up earlier we caught the real bank robber though, so you to off the hook Hey, enjoy the rest your afternoon alright Hey, and tell Cheryl I need that banana bread recipe alright, so I was thinking about Antarctica to study the ice glaciers that’s boring let’s just something real max. Do you always want to be Roman? I’m doing this one can study I don’t know. How we ended up here. It’s just a coincidence Android look if you want to continue this Experiment as test subjects Great, what if you think this is a date? I think it’s Important to just go home and go our separate ways. Okay. Okay look okay, okay? We could be friends or test subjects whatever you call it. Let’s just Let’s just keep doing this. What do you want to go? We’ll go some more interesting more interesting and not about us. Yes. Thank you Where are we deserted island in It because he’d find me sexy okay. Just cars. Okay. We gave it anymore You can take months to repair we’re stuck

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