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The Five of Wands – Strife – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

The Five of Wands – Strife – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

Five of Wands, Strife. We have the orange
and yellow cards that went to the green of the 4 of Wands, and now we have gone a distinctly
yellow colour. We are now in the 1st decanate of Leo, and Saturn ruling Leo. The first decanate.
Saturn is heavy, the Sun wants to go bang! While Saturn says, No, no. There will be conflict
whatever way we look at this card. He says, The suit of fire, brings fiery, it is a purely
active force this rules also Saturn in Leo. Leo shows the element of fire at its strongest
and most balanced Leo, the hottest time of the year. Saturn tends to wear down and embitter
it. There is no limit or scope of this energy. You can’t just go and try out there, all the
fours hold back and control now no one’s going to agree to walk that walk. He goes on to
ritual magic, he says is the wand of the Chief Adept showing that the authority is derived
from superiors, being the 2, 3 and 4. Now remember he said earlier they are not personages,
now he is bringing in a different kind of thing that is going here. These superiors
are also have the two wands of the 2nd or Major Adept, the head of the phoenix, which
gives the idea of destruction. Or rather purgation through fire and the resurrection of the energy
from its ashes. Here is no doubt a reference to the mass of the phoenix as well. The Mass
of the Phoenix is mentioned in Chapter 44 of The Book of Lies. There is another set
of Wands here a pair of wands of the 3rd or Minor adept, which are the daughter’s so to
speak, of the Wands. The 3 of Wands. So he is bringing in this idea of Tetragrammaton,
the 4 levels of this, which is basically sex magic. In this card there is the mitigating
influence of the mother. From the 3 of Wands, one of the most difficult doctrines with regards
to Geburah is that while it represents wild tameless energy, yet it derives benign and
gentle influence of the feminine. Women can be pretty tough too. There is no fury like
a mother scorned is there? He goes on to a more savage view of femininity, of the goddess
Pasht, who is red in tooth and claw, the idea of sexual cruelty is found in her divine nature.
Bhavani and Kali, Kali is the goddess of Death, and observe the Shiva-Shakti coition portrayed
on many Tibetan Banners. Shiva-Shakti position is where the man is lying down on his back,
and the woman is sitting on top. He also brings in the aethyrs of the 3rd and 4th and 2nd
aethyrs and of the Lust card. so we are very much in the area of sex magick, you think
of the 5 of Wands as strife, and all the rest of it, but it is the regeneration of the sexual
energy between male and female to create and destroy something different. This is a lot
to do with the meaning of the mass of the Phoenix as well. Its a secret ritual, you
are not supposed to know about it. Time to move on to the next card, which is Victory,
6 of Wands.

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