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The Most Explosive Prediction Ever For XRP

The Most Explosive Prediction Ever For XRP

I’m not a financial advisor, I am bearable
guy123. I know this video will cause disruption within
the XRP community, and that’s why I can’t reveal myself yet. You wanted a prediction. The Agency agreed to give you one. XRP will not reach $589 by the 7th of July
2019 if this channel doesn’t reach 500.000 subscribers by then. It all comes down to maths, even if some of
you prefer to think that the $589 mark will be achieved by some sort of miracle or extraterrestrial
event. No dear XRP hodlers, XRP’s price is not
manipulated by anyone, within or outside of the dome. Circulation and utility will make its price. And if you think that having 2 or 3 billion
people around the world using XRP won’t make its price go up, then again I tell you:
you are still not ready to embrace the millionaire level just yet. The road to 100.000 subscribers is in your
hands. I’ll be back XRP hodlers.

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