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The Secret of Prediction (Indo/Eng Sub) | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The Secret of Prediction (Indo/Eng Sub)  | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Hey guys,
I am back It’s been a while since my last upload and
I feel like this video has to be really good since I haven’t uploaded for a long time
So as you already saw in the title I will be sharing with you guys all my secrets and
knowledge that I have accumulated through thousands upon thousands of games. And how do I manage to keep a positive win
rate playing at the highest rank. Even in solo queue. So I will try my best to explain in detail
how to predict the enemies’ movement. And that would give you a much better chance
at winning games. Here I have the perfect game to use as an
example, where I am playing solo as a mythic rank and let me tell you, this is one of the
hardest, longest, and most excruciating game I have ever played. You will be able to see throughout the game
that some of my teammates would be your typical not so experienced players. But with this skill that I am about to teach
you, you can put yourself in a much better position to overcome these things that as
a solo player, we cannot control. Now, the first key element to master the skill
of prediction is to constantly look at the mini map. What you should focus is which lane is missing
and where was the enemy last seen. This requires a lot of concertation, which
is why when I don’t get enough sleep or I don’t focus I tend to forget how to predict
the enemy. When you are using heroes that are squishes
such as mage and marksman you would most likely be the main target. So mastering this skill is the utmost important
if you want to outplay your opponent. Okay here, I saw Harley is coming. Gord normally is a food for Harley. So the normal reaction would be to retreat
once you see Harley approaching. But I don’t have flicker and neither my
ult so if Harley ults I would be slow downed and if I miss my stun, which is not the easiest
to land, that would be the end for me. So instead of going back, I moved forward
and use my minions as a shield to block Harley’s cards. Noticed here, Harley is not a bad player. He is dodging my stuns constantly and he is
not afraid, he obviously knows that Harley should easily be able to kill Gord in a 1v1
situation. But this is where the magic happens. I am going to use his own game knowledge and
experience against him. Which brings me to the second key element. Think like your opponents. Especially if you know they are good players. He noticed that I just missed my stun so If
I were in his shoes, and I am playing Harley. It’s a green light to go and kill Gord. But I also noticed that Harley does not have
the buff, which tells me his second skill and ult should still be in cooldown. So I also got the green light to play aggressive
And that’s just a glimpse of what you can do if you master this skill of prediction. Okay, Hayabusa just left the match. So he will be afk for some time. I was not really expecting Bruno to be dealing
so much damage. But after I saw the stats, I realized that
my top lane let him farm quite a lot. So now I would have a better understanding
of the situation that I am in and how focused I have to be in order to pull this one off. Okay here, like I said, I know that Harley
is not really a bad player. And since I have such low HP I was pretty
sure he would try to go back into his hat and try to finish me off. It might seem he’s playing bad, but he’s
playing exactly like what would a Harley main player would do. Like I said this is going to be a hard and
challenging game, so expect to see some death here and there. But thanks to the constant use of prediction,
I can somewhat say I was able to single handedly pull this one off. At the end I got a grand total of 25 kills
and 18 assists in a Mythic Rank game. The most I have gotten in a single game. But to be fair, our Chou wasn’t too bad
either. Look here, the enemy are taking the Lord and
two of my teammates are in bottom and jungle farming. So I had to wait for the right timing or else
I would end up dying pretty fast. So once again, the enemy is taking the lord
and my dear marksmen’s are just farming. And I am just pointing out these things because
maybe some of you who are watching are at this level and don’t know about certain
things. And that’s okay. At least you guys who are watching will know
better next time. So in case you guys didn’t know, if you
have the sounds on, you can actually hear the Lord attacking when the enemies are trying
to take him down. It might seem random the usage of my skills,
but I am taking into consideration the path that the enemies could take. Noticed how Zilong just walked pass everyone
and went straight for me. Keep that in mind. Okay now that I know Zilong just want to go
for me first, I would use that against him and instead would try to eliminate him first. Okay four of the enemies are dead and we have
a 25 seconds timeframe and that should be more than enough to finish the game easily. We have two marksmen so this should be over…right? Not quite, just take a look … sometimes
you just can’t control this thing right? Okay I kind of have a good idea the level
of my random teammates. So I know that Hanabi doesn’t know that
she is way out of position, and Harley just killed Kimmy at bottom lane. So basically what is going to happen is I
am going to use Hanabi’s inexperience combined with Harley’s experience to use it in my
favor. Hanabi’s clueless about her position and
Harley knowing that. I just waited for the right time. if you are liking this content, consider subscribing,
turning the notification on and hitting that like button. I would leave you guys with the rest of the
gameplay which I would highly suggest you to watch till the end as I would be doing
a lot more of this prediction, and this is perhaps one of the most epic comeback I have
ever pulled off, and with not so experienced random teammates.

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