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The Six of Wands Victory – tarot minor arcana divination Meanings

The Six of Wands Victory – tarot minor arcana divination Meanings

Six of Wands, Victory, You can see with the
colour purple, it is magisterial, power and authority, balanced, harmonious, great strength,
and its Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter is a kingly element of expansion and authority, in Leo,
which is the sign of the king as well. So we expect a lot of positive energy from this
card. Lets see what Crowley says; This card represents Tipareth in the suit of fire, this
shows balanced manifestation. the five has broken out close forces of the evolutionary
ardour, ardour, sexual. But a marriage has taken place between them. A marriage would
be, well, the mixing of things. We have the marriage that appears also in the lovers card
and the Art card as well. if you are interested. The result is the sun, the Sun. Now, this
is where things get a bit muddled because the Sun son and sun, yes, they are pretty
much sun son, sun in the sky, son the product of the mother and father. Why is that a problem?
Because, this kabbalistic structure is of course but the sun and the son in Hebrew is
Ben and Shamash. Ben is the son, shamash is the Sun, don’t sound similar don’t they? So
this is the kind of a judeo-christian thing into the Tree of Life, its a mish-mash of
the Christian and Hebrew theology, not as pure as you think. The reference is also to
Jupiter and Leo, the benediction on the harmony and beauty of this arrangement. The benediction
is a blessing on sex magic or, there will be three wands of the three adepts orderly
arranged and the flames themselves shooting out in all directions, a bit messy. Burning
steadily as in lamps. The 6 of Wands is the 2nd decanate of Leo and the 2nd decanate is
always a position of maintaining the energy, bringing it in, the second one of maintaining
it, and the 3rd is its destruction. to go into the next sign. He says, they are 9 in
number in reference to Yesod and the Moon. So how does Yesod come into this? because
on the Tree of Life the 6 of Wands, below it is Yesod. So we are getting a male/female
sexual reference going on here as well. This shows the stability of the energy and its
reception and reflection by the feminine. There is circle to enclose the system, which
we had in the 4s, another balanced and orderly balanced manifestation of energy. It is self-supporting
like the Sun, and that’s a reference back to the foundation, Yesod of the 9s. Now, time
to move on to the 7 of Wands Valour.

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  • David Hill says:

    great summary of this card. Snuffin says the shafts of the wands are reddish amber, the colour of Leo in Assiah… Why assiah when the Wands are associated with Atziluth ?

  • Alexa 13 sunshine says:

    I keep getting this wonderful card for my reading , last night it was followed by the world as future outcome . My question was regarding money but now I think cards were talking to me about my crappy job getting better .

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