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The Three Aspects of Saturn in Astrology – The Astrologer I Kept Hidden – Part 2 [Hindi]

The Three Aspects of Saturn in Astrology –  The Astrologer I Kept Hidden – Part 2 [Hindi]

100 Replies to “The Three Aspects of Saturn in Astrology – The Astrologer I Kept Hidden – Part 2 [Hindi]”

  • Veena Aggarwal says:

    vrisbh lagan me sat ucch ka in 6th house but vakri kya phal dega

  • yashu gowda says:

    Ashutosh ji your observations on 3 aspects of saturn cannot be accepted.
    For example Sri K N Rao ji has saturn in 3rd house(saggitarius) and aspect 9th house(gemini).
    My question is, what wrong did Sri K N Rao ji has done(non dharma) as ninth house is house of dharma, fortune, father etc. As far as i know he is the person who brought the subject of astrology to the common man after Dr B V Raman.
    As everybody know he is a well known scholar with very good name and fame. Abundantly contributed our society with his deeds.
    Also in any horoscope if you take any house, each house signifys many things( eg : 4th house represents mother, vehicle, land, house, happiness and etc). All the good things of that particular house cannot be bestowed to a single person. Out of all the representation some things will be definitely deprived. So when you take any aspect in that way, definitely everybody falls under the same circle.
    It doesn't work with all the charts i guess.

  • Jani Brijesh says:

    Sunil sir,

    I have exhalted moon on 8th house so is it pitru dosh? Sir what will be Remedy for this?

  • shriram jyotish india says:

    आपका ये नया विचार कि शनि की दृष्टियों के फल अलग होते हैं वह तो सही है परंतु दशम दृष्टि भावों के लिए मारक है यह थोड़ा अजीब है मै कुछ लोगों को जानता हूँ जिनके शनि अष्टम में है,लेकिन उन्हें संतान सुख अच्छा है।किसी संतान की हानि नही हुई, विचार करें सर।फिर भी आपके ज्ञान को नमन

  • Pravin Singh says:

    Om Namah Shivaay
    Great SunilSir, doing great work,
    I had my reading done by Saptrishi in Dec 2017.
    During that time I had lost job and still jobless in May 2018
    Please sir I need adhyatmik maargdarshan……
    Na manzil hai, Na disha hai,
    From where should I start

  • jyotsna raina says:

    Thank you so much sunilji and aushtoshji “Marg Darshan ke liye “. I think I got the answer of my question.

  • Udit kumar Chatterjee says:

    Oh, so according to you, there is no such good effects of panchamahapurusa yogas of malefic planets like "Saturn" (Sasa yog) and "Mars" (Ruchaka yog) … and that chapter on BPHS on pachamahapurusa yoga is partially correct and partially imaginitive…… WOW…


    I admit that most of things that you said here are correct, nice and well…

    But, seriously, this thing….

    We have also seen charts, we also know how exalted malefic planets work…

    Maybe sometime it is giving bad results because of some affliction but, in general …. how can you tell such thing bad ??

    Saturn in Libra … bad (LOL)
    Mars in capricorn … bad (biggest LOL)

  • pawan Jain says:

    Sun in capricorn and Saturn in Leo, shall give arishta in 12th year"as saw in video.

    how can it be?
    it will be like for almost 2 yrs in 30 yrs ppl will keep either dying or be i grerat problems, infact all born when sun in capri (once in a year) (twice in 2yrs (sice saturn stays 2.5yrs in a rashi), and Saturn in leo…all born during that particular month of jan—feb will be in deep trouble…

    be reasonable

  • seawalee kumar says:

    My son is ten years old ,makar lagna and Saturn in 8th house,sunilji I m worried,please help me to know more about this,i hope it is not as bad as he describe.

  • Kamlesh Mukhopadhyay says:

    Kaminagiri 😂😂😂

  • S.K. Dhami says:

    Saturn ke three aspects ke bare mein tou aapne kuch khas bataya nahi…..Please batayiye…

  • Nirmal Mutha says:

    Bill gates Ki kundli guru lagna mein hai neech ka into subh fal diya ?yeh kyo?

  • Bhagavathy K says:

    Namaste Sunilji, You're doing an amazing job by bringing astro jyoti to all aspirers even to Non-hindi people like me. The first session with Ashutoshji was quite interesting and understandable with english subtitles. Could you pls do the English subtitles for this video too? We are just waiting for it.

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  • allinallisallnothing says:

    Perhaps it is some astrologers' best karma to give readings free or for little or for less money. It is in no way a poor reflection on those who charge or who charge higher than some. What is best and the truth for one may be a different thing completely from what is the best and the truth for another- one man's truth does not make another man's truth false. Often we see the truth of another's way and seeing the truth in it endeavor to make it our own, which is okay if it is also our own truth, but each man's truth is not according to a set of morals or ethics or codes or even rationale and logic, but is determined by something beyond ethics or morals or any set code. If every ("good") astrologer were to charge a fee or the same fee surely there would be those who could never be able to benefit from the help of an astrologer. Even there is a place in this world of falsehood mixed with truth for the astrologers who charge extremely high prices because as was mentioned there are some people whom a more selflessly intentioned astrologer might be spared the karma of serving because the material-minded or self-interested or dishonest people were drawn to those more like-minded astrologers – which is not to 'make excuses' for dishonest minded astrologers but to state a view, and also to suggest that it is ideal that each man be true to his truth to do his part in the world, each one's own growth, through his own dharma/law of his being and karma/works and results, leading each one through his own evolution according to each one's unique evolution of the truth of his own being.

  • Sangita Shivam says:

    Sunil sir Ashutosh bhai ka email address share kijiye much to learn ..amazing

  • CM Sir says:

    Saturn gives only bad results always …?

  • Manish D says:

    Sunilji what he means by नीच काम ,,, suppose a person of lagna Gemini & 8th House lord is Saturn placed in 11th house ,, how and what he will do as a नीच काम for the Rajyog.

  • J KUMAR says:

    Good thought reguarding development of humanity and astrology.

  • kalpna yadav says:

    Sunil sir pranam
    Sorry sir with due respect and 🙏(folded hands) this APARA VIDYA is not merchantable. Pls sir forgive me if I'm being rude.

  • Vasundhara Karant says:

    well said sir, every genuine astrologer should charge which in turn respecting his efforts to get that divine knowledge,

  • Vasundhara Karant says:

    well said sir, every genuine astrologer should charge which in turn respecting his efforts to get that divine knowledge,

  • Tojo Kehr says:

    Dear Sunil Ji,
    Exalted sun in 10th house.. so drishti on 7th. Does that mean no spouse ? :'(

  • Jyoti Sharma says:

    Excellent video. Thanks for sharing.🙏

  • Nataraju Mokarala says:

    how can we see degree of planets and degree of lagna

  • Nataraju Mokarala says:

    how can we see planets aspects when two planet one in 1degree and another planet in 29 degree in same house

  • Lalatendu Mishra says:

    I feel relaxed by focusing on breathing exercise. the third eye meditation is more effective

  • Mayank Singhai says:

    Few horoscopes to ponder upon based on the statements provided. Sachin Tendulkar horoscope – Exalted Sun(malefic), Exalted Mars(malefic), Debilitated Jupiter(benefic) but with neech bhanga, Debilitated Mercury(Benefic). Now the point malefic in exalted state gives bad result. He was in mars mahadasha from 1992 to 1999. His best performance came in this time only. How does the point related to benefic and malefic work in his horoscope? Sri Swami vivekananda – Saturn in 10th house in Virgo – He never worked in trading of lands and perform wrong deeds. Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa – Saturn(lagna lord) exalted(Retrograde) in 9th house, Mars(3rd and 10th lord) Exalted in 12th house – point to consider related to malefic and benefic.

  • Ankit Pareek says:

    to all board member i am giving up you my birth detail 18/08/1985 , time 12:03pm place jaipur ,rajasthan .please advice me about my career . no job for last 10 year i posses cpl (commercial pilot licence) please help me .

  • S M says:

    Khada means?

  • Cherry Barfungpa says:

    Excellent … this is the truth. Ashutosh ji u are so correct …. Now I understand my life despite my last Rahu Mahadasha dasha and since I cannot do neech work my Raj Yog will not come. no regrets since my Jupiter is excellent. Sunil Ji Thank you million times I am one of them who does her own jup. Yes I will follow the listening to my breahting from now this will help in my Mahdasha I know and come out a winner….

  • Ram Parkash says:

    बहुत अच्छा ज्ञान होता है गुरु जी प्रणाम गुरु जी क्या वर्षफल जो लाल किताब ओर वैदिक का है उस पर वीडियो बना सकते हो बहुत कृपा होगी

  • mamta gupta says:

    Give some remedies for Saturn dristhi

  • Jiwan Parkash Dhir says:

    Very nice/very good knowledge/ guidance

  • Jiwan Parkash Dhir says:

    Very nice

  • Bhagwandas Sukhdev says:

    सर आपने सही बताया.त्रिसरी द्दष्टि पिडा दायक होती है मेरा शनि चौथे घर मे है और नीच का बी है और नवमांश मैं बी बारमे है मैं पुरी लाइफ पीडा मे गुजारि है उपाय क्या हे

  • Bhagwandas Sukhdev says:

    सरजी आपसे रिकवेस है कि सभी विडिओ हिन्दी बनाये

  • no name says:

    Mera Saturn ka 10th aspect 8 th house mein hein,kya fol dega??


    most politicians got sani in their 4th house,and also we need to note most malefic planets saturn and mars turns benefic if its getting aspects near to moon and jupiter conjoin saturn or venus in libra ,mars conjoins or aspected by moon.One thing ,i just want to add.jhotish all about sun light on planets ,and malefics dont have light on its own need help from benefics.That is why chandra adhi yog and kajakesary yog are important.Finally if anyone can calculate value of lights on planets,he will be jhotish guru

  • Archana Sharma says:

    मेरा शनि 0 डिग्री पर शुक्र के साथ नीच का है, कुंभ लग्न , आश्चर्यजनक घटनाएं हुई हैं और तत्वज्ञान की प्राप्ति हुई

  • Sapnaa joshi says:

    I know two charts, where Saturn Mama is present and were also a good guardian for them for a major time period

  • Vikram Pancholi says:

    It would be indeed blunt to make a rule like 'Exalted Saturn will never give shubha Phala' irrespective of assessing:

    • What is ‘Shubha’?
    • When we analyze Saturn in Libra, Shubha is not Laabha. Shubha means what is good for the Soul and not beneficial worldly rewards.
    • What is significance and nature of Saturn? Saturn is a dry planet, a sanyasi, sacrificial traits
    • Saturn is considered exalted in Libra, a sign of Venus. Venus signify wealth and pleasure. Thus, Saturn being naturally dry and Udaseen; when placed in sign of Venus, will catch traits of Venus and give at least some comforts.
    • This combination is very interesting : Pleasure with the attitude of Sacrifice. There is a deep spiritual formula here.
    ॐ ईशा वास्यमिदँ सर्वं यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत् ।
    तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम् ।। १ ।।
    • The placement of Saturn.
    • Ownership of houses by Saturn.
    • If Saturn is Retrograde, as well.
    • Sunil Ji made very pertinent remarks and asked about Saturn’s placement in 8th house.. but did not pursue any longer.
    The gesture about veeparita rajayoga between 12th and 8th : Saturn and Venus respectively, would be interesting to study.

  • Raj 1 says:

    Sunil Sir,

    I am seeing ur videos and find it very knowledgeable. Just to inform u that I have Neelam Ratna which is original and rare and highly effective. I met one exporter and met 2-3 local ratanwala to sale Neelam. But as it costs more than 1lac per rattii and in international market it can go up to 10 lacs per rattii,so not possible to sell in India by putting up in a shop. I really want to help people and help myself too. Kindly let me know how to proceed.

    [email protected]

  • Kings Collection says:

    Ashutosh ji plss see this kundli this guy has a super combinations of planets , but his father died, he has exalted sun seeing directly exalted Saturn ..
    30/4/2012 , 2.08pm, Mysore

  • Durgesh Singh says:

    Wonderful discourse by Sunil ji and Ashutosh ji !!! May God bless you with health , wealth , peace and fame !!!👍💐👍

  • shiv shakti says:

    great sir thanks for this knowledge

  • Rajni Saxena says:

    Hi sunil sir mere video was fabulous specially your last means a lot.thanks and regards

  • sridharan kumar says:

    Useful information

  • Sushmita Sutradhar says:

    good to know

  • Sushmita Sutradhar says:

    wohi tow… fever mereko hein aur dawai le rahan hein aur koi! kya faida?

  • Ajay Singh Rawat says:

    Meri bhabi aur bhi kayi kundli m neech k guru ko acha fal dete huye dekha h

  • Ajay Singh Rawat says:

    I hv 8th saturn in mesh rashi bt never lie ghooth ni bolti

  • Rupa Bhadbhade says:

    शनि पर तिसरा भाग कब आयेगा

  • Babuchka De says:

    If Saturn is in the 10th house of Libra Lagna. Saturn's 10th house drishti will give what?

  • jatin shethia says:

    Sir I have eight Lord deblated and retrogad in sixth house with moon 🤔
    And also am going through that planets Dasha ,
    It's difficult to do or think about neech karma 🙄🙏🏻

  • Shenila Memon says:

    8 house ka bahot achha bataya . very nice thanks guruji

  • Shenila Memon says:

    aashutoshji ka video vapas dikhana bahot achha kehte Ha.thanx guruji

  • Roopa Gowda says:

    What a wonderful interaction……m blessed…….thank you so much both of you…..

  • USS Spirit says:

    Paap graha uchha ho to bura phal . Kya ye niyam functional malefic ya natural malefic ko laghu hota hai¿

  • Rajni Sally says:

    Neech ka Shani in12th house result

  • Bhagyashri D says:

    Excellent information. Please let me know how to approach Mr. Ashutosh Bharadvaj for personal consultantation?
    Thanks and regards🙏

  • Roshan Lal Rajan says:

    मैंने अपने जीवन काल मे इससे बेहतरीन बातचीत नही देखी, सही मायने में ज्ञान की पराकाष्ठा, जिस दिन भी में आप दोनो से मिल पाऊंगा और परामर्श प्राप्त कर पाऊंगा वो दिन मेरे जीवन काल का सबसे उत्तम दिन होगा। पूरा प्रयास करूंगा कि ये शुभ घड़ी जल्दी आये।
    बाकी सब हरि इच्छा।

    आप महान गुनी जनों को, कोटि कोटि नमन।
    जय हो।

  • Pooja Saxena says:

    Bahut hi badiya…Grahon ki drishti kab matter karti hai….mahadasha mein ya kab…Aur in Saturn case in saade saatti…

  • Ashvini Sharma says:

    Dear, Friend very good aur Thanks
    Your work is true & very hard working person… thanks

  • Gaurav Chauhan says:

    Sir aspect ki bat kre to GOEL sir se achha koi nahi bta skta.
    Goel sir jesa saral astrologer nahi hai aapke channel me abhi tak

  • Harihar Das says:

    Pranam Ashutosh sir, kripya guru ki 3 drishti pr bataiye. Aur ek baat puchna chahta hu, madhubani wale pandit ji ka vakri graho pr ky vichar tha? Ucch grah vakri ho jaye tb neech fal dega?

  • Harihar Das says:

    Ashutosh sir aapne jo sun saturn wala btaya…usme dono ek dusre k ghar me hone chahiye ya koi 1 bhi ho to chalega….makar lagna me?

  • Akhil Srivastava says:

    Very very informative video

  • shubha mayya says:

    Sunil sir you are very upfront about what you think its wrong.. Really amazing virtue you have got..

  • कर्म मोक्ष says:


  • Krishna Bharati says:

    गजब बात आपने बताया की नीचभंग का रहस्य का बात बताया।आपसे बातकरना चाहूँगा।9162257358

  • Krishna Bharati says:

    गजब बात आपने बताया की नीचभंग का रहस्य का बात बताया।आपसे बातकरना चाहूँगा।9162257358

  • Sujoy Ghosh says:

    Dear Sunil John,

    Sir is absolutely correct in his point that mantra taken while you take and release your breath is the most important thing since it clenses our mind and intellect and also our concentration in desiring to attain the divine vision of Lord Krishn the almighty as we have bern advised by our guru to take the mantra Radhey while we take the breath and then again take Radhey name while releasing the breath and this would slowly happen all the time automatically means you won't be able to stay without it. He is also correct that the soul taking a human form is only meant to do upasana or devotion towards the Lord and nothing else. Even though I am a very ordinary soul however would suggest you to listen to the divine lectures of Kripalu ji MAHARAJ on you tube and also go through the website where in you would gain a lot of spiritual knowledge and since you stay in Mumbai Kripalu ji MAHARAJ one of the formost disciple stays there who would be able to guide you through in the spiritual relish if you so desire, her name is Braj Parikari Devi you can get her details in under contact us section.

    As far as your interest in Bhagwat Gita I would suggest you the only authentic Bhagwat Gita from the self realized soul or mahatma is from the founder acharya of ISKCON Srila Prabhupada of which I am sending you the link to download it since you won't get the original one in ISKCON since they have done a lot many editing of the Bhagwat Gita As it Is so has lost its original meaning since it is a spiritual offense to edit the words of a mahatma. One point which my Guru suggested about Bhagwat Gita I would like to share with you us that the last chapter chapter no 18 is the utmost and the ultimate chapter and also within that the cloaks from 62 to 65 are the most important and the most confidential of all its written clearly what a soul in a human firm need to do to get release from this 12 houses, 9 planets and the 27 nakshatras of the kal chakra of infinite good and bad karm.

    Following is the link :

    Hope you would read my comments and be benefited in the spiritual path.

    On the service of my Guru and Lord Radhey Krishn.

    Haribol !.

    Radhey Radhey !.
    Sujoy Ghosh

  • khet singh says:

    गुरुवर हमारी कुंडली में सिंह लग्न में शनि हे छठे भाव में मकर में सूर्य हें
    हम कब इस भारतवर्ष का कल्याण कर पाएंगे

  • Vijayta Pandey says:

    Very useful video

  • Sonai Ghosh says:

    Mujhe nahi lagta hai surya pap graha nahi hai

  • Sonai Ghosh says:

    Shani in 1st house aur 3rd house mai 6th lord aur 7th lord conjunct hai tab toh ho gaya

  • Dev Naique says:

    My son has Saturn in 9 at 4.5degree so what is fruit of 10th ascept meaning result in 6th house

  • Manisha sarda says:

    khadhe mein hai… wat does tat mean ?? 6/8/12 ???

  • Deb Sir says:

    Ashutosh Ji ko mera Pronam. Really AJOPA BEEJ NAAM from real Part of PAROMPITA is very important and rare. I don't wanna show my face 😊, can provide you address. He's SRI SRI THAKUR ANUKUL CHAKROBORTY. Thanks

  • Ajit Patil says:

    Best sir

  • Shubhashis Ganguly says:

    Waste of time.It is not Astrology but a drawing room talk between two friends.Gives a wrong impression to viewers about Vedic Astrologer.And Pandit should first improve his SANSKRIT pronunciation before claiming to be a Vedic Astrologer.

  • Shubhashis Ganguly says:

    They need to study Classics before giving wrong knowledge to viewers.

  • Ananya Dey says:

    very very nice

  • vaibhav prabhudesai says:

    Saturn exalted gives bad result? What a joke. Saturn exalted can make a person a king from a beggar. I'm sure he's missing the gist of what his Guru was trying to say. Sun exalted gives bad result? Haha.


    If Saturn in 1st house and debilitated Jupiter in 3rd house, moon in 9th house then what will be the effect?

  • Ethan von Bargen says:

    How wonderful of you to make subtitles thank you

  • Ethan von Bargen says:

    Saturn is in 9 house w Jupiter aspecting 3 house mars in Scorpio, I am going to be a soldier, I will get bad karma from this as Saturn 7 aspect mars Scorpio? It would be great to know, if so

  • Aakash Aakshep says:

    Ye sabhi batein satahi hain.
    Kuch aur khojein mahoday.

  • Aakash Aakshep says:

    Chamatkar hote hi nahi. Na duniyan me kuch invent hota hai. Everything is invented all ready. You can discovere only

  • Pawan Pareek says:

    It is pertinent to know first that what 'SATURN' is, in Vaidic Parlance. Second, Vaidic Mantra as remedy is most potent. Everyone cannot spell correctly. You go to a doctor get yourself diagnosed
    He suggests some medicine, and you pay him fee. The same is true regarding Mantra. On one hand you suggest to charge certain fee for consultation, on other hand you say to do Mantra on its own. Wrong.

  • alok kumar says:

    tab to shani bahut kharab hai

  • Anita goswami Goswami says:

    please give Ashutosh ji contect no

  • op sharma says:


  • Billionaire Club says:

    sir seventh aspect of saturn in Chidambaram kundali is on 11th house of fame where chandra ketu making grahan yog n getting activated in present sadesati of shani kudos to your knowledge hence getting publically defamed

  • Sheneela Memon says:

    Very nice thanks sir

  • Priyanka Dabas aap kuch hi nahi raha says:

    Thanks Sunil ji

  • Lovish Dawar says:

    Sar ji 8 Mai Ghar mein chandrama ho to jyotish log bahut Dara dete Hain aapki kya rai

  • Lovish Dawar says:

    RAM RAM ji

  • Laila Billi says:

    Very true I have 5th Saturn's 10th aspect on 2nd I don't get family happiness very true We watch technique then you forget we should watch on & on 🙏🏻

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