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THE Zodiac signs when they’re tired by BabblingKats

THE Zodiac signs when they’re tired by BabblingKats

Shut up! I’m trying to nap. Thank you. Taurus! I have to go do this thing like right now so while I’m gone I’m gonna need you to… Well, crap Ok so you know we have this special mission that we’re on right? uh huh so we have to get rope ashes, gasoline, matches and illuminate stuff yea right do you got all that? uh huh Okay. Cancer, make your bed but, uh- fine (hello hand) *sigh I wanna go to bed It’s not cold enough! UUHHHGG I want to got to bed, I have homework to do It’s due tomorrow It’s hot Where’s my drink? I asked for it 2 hours ago! Ok, I almost did it and I need something to keep me awake. alright guitar, let’s do this (bad strumming) wow I suck. CEILING FAN Cake, there’s there’s there’s cake! cake… You know what I’ve been up for three hours! I deserve a break! i give up Go away, I’m not going to bed! leave me alone It’s hot. This isn’t cold enough! Why does the ceiling fan spin? I’m like so confused right now How do they make fabric? I’m pretty sure there’s a show for that but… I’m so confused, my head is so jumbled I can’t do anything anyway I’m going to sleep (actual presentation of the Pisces soul)

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