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Three of Swords – Sorrow – tarot card divination

Three of Swords – Sorrow – tarot card divination

The three of swords, sorrow the three of swords
is the second decanate of libra, ruled by saturn. Saturn is a heavy planet also saturn
is exalted in Libra as well. So Binah is the Great Mother, here rules the realm of Air.
This fact involves an extremely difficult doctrine which must be studied at length in
The Vision and the Voice, Aethyr 14. We are not going to do this here, but he is kind
of able to relate the concepts and ideas of the Major Arcana to other systems particularly
the enochian one here. Binah is here not the beneficent Mother completing the Trinity with
Kether and Chokmah. She represents the darkness of the Great Sea. we saw that darkness also
in the Cups as well, didn’t we? because the Great Sea is Water. This card is dark and
heavy; it is, so to speak, the womb of Chaos. There is an intense lurking passion to create,
but its children are monsters. This may mean the supreme transcendence of the natural Order.
Secrecy is here, and perversion. The symbol represents the great Sword of the Magician,
point uppermost; it cuts the junction of two short curved swords. The impact has destroyed
the rose. The rose mentioned in the 2 of Swords. In the background, storm broods under implacable
night. The night of Binah. Not cheerful is it? This is the way of the harmony has to
be broken and to break it is miserable. It creates separation, that is the problem with
harmony, when you have it, you have to get out of it to create other things it is all
going to be destroyed, tears before bedtime. We need a respite from this don’t we? Now
we go on to the 4 of Swords, Truce.

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