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Timed Mile in P.E. | Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi

Timed Mile in P.E. | Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi

*Cheering* Alright! Circle up! James? Johnathon? Right here. Berky? Hey can we just hurry up so we don’t have to do anything? NO Today we’re gonna be running one mile! WHOOOOOO! *Shook* WHYYYYYYYYYYY???????? 4 laps in under 15 minutes or you are all doing it again CHEZ Hey man, hey! Wazzup? Ayee Cool, oh yeah, me too, me too, totally, uh, huh HEY I’m out of here what are we doing today we’re running
the mile exciting right oh yeah about that I’m not oh I got a doctor’s note
all right that’s fine yeah sit down no worries what’s your Excuse I
got in a car accident do you have a doctor’s no I do not so much peace get
over there and start running come on he’s lying I’m gonna go see Chazz remember four laps under 15 minutes on
your marks anybody else there see get set I know right don’t worry about if he
ends up cheating I mean my dad’s gonna sue it was a slip I’m gonna die it is
that a Frappuccino hey are you a thirsty and I dizzy right oh okay hey what smell
skunk and three minutes and 2 seconds nicely done boy can I go again are we doing doc Amaro two levels
optimal I figured that and uh you are hallucinating from heat
exhaustion you must finish the mile take my power are you good yes 8:45 nicely
done don’t was done hey are you good my god you know I didn’t really think
you could do it Wait! Where’s Perry? Oh! He has one minute to get here. Go Perry! everyone under 15 minutes for lap 24 for
laps I thought we just doing one. We’re going again. Again?

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