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Hi everyone, thank you so much for open and play this video This is Graisa and welcome to Review Corner So, earlier this week we’ve got a pretty big news That To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before confirmed its sequel next year Firstly, let’s recap The story of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky has been divided into three books The first one is To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Secondly, is P.S I Still Love You and the third one is Always and Forever, Lara Jean The first franchise now a netflix movie with the same title From the story content perspective Comparing the novel and the movie has the same story but a different focus As previously I have explained in my blog If you have not read it yet feel free to visit Now, if we comparing between the first book and the second one The second book has less cuteness Since the first book overloaded with the cuteness that makes me No way! I’m getting the Kavinsky’s sweetness fever While in the second book more like……okay Probably due to the conflict way more complex and involve more parties If you still remember The final scene of To All The boys I’ve Loved Before is the beginning of P.S I Still Love You (from novel perspective) So, in the To All The Boys book supposedly Peter Kavinksy and Lara Jean were not dating yet So, I am optimist that the second movie would not way too far from the story from its novel If there’s something different it probably has less scenes just like the first movie Everything from the movie has been told already in the novel but there’s some part was not be involved Because there are this kind of director who likes to add more scenes despite from the novel I assume the second movie would be the same and the pace probably will be faster as the first movie has a fast pace as well even though the length of the movie itself was quite long almost 2 hours if I’m not mistaken but there are still lots of scene from book cannot be covered Next, I guess the second movie the story will lead more about friendship and also, I assume there would be a revealation why Genevieve hates Lara Jean that much how Peter Kavinsky still being a jerk why would he still be a jerk? HA also Genevieve’s bitchy attitude must be still there And obviously new characters besides existing characters from the first movie Move on, this is for those who have not read the book yet probably you will “ah right!” Lara Jean wrote letter for 5 persons First, Peter Kavinsky Josh Sanderson the boy next door and LJ sister’s boyfriend The third one, Lucas who turned out to be gay Fourth, Kenny from Camp which the letter for him returned back to home and the last one was John John Ambrosse John Ambrosse McClaren I don’t know whether I spelled it right or not Where is this guy along the first movie? If we take a look back to teaser of the first movie or trailer, I forgot there was John Ambrosse knocked the door that’s the key of the second movie Thing that I wish for next movie I was disappointed on how the first movie skipped the halloween party In the novel, there is a costume party I have been waiting for that scene but turned out there was none in the movie In the second book, there is also a costume party And I wish this one can be happen to be appear in the next movie but if this one also not appear what can I say……. maybe it’s hard to find the costume. lol. I’d like to warn fans of Noah Centineo John Ambrosse probably…. possible to be compete with Noah Because, if we take a look back to the teaser appearence of John was…. looked good plus, he portrays as a smart student I wish, John has a bigger role in the story so the story can lead to something and not predictable hopefully, this can make the character of Peter has less perfection to make the story seems more real and to let people know there’s nothing perfect in this world The next question is Would it be possible the story from the third book will be feature in the second movie? and if the answer is yes, then the story will dominated figuring a teenage life considering future life and college stuff it would be more complex and the plot story will so much heavier than the first one However, there are things I wish to still remaining Sense of beauty in cinematography it’s so cool and I love it too much the coloring the shots and also the beauty sense of Jenny Han on all sets In the next movie, there would be some new places not only school or bedroom anymore and I wish the set would meet imagination from the readers


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