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Top 10 Major Marvel MCU Future Predictions – Part 2

Top 10 Major Marvel MCU Future Predictions – Part 2

The Marvel Cinematic Universe to date has
been full of surprises. While comic fans have seen their favourite
characters and story arcs come alive on the big screen, Marvel Studios has been really
great at taken creative liberties and adapting their classic comic stories in new and inventive
ways. So much so that there’s a ton of speculation
as to what the future of the MCU will be like, especially after the events of Avengers Endgame. So today, we’re returning to our list of
the top 10 major marvel MCU movie predictions with a part two, talking Post Endgame fan
theories! Heads up – there are spoilers for Avengers
Endgame and a handful of other MCU movies on this list (mainly just captain Marvel). You’ve been warned! Now before we begin, I just want to give a
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chance at winning 250 bucks, so be sure to head on over there after this video and subscribe! Alright, now onto our list! 10 Black Widow’s Solo Film
There’s been a lot of talk about Black Widow’s solo film lately. Since the character died in Avengers Endgame,
fans have been speculating as to when her solo film will take place, assuming that the
character isn’t somehow resurrected – a theory that some believe, despite many others
thinking that her sacrifice for the soul stone is the one kind of death that can’t be undone
by Infinity Stones. Anywho, there’s a few theories pertaining
to this – one is that the solo film will take place during the five year gap that occurs
in Avengers Endgame. Another theory, thanks to a user on twitter
named destielonfire, there’s speculation that Sebastian Stan, who plays Winter Soldier
Bucky Barnes, has stated that the Black Widow solo film takes place during Captain America
Civil War. This has led to speculation that Chris Evans
will be reprising his role as Steve Rogers after all, appearing in the film alongside
of her as the two of them as war criminals. 9 Monica Rambeau
The Captain Marvel feature film gave us a glimpse at a young Monica Rambeau – the
daughter of Carol’s best friend and peer Maria Rambeau, whose call sign was Photon
– the name of a superhero who Monica eventually becomes in the comics. While Captain Marvel took place in the 90s,
in the current timeline when Avengers Endgame concluded, Monica would arguably be a young
adult, even if she was snapped. Many are speculating that in Captain Marvel’s
follow up feature, we’ll see Monica become Photon, who may end up working with Carol
(or against her, resentful that Carol left her and her mother so many years ago). 8 The Black Knight
While Monica seems a given, another potential hero character that has caused quite the stir
amongst fans is the Black Knight – According to rumours, the character has been discussed
a lot by Marvel Studios as a character meant to join the MCU in the next upcoming phases. The Black Knight, aka Dane Whitman, is a character
who first appeared in the Avengers issue 47 back in 1967. He is a descendent of the original Black Knight,
and is super villain Black Knight’s nephew, who carries around a mystical sword. It’s believed the character may have already
been ‘introduced’ according to another fan theory – the Quantum Realm in the Ant-Man
and the Wasp film may have had a secret hidden city located within it – an easter egg that
many fans picked up on. Twitter user Jeremy Conrad made a claim on
the social media site that Marvel plans on using the quantum realm to introduce the character
– it’s the only connection between the two currently. Plus, Black Knight Dane Whitman’s love interest
is also coming to the MCU – Sersi, one of the Eternals in the upcoming Eternals film,
who will be played by Angelina Jolie. AND! In addition to that, Marvel has also recently
released reprinted comics that feature the character in them – an interesting marketing
choice, perhaps. 7 No More Avengers
We mentioned on our part one list that there’s been a lot of speculation concerning what
characters will make up the new Avengers team moving forward. But one theory suggests that instead of planning
a major story event like the first four Avengers films, the MCU won’t do something big until
after the next two phases, focusing on more solo adventures, scaling things down. While this seems to go against how the MCU
has progressed in the past (and also doesn’t seem like it would be as financially viable)
there could be another event in the works that doesn’t lean on the Avengers, and instead,
leads to our favourite remaining superheroes teaming up only to realize that hey, maybe
they should re-start the Avengers after all. 6 MJ Is Fury’s Daughter
In Spider-Man homecoming, we learned that Zendaya’s Michelle is MJ, Michelle Jones. Many assumed that her character will be filling
in for the role of Mary Jane Watson. But one redditor by the name of findmywallet
has a theory that she’s more than she appears. They suggest that perhaps MJ is the daughter
of Nick Fury, secretly keeping tabs on Peter Parker, mainly because Parker has a history
of having complex relationships with his friends’ parents – we know that Liz’s father turned
out to be the Vulture, played by Michael Keaton. In the comics, his pal Harry Osborn is the
son of Green Goblin Norman Osborn. From the trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home,
we learned that MJ knows that Parker is Spider-Man. What else could possibly connect her to Fury? Fury has made an off handed comment about
his wife having kicked him out. MJ is anti-government, which would be a nice
trait that could have been derived from Fury being her dad. Some of her outfits resemble Fury’s style. It could explain why Ben Mebdelsohn, the Skrull
Talos, appeared in human form at the end of Endgame in the background of the shot in which
Peter returns to school for the first time with his classmates. They also theorize that MJ’s mother could
be Maria Rambeau, with Maria and Fury having hooked up after Captain Marvel took off into
space at the end of her solo feature. 5 A-Force
Jumping back a bit to the No More Avengers theory we mentioned earlier, this theory could
be one of the stand-ins if the Avengers disappear from the MCU in the next few phases. One of the biggest ‘fan-service’ moments
in Avengers Endgame took place during the final epic battle with Thanos outside of the
Avengers compound – we saw all of the women of Marvel, the remaining living heroes, take
a stand and fight together alongside Captain Marvel ,with a line throwback to something
Black Widow had said during the battle in Wakanda in Infinity War – she’s not alone. Some fans saw this as the beginnings of an
introduction to the A Force, an all-female superhero team. This rumour has only been further perpetuated
by Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel, noting that she’d be super into an all-female
Avengers movie, and that it would be cool to see all of the female heroes interacting. And according to more rumours, Tessa Thompson,
Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, Scarlett Johannson and more of the MCU female actors have actually
pitched the idea to Marvel Studios. 4 Kang the Conqueror
There has been a lot of chatter concerning who the next big bad of the MCU will be. Thanos leaves some pretty big titan sized
shoes to fill. But since time travel was one of the core
elements of Avengers Endgame, many fans have begun to speculate that the next primary antagonist
in the MCU will be a villain whose jam is travelling through time – we’re talking
Kang the Conqueror. Kang first came to be in the Fantastic Four
issue 19 back in 1963. The story goes that in the 31st century, a
scholar named Nathaniel Richards, who was possibly a descendant of Reed Richards, becomes
fascinated with time travel, and stumbles upon one of Doctor Doom’s inventions that
makes use of time travel technology. He goes back to Ancient Egypt, becomes a Pharaoh
named Rama-Tut, and is later defeated by the time displaced Fantastic Four. He eventually reinvents himself as Kang the
Conqueror after returning to the 31st century and conquering a war torn Earth. But because that earth is dying, he decides
to go conquer an earlier version of Earth, traveling through time again, and becoming
an enemy of the Avengers. So, obviously, there would need to be a lot
put in place in order to set up Kang that hasn’t been established already (ie the
Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom). But that being said, it’s quite possible
that if the MCU were to introduce Kang, they could easily work around these missing characters,
similar to how Adam Warlock was left out of the Infinity Saga despite playing a major
role in it in the comics. 3 Namor is Black Panther’s Next villain
In our previous part one of this list, we mentioned the line in Avengers Endgame that
some believed was a hint to Namor existing in the MCU. When Natasha is getting a status update from
various heroes scattered throughout the universe, Okoye, the head of Black Panther’s Dora
Milaje, mentions that there was an underwater earthquake. While many just took this as a throwaway line,
some believe that it was a subtle reference to the king of Atlantis, who, historically
in the comics, has beef with T’Challa and Wakanda. There’s also a moment in Iron Man 2 where
Fury meets with Tony Stark to talk about the Avengers Initiative – the two are surrounded
by holographic screens, one of which points out the ocean off of the coast of Brazil,
meaning that perhaps Atlantis is situated in the Atlantic Ocean between Brazil and Africa,
where the tectonic plates were noted to have been shifting in that Endgame comment. The thing is, despite Marvel Studios having
noted they would love to bring Namor into the MCU, Namor’s rights are still a bit
of a legal mess, meaning it’s really up in the air if the character will be entering
into the cinematic universe any time soon. 2 Secret Wars
We mentioned on our previous list that many fan theories have speculated that Secret Invasion
would be the next big saga to take place in the MCU now that the Infinity Saga has wrapped
up. It makes sense, considering the Skrulls were
introduced into the MCU during Captain Marvel’s solo feature. But the other popular theory about the direction
of the MCU that has been getting more traction since Endgame is that Secret Wars will be
the next big story event that will be what the next phases all lead up to. There have been two Secret Wars in the comics
– the first, and arguably better arc taking place between 1984 and 1985. In it, the cosmic entity the Beyonder, observing
the 616 universe, decides to teleport heroes and villains against their will to take part
in a competition in Battleworld, a planet he created. The Beyonder is basically an omnipotent force,
and would be a deadly villain to face off against, bringing together the MCU characters. It would also act as a way to easily introduce
other new characters to one another, specifically, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four (Doctor Doom
plays a big role in the story) and Deadpool. The Beyonder could pull from various universes
rather than just the MCU-616 one. Another theory is that rather than the Beyonder,
we may see Secret Wars play out in a similar fashion as Civil War did, except orchestrated
by the Grandmaster, whose still kicking around, assuming that the people of Sakaar haven’t
murdered him off screen. 1 Adam Warlock & the Infinity Stones
At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, we learned in the post credit scenes that
Ayesha, the Golden High Priestess of the Sovereign who has a grudge against the Guardians and
tried to kill them on Ego, has been working on a powerful secret weapon – something
that resides within a big golden cocoon that was implied to be Adam Warlock. She says, “that, my child, is the next step
in our evolution. More powerful. More beautiful. More capable of destroying the Guardians of
the Galaxy. I think I shall call him… Adam.” Yeah, seems fitting. A redditor by the name of dannyjerome0 came
up with a theory that suggests thanks to Adam’s existence, the Infinity Stones, which Thanos
destroyed in the prime timeline aren’t actually gone. We know thanks to Wong that the Infinity Stones
are crucial to universal balance, and from the Chosen One that removing them from a time
line could have dire consequences. In Endgame, Thanos says he reduced the stones
to ‘atoms’, which this theory suggests is actually an easter egg, referring to Warlock,
and that Thanos had actually given them to the cosmic hero. While it seems quite unlikely that the mad
titan would just give the stones up to someone we’ve never seen fully on screen before,
there could very well be a tie there, considering the powers and abilities Warlock has, and
his history with the stones. Alright, there we have it friends! What other predictions do you have for the
future of the MCU? Give us a shout in those comments below and
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