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Top 15 Little Known Facts About The Thundermans! ⚡ | #KnowYourNick

Top 15 Little Known Facts About The Thundermans! ⚡ | #KnowYourNick

We asked you which show we
should cover next on Little Known Facts and we heard you. Pretty awesome. Here are 15 little-known facts
about the Thundermans. – So exciting!
– I know! Be careful!
One of these facts is fake. Let us know in the comments
which one you think it is. Get it? Got it?
Good. Fact Number One. The Thundermans first aired
on October 14th, 2013 with the episode
“Adventures in Supersitting”. – You froze your friend.
– I know I froze my friend! Two. Guest stars on the show
included JoJo Siwa. I love your bow! I love your bow more! And your breakfast pics, amaze! Jace Norman. Are you even talking to anyone
on that thing? Yeah, bro.
My security team. Don’t be too long. – Lizzy Greene.
– Wow! Hear that guys?
We’re gonna be real superheroes. And Kel Mitchell. [laughing] Three.
Before creating The Thundermans, Jed Spingarn was the co-producer
of the Nickelodeon hit series Big Time Rush and The Adventures
of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Four.
In 2016, Phoebe and Max Thunderman
took a trip to Swellview to team up with Henry Danger
in the crossover event Danger & Thunder. Hey guys, we’re doing a
Henry Danger/Thundermans crossover. Five.
The Thundermans series finale aired on May 25th, 2018
after four seasons and 103 episodes, spanning six years. ‘Cause I still got it! Six. The Thundermans was the longest running
Nickelodeon live-action sitcom since iCarly. – Whoa!
– Seven. Speaking of iCarly, The Thundermans is the first
Nickelodeon show since iCarly to have three specials in one season. Can you name the three specials? Thundermans: Banished. – Antarctica?
– Antarctica? Thunder in Paradise. Now this is a vacation, baby! And the series finale,
The Thunder Games. Your supersonic jet
is waiting for you outside. – Well, I can fly.
– And I can teleport. Do you want the jet or not? Yes, ma’am! Eight.
Knight Squad is now filmed on the same set
The Thundermans used! Behind the scenes secret. We are currently in
the castle courtyard of Knight Squad, but this is also where the kitchen
of The Thundermans used to be. And the couch was right about here. And the stairs were right about here. Um, and the live audience
used to sit right there. Nine.
Kira has guest starred in a bunch of Nickelodeon shows,
including School of Rock. This is a princess party! I’m a princess! – Henry Danger.
– Are you the daughter of Thunderman? Uh, yeah. Freebee! And Knight Squad. Happy to be back
in your complicated life? Thank you for teaching me
I can’t wish my problems away. Hey, you still have one wish left. Oh, talking alpacas!
Please! [laughing] Ten. Jack Griffo has also been seen
in several other Nick shows. And even lent his vocals
as Blake Bradley on The Loud House. Hey, Uncle Eddie! Tristan, my great, great, great, great
grand-nephew. This is a surprise. Looking good!
Are you sure you’re really 300? Eleven. The last line of the show was… Now let’s go save the world! It’s not the Z-Force anymore. It’s the T-Force. [cheering] – ‘T’ is for The Thundermans.
– I think she got it. [laughing] Now let’s go save the world. Twelve.
Max has a pet rabbit named Dr. Colosso. ♪ Hip and I hop
I can go non-stop ♪ And a pet cat named Bootsie. Nice work, Bootsie. Thirteen. Ironically, Aubrey Whitby hates cherries
despite her character’s name being… Cherry! [laughing] Hi, Thunder Man Thunderman. Fourteen. Addison Riecke,
who plays Nora Thunderman is a huge fan of cats. She said that she
would own a home for cats if she wasn’t acting. I love you too, Addison! Fifteen. The Thundermans won the 2016 KCA
for Favorite TV Show. Thank you guys so much! I’ve been watching The Kids’ Choice Awards
since I was like seven. So to even be here’s insane,
let alone winning a blimp. Thank you so much, everyone!
Thank you to the fans watching the show! We love you so much.
You’re the reason why we do this. We love you.
Thank you, goodnight! Hold it!
Did you catch our fake fact? If you said Max didn’t have a cat
named Bootsie, you’re right! Max is allergic to cats. We’re getting a cat. But, we’re allergic. I don’t care. Bonus fact! Jack Griffo wasn’t initially
going to be part of The Thundermans. The original pilot was filmed
with Tyler Peterson as Phoebe’s brother. Up top! Did any of those facts blow your mind? Which Nickelodeon shows do you
wanna learn little-known facts about? Let us know in the comments below!

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