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Top 5 Scary Simpsons Predictions

Throughout history the role of the sage, the
prophet – and the soothsayer has been important yet mysterious figures. From Nostradamus – to Mother Shipton, to the
ancient deciphered texts of the Mayans – people have claimed to know what lies ahead – giving
certainty to the uncertainty of the future. Well – who would believe it then, that the
contemporary version of this comes in the form of an animated TV comedy first aired
way back when in 1989, created by Matt Groening and developed by James L. Brooks – The Simpsons. And when you really take a close look, it’s
pretty creepy how accurate their predictions have been. What’s going on horror fans – and welcome
back to the scariest channel on YouTube – Top 5 Scary Videos. As always, I’ll be your horror host Jack
Finch, as we take a look at the Top 5 Scary Simpsons Predictions. Roll the clip. Now – I don’t know about you, but I’m
a huge fan of The Simpsons, and if we’re being honest – there are some episodes of
Treehouse of Horror that spooked me a little too much than I’d like to admit way back
when I was a wee bairn. But – who would have thought that the scariest
content The Simpsons have produced isn’t their interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe’s
The Raven – it’s the fact that time and time again, they’ve predicted the future
with staggering accuracy. Well, I guess we better take a look, eh? Before we do that – you know the drill by
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end, where I’ll be reading out some of your greatest comments from the past few days. On with the show. Kicking off at Number 5 – Rigged Voting Machines The Simpsons are no strangers to politically
fueled gags – but the literal definition of stranger than fiction occured back in 2008,
during the nineteenth Treehouse of Horror episode, that aired during the 2008 presidential
candidacy race between Barack Obama and John McCain. It’s a small segment, but the clip features
Homer heading into a voting booth and is surprised to find a brand-new touch-screen machine. But – after he casts his vote for Democratic
candidate Barack Obama, the machine sinisterly replies – One vote for McCain. Thank you. Well – when Homer replies he wants to vote
for Obama, he repeatedly presses the touch screen in frustration, when the machine responds. Two votes for McCain. Three votes for McCain. Then finally – Six votes for President McCain. I mean, that’s terrifying enough in a totalitarian
political climate – but errr – what’s terrifying is that it actually happened. During the 2012 election, where Obama ran
for his second term in office – a man filmed himself using the same kind of touch screen
trying to vote for Barack Obama, but repeatedly found the vote being cast for Republican candidate
Mitt Romney. And The Simpsons predicted the same calamity
– four years before it even happened. Coming in at Number 4 – Siegfried and Roy. During the episode, Springfield – Or How I
Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling – which first aired in 1993, we were
first introduced to the flamboyant duo Gunter and Ernst, magical stage performers that have
a headline slot at the brand new Monty Burns Casino, which features their onstage companion
– a white tiger named Anastasia. At the beginning of the episode, Anastasia
has a flashback whilst performing – remembering that she was taken from the wild by the pair
after being shot with a tranquilizing dart, and then savagely begins mauling them. Well – the duo were a parody of the famous
Siegfried and Roy, Las Vegas stage legends that pretty much did the exact same act. And things again got a little spooky – when
in 2003, ten years after the episode in question aired – Roy Horn, one half of the Siegfried
and Roy duo, was savagely attacked by their trained white tiger Montecore, where he was
grabbed by his neck and dragged offstage while they were performing at The Mirage, leaving
Horn with extensive and life-threatening injuries. I mean, I get it – if you’re in the business
of frolicking on stage with one of the most ferocious feline predators on the planet,
you’re probably going to get hurt at some point – but, there’s no denying that The
Simpsons called it. Next up at Number 3 – The Walt Disney Takeover Now this is probably the smallest prediction
in terms of screen time – but it’s staggering that it would have the biggest implications,
because in short – The Simpsons predicted its own takeover by Disney – nearly 20 years
before it actually happened. Twenty years – that’s insane, right? In an episode that first aired in 1998 – comically
titled, When You Dish Upon A Star – The Simpsons made a brief segway gag joking that 20th Century
Fox – the studio that produced them, had been bought out and fallen under the umbrella of
Disney. Well – in December 2017, Disney announced
the knockout news that it was to acquire the vast majority of 21st Century Fox in a blockbuster
deal worth over 52 billion US dollars, getting Fox’s TV and film studios, its cable TV
networks and its stake in the Hulu streaming service – along with all the character rights
and ownership of its creative property – including The Simpsons. The show literally foretold its own inevitable
ownership. Swinging in at Number 2 – The Higgs boson
Particle Did you catch that? Although, only incredibly brief – Season 10
of The Simpsons hinted at one of their most uncanny predictions ever. Seriously, there have been books written about
this – and the fact that they were pretty much spot on is staggering. Matt Groening is a genius time traveller – or
an alien or something – because coincidence can’t be THIS coincidental, can it? Well, what if I told you that in 1998 – Homer
Simpson pretty much predicted the mass of the Higgs boson particle – 14 years before
CERN did with the Large Hadron Collider. Yeah – during the episode of the Wizard of
Evergreen Terrace – Homer has a midlife crisis – stating that he’s achieved nothing in
his life when comparing it to Thomas Edison, and so he decides to become an inventor. During the episode, he scrawls on a chalkboard
his prediction of the particles mass, 14 years before it was even discovered – and British
science writer and author Simon Singh noticed eerily just how close it was and decided to
write a book about it – called The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets. Well – it turns out that the writers of The
Simpsons were pretty much all mathematicians – and head writer at the time, David X Cohen,
took a stab at the theoretical particle. Yeah – he was pretty spot on – but I’m also
pretty sure that he’s a time traveller. And finally – at our Number 1 spot – President
Trump. Yeah – nothing to see here really guys. Other than the fact that The Simpsons predicted
Trump’s Presidency 16 years before it actually happened. I don’t really know what to say about this
one, other than that it’s insanely accurate – and has gone on to spawn even more accurate
predictions involving The Simpsons version of Trump – and our version of Trump – and
I’m not even sure which one is which any more. The gag first appeared in an eleventh season
episode titled Bart To The Future, which is pretty self explanatory – but it details Bart
and Lisa all grown up, and of course – Lisa is the First Female President of the United
States. Her task is to rebuild the economy after Donald
Trump ruined it during his term as president. Let me reiterate the fact that this episode
aired in the year 2000 – sixteen years before the 2016 presidential election – it’s got
me wondering, what the hell was in the water over at The Simpsons headquarters? I get it, it’s just coincidence right? There’s nothing more to it, they just got
lucky … all of those times … back to back. Well – there we have it horror fans, the startling
fulfilled prophecies of The Simpsons. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box
down below. Before we depart, let’s read out some of your
most creative comments from the past few days. Joris Van Grimbergen says – You rock, Jack. Well Joris, you rock buddy – and your name
is legit the coolest name I’ve heard in a long time. Cheers for stopping by! — Kerry Ann says – Ahh, this was a bit of
an eye opener to say the least. Well Kerry – I’d like to think that all
of our videos are a bit of an eye opener in some shape or form – remember, if you’re
the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room. Or YouTube video – or something like that. I don’t know, I guess I just better stay
then and wait for some smart people. Well – there we have it horror fans – cheers
for sticking around all the way to the end. If you were a fan of this video, make sure
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Finch – you’ve been watching Top 5 Scary Videos – and until next time, you take it

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