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Try Wives Tarot Read Our Love Futures

This means that’s she’s a little nervous, and then she’s gonna get over it, and then she’s gonna
be happy on her throne with all her money. (wives laughing) It’s nine AM, we’re drinking wine, we’re gonna get our futures read. – [Everyone] Try Wives Wine Time. Get that wine flowing. We don’t want another overflow situation.
Why do they always give us such big glasses? She’ll go over it if they’re little. I need a big ol’ target. (saxophone music) I had my tarot read one
time at a party actually. You remember the Buzzfeed holiday party. Did you get your tarot read then? No, if I’m gonna wait
45 minutes in a line, it is for a drink, it is
for food, for free makeup. The line is drawn. The person told me I was gonna have a boy. I mean, that’s a 50/50. It’s a 50/50 chance. Did she also tell you he would be blonde? (chuckling) Did she tell you he would have feet? (wives laughing) There was one time, in Peru, I didn’t even know I was
getting a tarot card reading. The only thing I remember is she flipped a bunch of
cards over, and told me, (speaking in foreign
language) super, super white. – [Becky And Ariel] Super, super white! If anybody in Peru met
Zach, they would say, super, super white.
Yeah. That’s actually how we
talk about him here, too. Madame Pamita is gonna be reading our tarot cards today.
Is it Pamita? I thought it was–
How do you say it? Pimento?
No. It is not Pimento.
It’s definitely not Pimento. Hi, I’m Madame’s Pamita, and you are in Madame
Pamita’s Parlor of Wonders. I do tarot readings, I
do spirit guide readings, I do past life readings, I do all that woo-woo magical stuff here. I’ve been around it for a long time, I’ve even written a book, called Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot. Even had for a while
had a vaudeville show, where I was doing tarot
and music together. Awesome.
Wow! Multi-talented. Each of the cards has
a rich symbolism on it. When you are looking at these symbols, you can tell a story. Some people get very scared about it, they think it’s a fatalistic thing. I always say it’s a little bit like ways, you know, ways tells you which road, oh, the freeway’s clogged,
take the surface streets. A tarot reading is really good for helping you find the path to what it is that you want in life. I can teach you how to do tarot right now, do you wanna learn?
Sure. Kind of, yeah. What’s going on in this picture here? Fighting.
Building. – [Maggie] Men fighting. It’s all of those things,
you’re absolutely right. If you were asking a
question about your career, and you got this card,
what would be the answer? I get it, build, build up?
Interesting that this card was drawn now, Rebecca. So it could mean many things,
is what you’re saying. It’s not gonna mean one thing. Exactly, and that’s where
the intuition comes in. Anywhere I sit down with
someone and I’m doing a reading, I might see that as building,
I might see that as struggle, I might see that as chaos and confusion, what does it mean for that
person in that moment? So the cards only have the
power that you give them. Then that means the Ouija board only has the power that you give it. Talking spirit boards aren’t scary. I don’t know, I’ve watched
a couple movies that would say the contrary.
The word Ouija is a lot like the word Jumangi, and Jumanji’s also a
board game, just saying. It’s also a board game where you get sucked into the board game–
But I’m just saying, but do you think that’s real?
No, I don’t think Jumanji is real. My mother didn’t tell
me when I was little, don’t play with Jumanji. Because it’s not a real thing. You’re trying to tell me
not to listen to my mother. (Becky and Ariel gasping)
I’m telling Wesley he can do whatever he wants. Wes is at home with a
little baby bottle of wine. Actually, we taught him cheers. Aw!
It is precious. He’s got his little milk
cup, and we all go cheers, and he goes, cheers!
Aw! I want that to be our intro. Just Wes and all of us cheersing. Is there a, you’re gonna die, card? There’s a Death card, but the Death card means endings, and actually means transformation. It’s a transformation
from one state of being into another state of being. It says, yeah, there’s
the ending of one thing, but there’s a new day dawning, so guess what, your little baby, when he started walking, it was the end of that little infant in arms time. [Becky And Maggie] Wes got the Death card. When you go from
childhood to teenagerhood, it’s the end of the child. I’m sorry, gals, none of
us can be child actors. Shit, what am I even doing here? Is there a really great card? Like a card that you’re like, ooh, I’m so happy I pulled that one? The best, best, best card is the Sun card. That’s my favorite card. – [Ariel] It’s a little
baby riding a horse. It’s a naked baby riding the horse card. Little naked blonde baby riding a horse. It’s like being visible– Maybe Wes will sleep with it. Becky, are you ready for having a reading? Yes, ready as I’ll ever be. When we start, usually
people will ask a question, or pick a topic that
they want to focus on. I’m making a pretty big career
shift, how’s it gonna go? What I’m gonna have you
do is pull out five cards, and then we’ll look at your reading. (dramatic music) I pulled Death. I cannot believe that just happened. Oh, this is awesome. I swear to God, that probably means money. Look at you! All right, let’s look at this. Maggie, can you guess what that says? I wanna see what you think it says. This means that she’s a little nervous, and then she’s gonna get over it, and she’s gonna fight, fight, fight, and this is a closing of
one chapter of her life, and she’s gonna make a lot of money, and then she’s gonna be happy on her throne with all her money. (laughing) That’s exactly what I
was going with, yeah. I love it. Why do you even have me here? What are we doing, what are we doing? You could’ve done this without me. You need the hat. Do you need an assistant?
Here, here you go. Maggie’s in. Let’s talk about that Death card first. We gotta get that one out of the way. Death card is transformation. You’re going to a place where
you aren’t going to go back. There is a little bit about that, when I look at the five of cups, the first card you
picked was five of cups. This is a card of looking
back at the past and saying, there’s some loss, there’s some regret. Why didn’t I do this, why
didn’t I start sooner, why didn’t I make this choice, but if we look at this figure here, if they would turn around and
look forward into the future, there’s something beautiful there, there’s two cups that are standing, right? Very interesting detail. Here’s where we get into
the crazy symbolism. There’s two cups that are
spilling a red liquid, one is spilling a green liquid. The red liquid is wine. yeah, there might’ve been
something from the past that you’re leaving behind
that was good, wine, awesome. The green liquid, it’s not a smoothie, not a kale smoothie, it’s poison, so this is a very good thing
to actually be moving forward. When I look at that card, I’m like, yeah, you’re looking
back at the good things, but if you really, really get down to it, there’s something about that thing that you’re leaving behind that actually isn’t serving your higher self. Really big, really transformative, and filled with blessings, so it’s a really, really
good thing to see. Seven of wands shows up. I call that card the mountain climber, because it is about putting in effort to get to what it is
that you want to get to. Like if you ask me to climb a mountain, that doesn’t sound joyful to me, but a mountain climber
climbing a mountain, that’s a joyful experience. There can be joy in that experience. It’s effortful, but you’re climbing to the top of the mountain. This card indicates
that you’re gonna be at a really high peak of success, but it’s gonna require effort
to get to that success. It’s not gonna be handed to you. This isn’t a gift that
someone is giving you. Now, what’s very interesting, I think there’s something
about money in this situation that you’re a little nervous about, because the four of pentacles shows up, and that’s a card where we see this king holding onto these four gold
coins, these four gold discs. He’s holding on super tight to
them, but where’s the threat? Is there a burglar, no. He is nervous about his stability, but it’s unnecessary nervousness. We have this eight of pentacles,
which is skill building, working really hard,
getting better and better, and becoming more valuable. I love what I see here. What you’re leaving behind,
it’s got some good points to it, but it’s not the be all and the end all. What you’re stepping into is so beautiful and gorgeous for you. Cool.
Beautiful. When will I get a cat? When will I get a cat? That’s a timing question.
Come on! (laughing) Kitty Keith, Kitty Keith. Pull out one card,
Okay. And then I might ask you to pull out more. We don’t need to pull out any. This is it.
I’m a good picker! That’s six of cups.
So six years? Six of cups says six months. Six months?
Ooh! Kitty Keith, Kitty Keith! That works perfectly with my schedule. This is very good for us. What’s really funny is that six of cups is two little children. I don’t know, I got–
Two cats! Two little children, she means my IED’s in for another two years. All right, Maggie, are you
ready to have a reading now? What I’m gonna have you do, well, what first is your question? What would you like to look at? I think I wanted to start
out with a general reading, and see where it goes from there. – [Pamita] Pull out five
cards and flip them over. One, okay. I was hoping I’d get the baby. Why?
Oh, but why are you searching for the baby, Margaret? It’s the best card.
Oh yeah, no, that’s fair, I want the
horseback riding baby, too. (harp music) First card you picked was
the five of pentacles. Five of pentacles is an
interesting card to show up. It shows these two poor people
that are out in the snow, and they’re shivering and suffering, but yet, look what’s behind them. There’s a window, a stained glass window, so we would assume that’s a church, so this can mean, oh, I’ve
been suffering financially, or I’ve been suffering in my health, but there’s a place of
sanctuary and shelter. There’s a way to get out of it. You have to knock on that door, you have to find that door
and get out of that place. You have the choice to either say, my life sucks, or to get out of it and to find that good thing. Everything else around this is amazing, so that tells me it’s not gonna be hard for you to find that door. Yeah, so I wanted to talk
about how I got news, health news, earlier this year, and I’ve had to make
a lot of life changes, work changes, I had to
completely change my schedule just to take care of myself, and that was very overwhelming, and in the beginning, I was so
overwhelmed with information, and I shut down and didn’t
know what to do with it. I mean, I would say, as we look at this, that five of pentacles is like, that news is not good news
when you get health news, but what this card is saying is you get the choice of going,
why me, poor me, whatever, or you go, you know what,
I’m gonna solve this problem and I’m gonna do something about it, and it sounds like
that’s what you’re doing. Very interesting the card next
to it is the eight of wands. The eight of wands is
focusing your energy, and having everything move really quickly. It seems like there’s a reason that that one came up first,
you know, because it’s like, this is what happened, and this is what’s happening now. It’s really a message for you
when you get this card of, don’t stay in the pity party. Two of swords is the
card of decision making. We have that woman that’s
sitting on that throne, she’s holding those two
swords really tightly, she’s protecting her heart. – [Ariel] She also has a blindfold on. Yes, so she’s not seeing, tell me what’s going on in that scene. Calm sea, beautiful clear
sky, it’s a beautiful scene, but she’s like, oh, I’m scared. – [Becky And Ariel] Aw! Maggie! Is there any symbolism in, Maggie’s gonna
kill me for asking this, in the white dress? In the fact that she’s
wearing a white dress? Pros and cons.
Should I marry Zach? Ooh, she read my plan. She didn’t even skirt around it. – [Pamita] We can talk about this card. This is the two of cups. Shows a couple toasting each
other with golden goblets. Here’s to you.
Here’s to you, Bustafelds. We call this card the pledge. I promise to love you all my life long. Zack and I openly talk about the future. It’s something we talk about, but we’re enjoying the
life stage that we’re in. We just moved in together,
we’ve been dating. That is so wild, you’re an old soul, girl. We’re not in a rush. Our last card that we haven’t talked about is the three of cups. That looks like you three.
It’s people cheersing. It’s totally people cheersing! – [Pamita] It’s three women
dancing around and toasting. I love this! I got really scared when
we were talking about the poor people in the snow. We look at it in order,
this is the outcome card, if we look at them in order. It’s making a lot of sense. I feel like even though I
asked for a general reading, the three things in the back
of my mind were all hit. Do you have another question? What do the spirits
think about my love life? Start by pulling out one, and then we may stop at one
or we may pull some more. Ah, the emperor!
Oh my god. We don’t need to pull any more cards. I’m gonna tell you all about this. Look at that guy. He’s your emperor, your his empress. He looks at you like he’s
gonna treat you like a queen. You hear that, Zach?
(laughing) – [Pamita] This is a strong
and long-lasting relationship. He’s your rock, girl. This one over here is your rock. There is a number on there. Could that be a timing situation? Four days, you’re gonna
elope in four days, no. Four days. I have a very pointed question, because I think that Maggie
is going to ask Zack. I have this feeling, I have a feeling, and I wanna know if it’s right. Let’s test how psychic you are. You pulled the king of swords, that is a very particular card. It’s the king of swords,
not the queen of swords. Interesting. Swords represent communication, so that’s probably not Maggie’s wish. There you go.
You just got tarot’d. There you go. The official asking asking
is gonna come from him. So what’s the question for you? I have a question for me. I actually, I wanna know about Wes. Is that possible to do a
general reading for my son? Yeah, of course, of course.
Baby Wes. I hope, oh my god, though, I just realized that something awful could come up. We already did that.
I would literally die right in this chair if
the Death card came up. I’m gonna throw that out there. I wanna know all the wonderful things, but I don’t wanna know
all the awful things. Becky and I will protect
Baby Wes from that. Yeah.
You got us. If any of these cards that are pulled, we will rip it up and eat it, so it doesn’t happen to
Wes, it’ll happen to us. Just a warning, there will
be some eating of cards if they are bad cards.
Just warning, you might be missing cards. Already awesome, okay. Even more awesome. Whoo, they’re all men.
They’re all men. Oh!
I see boobies. Let’s talk about it, nothing scary. This is amazing. He’s amazing. He’s already amazing, he’s
even gonna get more amazing. Oh my gosh.
These are facts. Star card is about being
divinely protected, being connected to the ether,
being in a place of joy. It’s also kind of a
psychic awareness card, so there’s psychic abilities that he’s gonna tap into, if he wants to. If he wants to.
Whoa, Baby Wes! He’s a wizard.
Baby Wes is gonna get those
tarot cards and be like, ball, dog.
(laughing) – [Pamita] He’s gonna be very open. He’s going to have affection
for other humanity, for animals, for things like that, so it’s really, really beautiful. We also see, too, there’s
a couple other cards. The first card you pulled,
I was like, this is awesome. This is the nine of cups, which is the card of being
very satisfied with life. That’s all I could ask for!
Life is good, exactly, but also having that grateful
heart, really grateful heart, and being really satisfied with it, being appreciative of his parents, being appreciative of the life
he has, acknowledging that. You’re just telling me all the things I wanna hear, I could cry. You won the lotto with that one kid. Oh my gosh, I’mma cry. Do any of those cards say if there’s a little baby brother or sister? I told you about this! I am in charge of my own destiny. It will happen when I am ready. We can do a one card.
Okay. Let’s take a look and see.
Yeah. Yeah, I wanna know. When, the when?
Yeah. When am I gonna get pregnant? Inquiring minds.
Inquiring minds wanna know. Give the people what they want. Give the people what they want. Pull out one card. I might make you pull out another one if it’s not a timing one.
Okay. Gotta pull out another one,
that’s not a timing card. That says in four months. That is exactly what we were thinking. That’s crazy. There’s also something I wanna tell you, when you have a little kid, when they’re about three
years old and they’re talking, but they’re still not
quite into their childhood, they’re still kind of a baby, ask them, who were you
before you were born, who were you and where did you live before you came to me, and they’ll tell you
about their past life. What?
Yeah, this happens every single time. Don’t do it when I’m around. You’re gonna wig me out. Time to get out the Ouija board. (upbeat rock music) Now we have to get you a glass of wine. – [Becky] I think we
killed the bottle actually. Did we kill the bottle, oh my gosh! Pour it in.
There we go, there we go. – [Everyone] Cheers! It tastes like backwash 2008. – [Wives] Yay! A beautiful vintage. (laughing)

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