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Two of Swords – Peace – tarot card divination

Two of Swords – Peace – tarot card divination

Two of Swords Peace. Now originally in the
Golden Dawn this is called the Lord of Peace Restored. But this is the Twos as we know,
where the elements originally manifest in their pure form. So you can’t restore something
that is there in its pure form so it has to be Peace. And from the chaos of the Ace of
Swords which is all over the place we have gone back through a Son to the Father in Chokmah.
Crowley says, it is subject to change as is no other suit. It represents a general shaking-up,
resulting from the conflict of Fire and Water in their marriage, chokmah and Binah, the
father and mother, and proceeds ,when Earth appears to crystallization. But the purity
and exaltation of Chokmah are such that this card manifests the very best idea possible.
to the suit. The energy abides above the onslaught of disruption. This comparative calm is emphasized
by the celestial attribution; the Moon in Libra. Two of Swords is the first decanate
of Libra. The moon is change but nature is peaceful; moreover, Libra represents balance;
between them they regulate the energy of the Swords. It is interesting that Crowley changed
the name of the Justice card to Adjustment because this idea of change that comes in,
Adjustment is not just balance, it is the things that keep it in balance, which is more
important. He says about the card, In the card appear two swords crossed; they are united
by a blue rose with five petals. This rose represents the influence of the Mother, whose
harmonizing influence compounds the latent antagonism native to the suit. The Rose emits
white rays, producing a geometrical pattern that emphasizes the equilibrium of the symbol.
It is a symbol of harmony and in the card you can see these four symbols here, they
are like the whirling dorjes, as we saw in the 2 of wands, but they are whitish yellow
kind of colour this is the source of the energies are balanced because there are four of them.
So he is presaging something else to come isn’t he? The next card is the 3 of Swords,

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