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Tyrion Lannister Predictions ft. SmokeScreen | Game of Thrones S8

Tyrion Lannister Predictions ft. SmokeScreen | Game of Thrones S8

100 Replies to “Tyrion Lannister Predictions ft. SmokeScreen | Game of Thrones S8”

  • Because Geek says:

    Thanks for watching guys! Check out out Cersei Predictions over here -> https://youtu.be/vBDkH-GHW8E 😀 and what do you think will happen to Tyrion in S8?
    Oh also here's the link to the whole playlist of predictions -> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjDVHKSa1WjNTQAde4x8uVt3aBu_o1HQ3 🙂

  • archy2frank2 says:

    I see it being possible Tyrion betraying Dani by picking Sansa.

  • Ladee Relli says:

    I've commented on Smokescreen's channel before on agreeing that Tyrion will be sipping on Imp's Delight finally telling his joke…but what if after that he dies because someone poisoned his wine? I know way out there LOL 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nor says:

    You did both put together good assumptions, I think he'll find a way to be small as possible in WF – i am not playing words game in here ! – I just wonder if Tyrion is ready to jump on the grenade ( on average burning KL to preserve the NK to turn the people but like Smokescreen i am not buying it ) and be sentenced to death in a heroic way. Nah… But he could conspire with Varys in order to sit on the Iron Throne. Remember his look before boatsex ( moreover Peter Dinklage said he is in love with Dany so.. Jealousy can make you do horrible things. Wait and see

  • Grogin says:

    I love these collaborations, keep up the great work you two.

  • Kevin Maguire says:

    I hope the final scene is Tyrion and Bronn having a pint of Imp's Delight at Bronn's big ass castle.

  • portamenteff says:

    Mary Queen of Scots, agreed not to press her claim to the English throne if Elizabeth named Mary's son James her heir. James I, became the first unified, undisputed king of Great Britain. Tyrion could be setting up that, and be called treasonous by Danny.

  • Dallas Itzen says:

    Maybe flames with Tyrion because he could be a surprise Azor Ahai

  • king pin says:

    He aint no Lannister, the real Lannister baby was stolen and replaced by a COTF baby, that's right, our boy got them Old Gods powers!!!

  • Otha Bojangles says:

    I think when Jamie gets to Winterfell Tyrion will definitely be trying to save him which I’m guessing will not go over well with Danie

  • Michelle Schobert says:

    Will there be a new song of the Lanister's of Casterly Rock and give the Rains of Castamere a break because the Lanisters ended house Reyne? Thanks for the video Val and Chris! Love to see you working together again.

  • Mohsin Rasheed says:

    King Tyrion and Queen Sansa will end up on the throne as reagent.. until the true heir(Jons and Daenerys son) will come of age.

  • chicken2jail says:

    If Tyrion betrays Dany, it will be due to the worst curse of all — Bad Writing. Hopefully, it won't happen.

  • Androoi says:

    I think you are right thinking Kings Landing will be blown up by wildfire taking the whites with it. Only it will be Jaime that does it. He stopped it from happening once to save the people. This time he'll do it to save the world. It would allow for a final entry in the book of achievements.

  • Kasey Kasket says:

    Dude I so agree with the honeycomb joke. If it doesn't finish, I don't know what to do with my life.

  • Androoi says:

    Third trial could be Cersei holding him for treason and if he demands trial by combat could be the set up for Arya's death against the mountain or Clegane bowl.

  • Sophia Wilson says:

    In In the books Tyrion and Cerisi and Jamie are all children to Tywin Lannister. When Cerisi and Jamie were born, Aerys was so jealously because he and his Queen keep loosing children. A another point Rhaegar is not Aerys and he knew that.

  • Ali Marie says:

    I like Tyrion pulling a Lann the Clever move and, while not carrying on his own family line (the sacrifice and fuck-you to Tywin's cause), being a progenitor in terms of carrying on another (maybe Stark)

  • Capital H says:

    Maybe "rule of the" will be flipped on its head and he'll be the JUDGE in a trial??

  • Piper Of Pink Maiden Castle says:

    Yes. Yes. YES! To everything you’ve both said …. YES!

  • DoYouKnowWhoIam Im Ivar the Boneless says:

    Val sweetheart ..I have to disagree respectfully with brother Chris …I think somehow Tyrion has a crush on Danny ..and i think this crush on her is what made him to act so differently toward Danny this two last seasons ..I dont say that he is in love with her ..but i think he has that crush on her ..this is what makes him jealous toward Danny loving Jon..He in S6 told to Danny to leave Daario behind in Meeren and he also told her after that Daario wont be her first love or her last ..He also in S7 was negative on Danny about her felling in love with Jon and he was the first that put the idea to Jon to go catch up a wight North of the Wall and he then tried to stop her to go there by telling to her that ''if you die ..we are all lost''..which was right ..but somehow hints that he has hidden feelings for Danny and he sees her as a woman..not only as his queen..There is something that motivates him to do what he did this last season ..and i think this something is a bit jealousy of Danny loving Jon ..Thats why i think he will be the betrayal for love..HER LOVE…Thats why he will die in S8 ..When i saw for first time in S1 ..i was thought that he is also mean like the other Lannisters ..but then in the later episodes and until S6..i worshiped him..he was my third fav after Arya and Danny ..and i hated what they did to him last season ..They made him to look like an idiot who can be manipulated by Cercei ..with a ''pregnancy''..easily ..I donts see how Tyrion will survive after that.

  • L A says:

    Thank you! It doesn't make sense as a character that he betrays Danny!

  • Jahan Shams says:

    Is there any chance of Tyrion & Sansa marriage

  • Josephine Winter says:

    "ideally we'd avoid purifying too many non-believers" that's gonna be my new catchphrase

  • Josephine Winter says:

    cersei will burn the lannister house to the ground by going on a bender after her miscarriage and finally drinking so much wine she trips over and spills the wildfire all over the ground and poof! up it goes

  • Jo Hogan says:

    What if the connection between Tyrion and fire means he’s the Prince who was Promised in the R’hllor lore?

  • 34 says:

    Sorry to bother you, but Tyron is going to survive way beyond Danaerys does.

    That hypotethical third trial for treason?… unlikely to happen.

    And yes, he will end up alongside with Sansa and the child of Danaerys and Aegon, sixth of his name, true King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm (our great former Lord Commander, Jon Snow) which unfortunately will pass away by that time too.

    Bittersweet indeed.

  • Maxine Ward says:

    oh val, i love listening to you sleuth through this story, but i really do not like listening to chris. these conversations you share are causing me emotional conflict

  • Cherry! Bomb says:

    Thats so cool and crazy all the fire connections you found in imagery and speech w/Tyrion😎🔥Its sad but yea I mean its all over. I just hope it’s meaningful

  • Julia Dawson says:

    I would be gutted if Tyrion ends up betraying Dany, especially for Cersei who hates him with a passion.
    But he does have a familial tie and as Cersei has lost all her children.

  • kyle Dubs says:

    Despite all the hints toward his death, I think he lives. I think he is a central character that GRRM identifies with too much for him to die at the end – UNLESS he dies a hero's death, and I am not sure how that would happen…

  • Meredith Ericksen says:

    Two of my favorite GOT youtubers collabing on a video prediction… I'm here for that!

  • Neilsa Layne says:

    I wonder if Sansa and Tyrion will end up raising Jon and Dannys baby

  • Azarial R says:

    What if his third trial is by Cersei? The whole series she’s been trying to kill him, so she’ll think she’s got him for betraying her based on whatever lie he told to try and sway her. Every trial he’s asked for Jamie to be his champion and people won’t wait for him. So what if he does his typical trial by combat, and she picks the mountain and Jamie steps up for Tyrion and dies. Then she dies from taking whatever poison was said to be mixed with ash, I can’t remember what one. The question would be self inflicted, to mirror the Queen of Thorns, or poison by another done to kill a queen at a spectacle like they tried to do to Dany in the fighting pits in the books? Regardless her joy at thinking she’d finally beat Tyrion and the prophecy would literally result in her joy turning to ash as the prophecy is fulfilled. That’s my guess.

  • Michelle Kaylan says:

    All of Kings Landing SHOULD burn. Those people are jerks. Throwing vegetables, spitting, turning on a dime when it comes to loyalty. I can’t recall seeing small folk in KL ever being shown being NICE ! Up North, In Dorne and other spots, yes, but not KL.

  • TheZombout says:

    I like both ideas of Tyrion being the son of Aerys or Tywin. Because of Tyrions ability to rule as compared to his siblings. Which could be both fathers. Aerys apparently ruled really well in the beginning. Nice job guys! I hope you're wrong about Tyrion's betrayal.

  • Trent Evenson says:

    I like the idea that he is Tywin's only son

  • lanmola says:

    GRRM don’t play by the rules

  • JoyBoy_316 says:

    Making tyrion a targarien is like saying that tywin was right
    I love tywin but I hate that idea just saying

  • Josh korosecz says:

    These co-op-borations are amazing guys! As a long time subscriber to both of you, I hope you'll continue after game of thrones ends. It's going to be so sad 🙁 but we are getting some spin-offs at least. Wanted to say we all appreciate and enjoy all the work and time you put into these and thank you so much. You guys rock. Cheers mates 🙂

  • Ilargizuri says:

    I am afraid Tyrion will die because he killed his Father and Shae, that was murderer and he has to face the consequences for that. And actually it is not important what he promised Cersei, one of the two side in that War for the Throne will be vulnerable to the other Side, THATS the important thing about that pact between Tyrion and Cersei.
    And I have A BIG WISH for your next Video together: NO SHIPS AT ALL! I hate ships, and shipping-wars. Let the Jonsas have their Fantasies, let the Jonerys have theirs and don't give them Food during your Collabs. PLEASE, please, please … no ships in Jons Video, everything from: He will become the next Nightsking to he will die, is totally okay with me, as long as you two don't mention any ships at all!
    And one little detail, just in Case: If Daenerys wants to sit on the Iron Throne she has to kill Jon and her Baby if she wants to sit on it and be Queen Regent. If she doesn't and marries Jon instead and/or gets pregnant from him, she is in the same Position as Cersei is now, just Queen Consort without any Power to make any decisions at all! And she doesn't sit on the Iron Throne, she won't rule the 7 Kingdoms. Thats not what Daenerys became during 7 Seasons. Now she wants the Iron throne and she wants to become the Queen of the 7 Kingdoms.
    Jon is the trueborn Son to the last Heir to the Iron Throne, Daenerys was born after they lost the Throne, Rhaegar died before that, that is very important. So if Daenerys marries Jon, regardless if she knows who he is or not, he is the Heir to House Targaryen and that of Cause he is the rightful heir before Daenerys and if she marries him, she will loose every entitlement to inheritance for House Targaryen and the Iron Throne, as long as she isn't married to Jon, she is his Heir until he becomes a Father. Thats how Inheritance in middle Ages works.

  • andrew strongman says:

    Burning pitch might prove effective against wights, but imagine the conflagration that would result from a single pass from a dragon.

  • Classical Masterpieces says:

    What's up with Longclaw's eye blinking at 16:15

  • Fox B says:

    As far as the show is concerned, its not just two Trials that Tyrion has survived. He has survived 2 Trials, 2 battles, 2 marriages and 2 Kings (he was gone before Tommand's coronation, but lived through Robert & Geoffrey. I don't count the Mad King because while Tyrion was alive as a child during his rule, they said he never met him.)..

    I also noticed the constant references & scenes to fire with Tyrion, but I feel its more likely a reference to him as a Targaryan rather than death by fire.

  • NerdGirl72 says:

    I have predictions lol…Gendry will be King, Jon will be his hand or King of the north. GRR Martin said the end game was foreshadowed in the first episode. The first episode Rob and Neds banter was just like Gendry and Jon when Gendry told Jon who he was. Tyrion will be warden of the north with Sansa. Arya will go west of westeros.

  • Shade of the Evening says:

    Hi Valentina! Pretty new sub. Love your videos! I've been doing Lady Wolverton's Bookclub and couple streams with Rhee Venjenz. As soon as I get my camera for computer, going to get some stuff uploaded to my channel. Sansa is definitely the younger more beautiful queen!!😊💜💜💜📚

  • Rafael Venegas says:

    Best analysis out there. Congratulations you guys. You would make an amazing couple by the way

  • HRH Mystique says:

    I believe that Tyrion has already betrayed Danny. Danny's attack on casterly rock was a disaster. I think he knew it was going to be a disaster because he did not want his brother in harms way when the attack went down. Again, how/why did the "other" Grey joy armada end up in casterly rock? He did say that he would never bet against the Lannisters. He said that he loved his family very much. Unless his family happens to be targereans, I'll bet on his betrayal being purposeful. He only hoped to not be caught… BTW, I find the looks that the r'hlor servants, including kinvara, gave Tyrion are suspect.
    Is this an area that is explorable?

  • Dominic Briggs says:

    Shirley any deal tyrione may have made was off the second cersi broke it by not sending her army north isnt it ?

  • K M says:

    The main reason i like the Idea of cersei/Jaime being a Targaryen, Is that would mean Robert married one! after all of the wiping them out etc . that would be some story. Start a war on a lie about lyanna, end up marrying rhaegars sister 🙂

  • DOnONe733 says:

    theres no logical timeline for tyrion to be a targaryen. Plus tywin sent his wife to casterly rock years before tyrion was born. but anyway, i think tyrion will be entrusted with building the new world at the end.

  • Lauren Brillante says:

    I've been doing a rewatch of GOT and one thing that stuck out for me is Arya saying 'one of these days I'm going to stick a sword through your 'head or eyes' and out the back of your skull'… watching for that one, could it happen in season 8, will the hound become a wight? or will he survive as one of the 'broken' …

  • Jessica Jacobs says:

    I didn't think Tyrion would betray Dany either, until it occurred to me that they are paralleling Dany and Jon's story line with that of Rhaegar and Lyanna. At the end of season 7 when he's standing in the shadows while they are hooking up, Bran is telling Sam how Robert's Rebellion was built on a lie. If Dany and Jon are being compared to Rhaegar and Lyanna, then Tyrion is being compared to Robert, i.e., the jealous lover/suitor. Also, as many have already pointed out, the conversations about lies at the Dragonpit earlier in the episode point to something being based on a lie, whether it is to Cersei or Dany/Jon. And, even though Dany has been betrayed many times over, I still think the "betrayal for love" hasn't played out yet. On top of that, throughout season 7 they play up the growing disparity between Tyrion and Dany. For me, however, there was a conscious decision made by show runners to parallel the Robert's Rebellion storyline to current events with those particular characters–and not just to necessarily say "hey it's all a lie and these are Jon's true parents."

  • Dragon Grandpa Gamer says:

    Awesome video. You two have chemistry.

  • Chris says:

    Tyrion becomes the Warrior of Light aka: The Night King and his sister Daenerys becomes the Lord of Light aka: The Night Queen

  • Watcher on the Wall says:

    You two are such a great team! Heading to Chris's channel now … 😁

  • Melanie Misel says:


  • Christopher Tracy says:

    Hello Geek, I don't like Smokescreen because he gives away most of the plot. Maybe Tyrion was the betrayer and not Varys. Although they may be working together.

  • Christopher Tracy says:

    Are we watching the same show? Look at all Dany had 2 go through!! Just remember the speech she made 2 Jon! In the books he will but on the show he's a Lannister.

  • charmaine white says:

    Tyrion has been different since he killed his father (logically in the real world, not accurate in the books), and his strategizing has been horrid. Dany being angry with and/or suspicious of his intentions is MORE than understandable. I would love for them to not have Jon find out he's Rhaegar's son (because he dies).

  • Age Of The Witch says:

    I recorded my opinion in this a week a go still have time to edit but i basically completely agree about Tyrion killing his whole house .

  • Age Of The Witch says:

    There is another theory of mine about the dragon in the end of the trailer the one I believe to be names Dark flame Marwyn who has lied in the crypts for Hundreds of years that might be the one that Tyrion rides if he turns out to be half Targaryen. Still agree about him ending his house. It's extremely likely. Not sure if he dies tho!

  • Joe P says:

    I think if Tyrion is put on trial he will demand a trial by combat. He will be denied. Tommen declared it obsolete and someone will say ‘too many people have died for you’… not sure if he will be found guilty though…

  • Scott McCloud says:

    the Big Question, will Tyrion be the Lanier of the Religious Caste of the Throne Universe?

  • KenFolan says:

    You missed something else, something that Tyrion has said multiple times. Something he first said in season one and said again in the last episode of season seven, to paraphrase, "remember Bronn, whatever they offer to pay you, I'll double it".

    This has to have a pay off in the last season, it goes to the very core of a key relationship in GOT.

    In my mind Bronn will be offered a sum of money to kill Tyrion. Maybe Cersei pays him to go north, catch up with Jaime, and kill her younger brother. And it comes down to something that Tyrion has been saying since day one, he'll always match Bronns price.

  • Arthur Itskovich says:

    Speculating about every single word…. without any significant grounds

  • CarlyO Jean says:

    https://youtu.be/dTOYRkj7jIY – if Greyjoy attacks, the very first few seconds of this foreshadows it. Tyrion makes remarks about “brooding” over his lack of foresight about a surprise Greyjoy attack.

    Also, in season 7 when John meets Dany, there is foreshadowing it the betrayal is true. She says to John “Together we will save this country from those who would destroy it” and it cuts to a shot of Tyrion, then Dany looking at Tyrion and him looking back at her”.

  • slade-joseph- Wilson says:

    I mean brann basically saw both the show and the books so

    How can he not be a fan of tyrion

  • slade-joseph- Wilson says:

    What if brann ends the game of thrones

    By ending the joke of tyrion
    Because he KNOWS

  • slade-joseph- Wilson says:

    What if

    When the dead attack winterfell
    Brann goes to cersie like the raven did to the mad king

    To warn them ahead of them telling cersie


    Making cersie plant wildfire
    Althrough kingslanding

    To burn them all

  • slade-joseph- Wilson says:

    If tyrion would get a third trial
    He would again demand a trial by combat

    Calling forward jaimie or bronn

  • slade-joseph- Wilson says:

    I would burn our house to the ground

    And how would you do that

    Tyrion pops up : maybe i will 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • slade-joseph- Wilson says:

    They dont even have to die
    If they dont have children the lannister name dissapears to

  • slade-joseph- Wilson says:

    If tyrion die's by fire specially if he die's by a dragon

    It would confirm a little that he is NOT a targaryan right ?

  • LynAnn Mastaj says:

    Sansa and Tyrion Married will they rule together?

  • supernaturalterror 420 says:

    This chic is extremely cute. Lots of big white teeth.

  • Brian Huckaby says:

    I take no pleasure in this, but while I concede that Tyrion’s “betrayal” may not be overt, I think Varys the spider is toast

  • kemparo says:

    tyrion is 100% Targaryen . it's clearly showed when he trying to release the dragons, one of the dragon just about to burn him alive then it stop without tyrion even said a thing yet. it can smell tyrion targaryen blood.

  • JAFKennedy says:

    He could remarry Sansa & let their kids be Starks !

  • Alberto Carreon says:

    What traits could Sansa show that Danny doesn't have? Sansa feed a living person to dogs. She wanted to destroy 2 great and old families and has never once showed that she cares about the common people.

  • Rhaenyra Reigns says:

    The jackass and the honeycomb joke was ended in multiple ways on Rawrist's channel. ^^'

  • Chris M says:

    PREDICTION: Arya is running from Wight Littlefinger.

  • DL Southwell says:

    Throw all guesses, predictions, what ifs, and must be's out the window. those teasers and trailers are meant to confuse and convey the opposites. there's no way Ben & dave will allow you a break. Sansa's going to die along with Jon, Dany, Brienne, Jamie, and Tyrion because this is not yer mom's fairy tale. In the end it'll be Gendry and Arya on the throne with the little girl whisperer the Onion Knight as Hand ;-/

  • PlotTwist says:

    Omg 4 bugs from first Milestone, this have me more excited than GOT8 <3

  • Emily Cooke says:

    Bran isn't in the crypts in the spoiler because he is marked by the Night King

  • Annette Mattes says:

    How are they going to fit a million people in Winterfell?

  • Annette Mattes says:

    I don't think Tyrion will commit an outright betrayal but he and Varys will see how much in danger Danerys puts herself in and, thinking that she can't have children, they make a contingency plan for someone else to take the throne if she dies. I'm thinking it will be Sansa because she's shaping up as an even tempered and highly capable leader, which will be ironic because she's never going to marry ever again. Anyway the plan will be discovered and it will make them look very bad.

  • S C says:

    During this last season I think Tyrion will be short, drunk, or horny several times.

  • projectA2952 says:

    I love the idea of tyrion being a Targaryen, i love the scene after he learns of Robb’s starks death and everyone is dismissed except for tyrion and tywin and he speaks about making decisions for the sake of their family and it gets to point where tywin yells “ the day you were born” and he then says but i brought you up as my son, because your a Lannister.” And i thought you know joanna was a Lannister a cousin and twin of course being her son but perhaps not tywin and aerys because im sure he would take her and bed her as well

  • KpL says:

    Your ideas form, grow and meld together beautifully before our eyes. Its really good!!!! I always wondered how people could watch that Walking Dead after show with Chris Hardwick. I thought just sitting around talking about a show was stupid ..also he's sketchy.

    Please do one after each episode!!

  • Jennifer Aguilera says:

    It's really curious "he should feel like home with the Starks" when in the books he felt like an intruder. Even the direwolves growled at him.

    I hate the whole "Sansa has to marry someone ugly". That's sick. Everyone likes attractive people, why it's suddenly a kid the one who has to learn some kind of lesson by marrying someone ugly/disabled? Peter Dincklage isn't even ugly like Tyrion is in the books. And what if a kid isn't happy she's taken hostage and forced to marry one of her captors? I don't want her to marry someone who had the hots for her when she was still a child. I feel people think she kinda owes him something for being the nicest Lannister. The whole thing is so gross

  • paulo haguland says:

    All good things that ends are bittersweet👍. Think abouuuut it.

  • wcouch8 says:

    Very thorough. The only two arcs that are not paid off are the power of the iron bank and the power of greyscale. TY.

  • GOT 1x2 says:

    You can do your predictions of the las season of Game Of Thrones here: www.got1x2.com!

  • Brandon Johnson says:

    I do think Tyrion is going to be a betrayer. Listening to the books yet again. After he was abducted and on the way to the Vail, he made an interesting comment after the fight with the mountain clan. He was talking about Little Fingers comment that Tyrion lost the dagger when Jaime won the tourney. Tyrion said “I never bet against my family”. May be foreshadowing???

  • Luminya M says:

    Thank you so much for your videos. I have a bit of trouble understanding all of GRRM's symbolism and you have really helped me understand his books better.

  • KingSalty Balls says:

    I love this channel. I found it through SmokeScreen. I love you voice very unique in a great way. I'm going go through your content and watch videos you already done and can't wait to see your new content

  • Lame Goldfish says:

    I was a bit disappointed with Tyrion in the last season. It seemed he did more spectating, and did not add much to the strory.

  • Some Degree of Sundown says:

    you have forgotten that there are a LOT of lannisters that are never introduced, it is a large family with groups in both the Rock and Lannisport


    I can see tyrion going down for treason. This video sums it up really good. Third trial guilty and will lose.

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