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Understanding Astrology : The Sign Virgo in Astrology

Hi. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Gnobo
A. Calypso, also known as Bryce. And, I’m here to tell you about astrology. Okay. We’re
going to discuss Virgo which is the sign of the virgin. The Virgo people is also ruled
by Mercury as well as Gemini. But, Virgos tend to be more down to Earth type people.
Virgos are perfectionists. Virgos, if there’s something wrong around them, they’re going
to spot it. Virgos can be highly critical because they are perfectionists. Virgos are
very detail orientated. They spend a lot of time with detail. Virgo people will tell you
an event that happened some years ago. They’ll have the date correct. They’ll have the month
correct. They’ll have the year correct. And, they will have, nine times out of ten, they
will have the time correct. Virgo people, they say are hypochondriacs, but they’re not.
It’s a negative that they can go into if they choose. But, Virgos tend to have a lot of
remedies and vitamins and prescriptions. And, they’re always concerned about health and
eating good and eating well. Virgos are also people who’ll work. If someone’s left at the
office for many hours after the office is closed, it’s usually a Virgo because hard
work and paying attention to detail is one of their strongest points. Virgos are also
very punctual, and they don’t care for people who are not. Being late, to keep a Virgo waiting
at a table or at a meeting, is not a smart thing to do because a Virgo will let you know,
in no uncertain terms, that this is not a polite thing to do and you’re wasting his
or her time. So, Virgos are very down to Earth though. They’re very good listeners. They
do take care of details, and those details not only involve themselves but others as

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