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Venus Retrograde Effects in your Horoscope(2018)?

Venus Retrograde Effects in your Horoscope(2018)?

in last video we discussed about the Mercury retrograde what happens when you have Mercury retrograde in your horoscope today we are going to talk about the Venus retrograde in your horoscope so keep watching namaste and harmonic astrology channel I’m your host Prasad mahasin I help you raise your vibrations and become your true self with the help of Vedic Astrology Venus retrograde Venus is the closest star a closest planet to earth so it has much more impact than any other planet in the color polish gondola are a natural horoscope Venus rules house number two and house number seven that is the brusha brusha and Libra site that is Russian Russian that to the Hashi and interestingly these both these houses the house number second and house number seven are America houses we consider Venus as a benefit but Venus is the Guru of the asuras okay in natural coonley they rule both the market houses second and seventh second house is all about your accumulation things which you value things which you accumulate okay your childhood friends and your relationship with your childhood friends your immediate family environment all these are ruled by Venus and 7000 is all about the business is all about the other self is all about your marriage and your marriage partner what happens when Venus which is the significant for so many things the relationship finance money and many other luxurious things goes retrograde we are talking about Venus retrograde in your horoscope okay what happens when you have Venus retrograde and how would you identify if and how would you identify if you have Venus retrograde in your horoscope you just go if you have a software you just go to the planetary details you will see you will see the symbol of our just in front of the planet Venus the planet Venus when it has that symbol of our it means that you have the retrograde planet Venus in your horoscope and the time of your birth we are not talking about the transits we are talking about this specific retrograde Venus in your horoscope okay so let’s first understand what is Venus retrogression Venus is very close to Earth Venus gets retrograded for around six weeks in almost one and a half years every time interesting thing about the Venus retrograde is the rush of the Venus retrogression will always be the eighth Rashi from the previous Rashi what do I mean by that suppose we have Venus retrogression happening in the sign of Libra okay the next time when the Venus will go retrograde it will be eight signs away from the Libra that is seventh sign would be the Aries and the eighth sign would be what the Taurus sign so next time Venus will to go retrograde in Taurus it is always the eighth sign from the previous sign for Venus for the retrogression and if you see and if you observe this it creates kind of a design a wonderful design when it goes retrograde okay that is a different story we’ll make a video some other day but Venus goes retrograde from the eighth sign of the previous retrogression this is very important sometimes it goes seventh house or seventh Rashi or ninth Rashi but that happens very rarely maybe once in a hundred years that is it but for most of the time more than 80% of the time the Venus retrogression is eighth house the a trashy away from the previous sign of the retrogression so next time it will have in the sign of Taurus what happens when you have Vedas retrogression the Venus retrograde in your horoscope retrogression is an unusual activity it is not the direct motion it is the retrograde motion it appears to be moving backward so the nature of the planet becomes reflective it becomes introspective it becomes inward all the energies are involved all the energies direct toward yourself you you start reflecting your values you start reflecting you start analyzing reanalyzing what you value what are your relationship what you are expectations from the partner all these things why because Venus is ruling the second in the seventh house these are the carcass for these houses as they rule the house number second and seventh but the house is ruled in your horoscope depending on your ascendant will also get activated during this and you might find yourself reflecting on the signification of that house and the Caracara of that house and what you value for that house what do I mean by that suppose you have Venus retrograde in your house or in your horoscope and Venus is somehow ruling the fourth house so you will start you will start realizing and introspecting your relationship with your mother and you might start loving her even more for the four things she did for you okay this is just an example but the sign of the Venus as well as signed ruled by the Venus that is Taurus and Libra come and question will become active during the retrogression not during the retrogression if you have the retrograde Venus in your horoscope Venus retribution mix your energies internalize and it becomes very difficult for you to communicate regarding your relationships what you want and what you expect if you have Venus retrograde in your horoscope the best thing you can do to overcome it is to communicate because the Venus retrograde really blocks your communication it really makes it difficult for you to communicate how you feel about the relationships how do you feel about your love life how you feel about all the Venus significations and the pain in the relationship becomes the central theme of your horoscope the central theme of your life you try to you try to centralize all your emotions around your pain in the relationship you start feeling like you are getting hurt into the relationship and you start asking for the confirmations and validations from your partner remember your partner has different Venus different set of problems different set of karma and when he is talking to you and you are talking with this mindset the partner might get confused and won’t understand that is his destiny okay we are not going to get into this but if you have this placement of Venus retrogression and if you want to deal with it the best thing you can do is to communicate the feelings can be awkward the feelings can be the feelings may not be so pleasing yet you have to communicate those feelings what you’re feeling right now to your partner that will help you to deal with the Venus retrogression and you won’t feel that pain in your relationship okay because the retrograde Venus makes you think about what you value often when you have the retrograde Venus in your horoscope you tend to become shy because your life experiences are such that you feel you are not getting enough love enough affection in the relationship so that takes you on a backseat that makes you feel you are not worthy that may not be the case but you feel that you are not for me you become shy and how to overcome this just say it loud out to your partner and I’m feeling like this your partner may be busy in his own life in his own work occupied with some other tensions and preoccupied with some other things he may not have intentionally said something which hurt you you have to talk all this to your partner when you start expressing yourself you don’t feel as if you are a victim and that changes the game for you okay but readers retrogression is not all the negative it’s just you have to be careful and you have to be expressive you have to you have express yourself expressing yourself is the key that’s what I have observed when you start speaking up your mind things start to change for you for good let’s summarize retrograde Venus in your horoscope venus is the Karaka for house number second and seven ruled by venus that is Taurus and Libra in the calibre of Kundalini or a natural horoscope Laser gate Kundalini so when a planet Venus goes retrograde these two things the house number two there is Rashi the brusha brusha and the seventh is the Libra Rashi wherever placed in your horoscope these two houses become active apart from the house wearing Venus is placed okay so these three houses becomes active during the – ah maja there are transit all that stuff okay so these three houses you have to look for it okay and you what what will happen is you will start questioning you will start seeking for the validation you will start retrograding you will start introspecting the value you have for these houses in question when Venus is retrograde it internalize your when Venus is retrograde it internalizes the significant of the Venus in your horoscope it makes you think about what you value what you love it makes you think about your relationship is this relationship worth and many more questions difficult questions you will start asking yourself the key to deal with it is to express yourself to communicate to your partner and not to conclude it yourself don’t be shy speak to your partner and that will help you resolve many of the awkward situations in your life okay so communication is the key for the reassert oh great so yes this was Venus retrograde as much as I could hold grasp and share with you guys I’ve been new to my channel please consider subscribing you’ll be getting Vedic Astrology Khan videos just like this one and and sending your high vibrations see in the next videos love and peace

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