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Very Lucky Signs On The Mount Of Planet Saturn?-Palmistry

Very Lucky Signs On The Mount Of Planet Saturn?-Palmistry

Welcome to another video on palmistry guys. If you want to know what Mount of Saturn signifies please check out my video on- Mount found on the hands.If a star is present on the mount of Saturn is a clear indicator of person going to prison on the charges of murder or other ill happenings,meeting with a terrible accident or injury or the person might get a paralysis attack. It is considered as a very bad sign If a square is found on the mount of Saturn it acts as a protection to the bearer. Now even if a star is present and a square appears on the top of it indicates the bearer somehow will be able to escape from fatal accident, punishments or severe health issues. This happens because the square connects the person with the right kind of people or circumstances making an easy escape from the obstacles. If a ladder like formation is formed on the mount of Saturn indicates the bearer will achieve hugh social status in life. This success will be step-by-step and not all of a sudden as the ambitions will keep on increasing with age. If a single vertical line is present on the mount of Saturn indicates the bearer is very fortunate and lucky in one’s life. Billionaire investor Warren Buffet has a deep eitched Saturn line on his hands. If two vertical lines are present on the mount of Saturn indicates success often coming late in his or her life with much hard work than actually needed. If a cross is present on the mount of Saturn indicates misfortune and constant sadness in the bearer’s life.The bearer might suffer from incurable disease or some tragic events in life which will make his or her life miserable. It also indicates the bearer might die from a fatal accident. If a triangle is present on mount of Saturn indicates the bearer will be highly successful in the occult science or research work. If a grill is formed on the mount of Saturn indicates the bearer is luckless in life This cause lots of frustration in the bearer’s life and he or she comes under extreme depression. It also makes the person quite suspicious and indifferent in nature If a trident is found on the mount of Saturn indicates lots of success and wealth in the person’s life. Trident helps the person to achieve great success in one’s career in short period of time.Person having such sign are always in the search of knowledge to improve themselves continuously. I have also attached new links of good books on palmistry in the video description in case you are interested. if you don’t want to miss the video please subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification bell thanks for watching

32 Replies to “Very Lucky Signs On The Mount Of Planet Saturn?-Palmistry”

  • MS Gurupraashaath says:

    fish mark in saturn mount

  • MS Gurupraashaath says:

    boat mark in sun mount please command

  • Daneshwari Hammond says:

    I have double short lines under Saturn in right hand.

  • Ankush Verma says:

    I have three lines on Saturn, one straight and other two running parallel..what does this mean?

  • Bhavesh Gulwani says:

    what r d remedy for bad happens ?

  • SamThe Elite says:

    wow im having trident and double line.what does it mean. please help me

  • J Johnson says:

    Palm lines mean nothing, even if they did, one person claims having a certain mark makes you successful as another claims it means misfortune. According to this woman I'm going to suffer misfortune and die a tragic death, according to others I will be successful and remembered after I die. Your future is dependent on your actions and decisions, it's not some magical fate etched into the palm of your hand.

  • J Johnson says:

    I was interested and I watched a multitude of your videos and the videos of others only to determine that you and others with the same subject matter consistently contradict one another on a level that suggests that this practice is highly erratic, based on opinion and interpretation, making it an easy platform to be mislead by.
    I was not criticizing you as much as I was the ideology behind the subject matter.
    To harness your own potential and navigate your future, it is wise to not simply believe everything you encounter, It is also reasonable to conclude that adulation of the belief in any insinuated certainty or uncertainty based on the suggestion of an uncertainty could hinder ones potential by limiting them to this suggested reality.. for example … if I believe I'm going to be prosperous based on a deep belief of the validity of the meaning of a line on my palm then I am more likely to manifest that prosperity and that reality, Likewise if I believe I'm going to fail in life then I'm more likely to fail in life. If that assumption manifests itself through my actions that were influenced by my perceptions which are influenced by my beliefs, then I am likely to attach meaning and validity to something that merely provoked a narrative in my mind, making this practice about as helpful as reading inspirational quotes for motivation.
    I believe in critical thought and that same critical thought lead me to believe that this practice was a sufficient median for deception. I would be interested in seeing a video thoroughly highlighting the history and origins of this practice in detail, something that might suppress my suspicions.
    You can call this amateurish, though in world of wolves cloaked in sheepskin I intend to not be herded by false shepherds.

  • Kelsang Sherpa says:

    But I have two star n I'm very kind I don't think I'll kill person

  • ragini singh says:

    good description


    I have a one big cross along with mount of Saturn in my right hand. What does that mean? But I’m a left-handed person…

  • iiMinhYT says:

    I have a Jesus cross, Square, 2 verticle lines, and trident..What does that even mean?

  • hyong kim says:

    I have one line and x cross over one line.. what is that mean?

  • chetana thakare says:

    I have a lotus sign on Saturn mount

  • Srenn C says:

    If signs present when will they come to in onces life noone telling about time particularly. What should should we understand

  • manoj chawla says:

    I have trident on my hand

  • manoj chawla says:


  • PreGame says:

    I must have the weird hand i have like a Window with Fish in it . But it is a big fish shape and then its splits into many fish.


    I had trident on Saturn mount it's something like two leaves joined together.. What does it mean?

  • dina daka says:

    What does it mean if a symbol is only found on one hand?

  • dina daka says:

    I have a cross on my right hand but nothing on my left. What does it mean?

  • Cleopatra Panchal says:

    ❤️ mark in Saturn mount… Plzz reply me

  • sumathi giddaluri says:

    I have flag symbl. Wat it mean

  • Ravinder Malhotra says:

    What about trident on male left hand palm or v sign between mercury and saturn mount fingers ? Please help.

  • Dontstress Yourself says:

    mine is paril

  • Htoo Htoo khine says:


  • funnyfunfact vedios says:

    What if the star is in the between of middle finger and ring finger whst does mean?

  • Patsy Donald says:


  • Melody B. says:

    How about 3 vertical lines on mount of Saturn?

  • zahria says:

    So what now? Every video is different hand!

  • Rada Rolex says:

    Deep knowledge in Palmistry!!! Well done. You made my day. Thanks


    Hi. Can you see my palms. because I want to know about my palms. And what you see my palms

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