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hi Virgo virgos son moon rising and
Venus this is your 2020 reading with Amira Celonmediumship Academy welcome
everybody welcome back thank you for your new subscribers and hello to my
loyal subscribers and I wish you a beautiful 2020 moving forward and a very
happy new year so let’s have a look at Virgo Sun moon
rising and Venus for the year from January through to December month by
month with the Tarot if you want to book a personal session in your personal
session for $49 you get the 12 months with the Tarot plus the love oracle
cards you get a screenshot of both and a recorded audio download that will
interpret the cards and the messages especially just for you personally so
let’s do a general for Virgo for January through to December 2020 and do check
back in the year to see how it’s resonating as well I’d love to hear your
feedback all right okay so here we go Virgo The Fool starting off the January
we have the fool so the fool is adventure starting from zero going on a
new adventure you could be going on a trip Virgo in January that would be a
good time maybe to go on a vacation a trip a holiday an adventure of some
description so you could be often running in a new direction you might be
feeling also you’re starting from scratch in some way in your life and you
might be resetting the resetting I’m just seeing a reset of something so
resetting the clocks resetting the program resetting your program for this
year okay it’s like a reset button and your get going to get very focused about
that and work out exactly what you want to do it could I feel it’s going to be a
very different year from from 2019 2020 is a double – you know 22 it’s a
great number few Virgo it’s a it’s a it’s a work achieved number it’s it’s a
beautiful number for really doing excellence you know getting excellence
in any area that you’re but you’re working in entrepreneurialship as well
as highly accented there with the 22 okay then for February we have the ten
of swords so just be careful for your back if you have back pain make sure
you’re getting you know treatment massages doing hydrotherapy jacuzzis
that type of thing if that helps you might also pick up on somebody excuse me
somebody’s stabbing you in the back so just keep your your sort of feelers out
for something in the background somebody’s stabbing you in the back
somebody talking about you I feel if that does happen Virgo that you’re going
to nip it in the bud very quickly you’re going to you’re going to pull that into
line and into perspective very very quickly and it almost feels like you
know it’s not going to affect you but it’s going to it’s not going to affect
you on a deep what in a deep way but it’s going to make you feel like feel
like you won’t be involved in pettiness anymore there’s some sort of pettiness
there that is sort of maybe bothering you that you don’t really want to be
part of anymore so in a good way that could actually
come up and and enable you to move on because you’ve got the the eight of cups
here so that’s sort of like leaving that behind leaving leaving this eclipsing
sort of stupidity and pettiness behind there’s like a little eclipse here in
the sky so you could be eclipsing out of a situation that is like mmm I’m not
really you know resonating with this anymore it’s not really you know
something that I’m I’m really invested in and it’s really not something that I
intellectually find at all honoring there’s some sort of dishonor
there okay so it’s like you’re gonna click out of something so that could be
also something to do with the reset that was in March so so by the time March
comes you would have sorted out that situation and sort of be removed from it
then you’ve got April so it could also be leaving a job or leaving a
relationship April you have our victory so this can be legal victory winning
something having a brilliant new idea ace of swords feeling like you have
something very powerful in your hands something that you’re definitely wanting
to launch be part of get victory of so if you’re going through a divorce
settlement you’ll have victory if you’re doing any sort of legal matters you’ll
get victory with that you could win a bid on a job of some description and get
victory with that as well then you’ve got the king of swords
he’s also assisting you in some way he could also be somebody under the sign of
Gemini Libra Aquarius and he is a man of honor a man of discipline a man of high
intelligence he wants the best for you he could be a family method member a
father he could be a boyfriend a husband he could be a friend he could be a
lawyer as well or a new man coming into your life somebody who knows what he
wants and knows how to get it and then in June you have the nine of swords so
there’s a quite a bit of sword energy here you’ve got one two three four five
six seven swords of saud cards so you feel like somehow you might have gotten
yourself into a bind it could be a legal bind a financial bind a situation where
you just have to ride it out for the moment and for the minute it’s not
something that it’s going to last forever that’s in June then in July
looking at broader horizons for field going somewhere warm and sunny
going somewhere with a Mediterranean or a desert type of landscape or even
somewhere in the mountains where you feel like there’s a nice breeze
I’m picking up Denver Colorado for some reason or in the mountains around
Colorado so you could also be looking at you know a new relationship with a
person who is a fire sign somebody youthful energetic outdoorsy somebody
who has a lot of passion and energy and is going to add something to your life
that can also be a page of swords ICS sometimes is moving somewhere as well or
immigration of some description so going into state or overseas going somewhere
new and far away and then we have August which is the two of swords so that’s
being in two minds about something a split decision you could have two
different offers the lawyer might have given you a choice do you want to go
settle for this or go for that do you want to file for this or go for that so
if you do have any legal matters outstanding you will be given a choice
in August of what where you want to go with something you’ve also got the queen
of swords here as well she can also be a lawyer or represent the law she can be a
Gemini Libra Aquarius female coming in around you somebody who is highly
intelligent if you are studying and that college you might have really good
professors this year people who are helping you with your studies and really
enjoying the energy that they’re giving you and the information that they’re
giving you and also getting a lot of victory through your intellectual
pursuits in your studies overall then we have September is romance September
feeling like you have you know a romantic link a romance romance is in
the air feeling like you’ve got you know
memories you might be looking at having a child or having giving birth to a
child in that month somebody from the past could research
and make you an offer as well or rekindle a flame that you had a long
time ago it could be rekindling a flame of somebody that you’re with or
rekindling a childhood sweetheart or somebody that you met when you were a
lot younger reconnecting November you have the five of swords so once again
it’s sort of like there’s some losses but there’s you’ve still got three
swords in your hand and you know you you might have to make a decision to cut
your losses and move on but you are moving on with something quite valuable
and important you’re finishing off the year on a beautiful note with the ten of
cups so a really nice union feeling like you have your cup full feeling like
there’s somebody very much there with you supporting you in partnership with
you it’s more like a romantic partnership than a business partnership
there is love at the end of the rainbow and luck there as well with this person
I feel like a lot of virgos if you are single you’ll end up married at towards
the end of the year or at least engaged or in a serious relationship and if you
are with somebody you’ll either get divorced or you’ll rekindle the love
energy that you’ve had with this person from some time ago so you go through
some sort of process with this person to rekindle the flame and the desire to be
with them and it’s looking beautiful it’s looking like holiday season coming
into the end of the year is rejoicing in having been through the year and managed
to overcome any adversity so that’s a really nice one for you Virgo lots of
blessings to you thank you for subscribing liking and sharing all the
links are here below and until next time have a beautiful year ahead take care
ciao for now

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