December 3, 2019 0


hello dear vehicle you have been lucky with real estate throughout 2019 now Jupiter changes signs on 2nd of December so he will give luck to you on issues related to love children and creativity this is a trend that will be on in 2020 as well you might experience a lucky grant related to your child if you have one it is good for making babies as well only watch out 11th 12th and 13th of December these days might be hard not only for you but for everyone you might have a lot of work to finish something related to your work might come to culmination as I said you will be lucky in terms of love starting from December and throughout 2020 and this is always good news I predict the solar eclipse on 26th of December will trigger events that you will experience in 2020 in terms of Lao and children sometimes eclipses trigger events not immediately but within time dear virgos happy new year let me know how the month unfolds for you in the comments below bye [Music]

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