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#vrishabhlagna #vedicastrology #taurus | Everything about TAURUS sign | Taurus Lagna Rising

#vrishabhlagna #vedicastrology #taurus | Everything about TAURUS sign | Taurus Lagna Rising

Om Namah Shivay today we will discuss Taurus Sign if Taurus sign is rising in any Horoscope meaning the Taurus is ascendant in the first house these are people with Taurus Ascendents let’s know more about their personalities
Taurus is governed by Planet Venus Venus represents Luxury and Romance
Taurus is also a fixed sign such type of people are beauty lovers
these people like beautiful things, they like to visit beautiful and romantic places often they are lovers of music and art
they are very fond of movies they are generally happy at natural places
since they are fixed sign they tend to take fewer risks They can’t immediately respond to a particular situation they are stubborn as per their sign they don’t like to go off the routine
and they like fixed things/routines because of this reason
they are very good friends they keep their relationships in good form
since they don’t like to change, that’s why they have lengthy friendships
although they will have fewer friends but they will be good friends it’s a very loyal kind of sign they are generally very alert and
live their life cautiously their determination levels are also very high if they decide on something, they tend to complete it their patience levels are also very high they tend to follow a comfortable routine as this is not a moveable sign and a fixed sign they don’t like changes in their life they rarely change their job
if things are comfortable and going with a fixed routine, they are happy that ways they definitely life a stable life if we talk about their profession
they excel in the following fields, Art, Cinema, Photography, Music, work-related
with nature, and Hotel industries they should choose their profession related
to these areas white, Pink and Cream color is best for them
they should use these colors more often ideal match would be Cancerian, Virgo, Piscean and Scorpio can be the best partners for their So this was some information on
Taurus Ascendant let’s meet again with a new sign. Om Namah Shivay

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