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Watch Channing Tatum Get Spooked Over Eerie Astrology App

Watch Channing Tatum Get Spooked Over Eerie Astrology App

>>He knew –>>Oh.>>Bring her in for the conspiracy corner.>>Cue the music. Ready? Channing Tatum on a full-blown conspiracy rant about an app called the pattern, and how it’s listening in on his life. Take a look.>>How do you know what you know about me, pattern? People are the pattern, people that use the pattern you need to dm me right now and tell me how you know this stuff. I don’t even know. I want to know this stuff. I was just in therapy yesterday–yeah, I’m in therapy. Whatever. Everybody should be in therapy. Get a notification and pops up using the exact words used in therapy. Is the phone listening? Are you listening through the phone pattern? Ai, algorithm, the pattern, listening through my phone and rekerg tating the stuff I’m afraid of?>>Downloaded the pattern. No conspiracy theory. No one listening to the conversation.>>Thanks for that, Channing.>>Yore on the conspiracy theories, area 51 believes the top secret U.S. Air force base in Nevada holds secret information about aliens and ufos.>>A satirical event. They can’t stop us all. Asking people to gather there on September 20th and overtake the building. Yeah. Expose the secrets.>>Okay. The page claims over 1 million will attend the siege but the U.S. Military is not playing around.>>And the air force release add statement that says, U.S. Air force always stands ready to protect America and its assets.>>And the business, a bad idea.

2 Replies to “Watch Channing Tatum Get Spooked Over Eerie Astrology App”

  • Jade Alexander says:

    So is uncool or impossible that government can listen in???….I think people are so blind and crazy that wouldn't believe it ..y'all are just to worried about what ppl think of u or how it would effect ur income ….come on would open ur eyes up…. Channing Tatum I feel ya brother

  • ItsMaha says:

    So they going to kill their own people… 🙄 What is America if you can’t trust your own people.

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